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Zhonggong Created by Zhang Hong Bao

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Brief Introduction of Zhong Gong



Zhong Gong is a kind of health-building practice to enhance mental and moral cultivation, generally called “Qi Gong”.


Zhong Gong Organization (abbreviated as “Zhong Gong”) is an international social group organized by Zhong Gong practitioners, with its members widely spreading in Mainland China, Japan, Korea, The British Commonwealth of Nations, European Community and the United States, etc.


Zhang Hongbao, the spiritual leader of Zhong Gong and its 38 million practitioners share a common wish that China should develop in the direction of freedom, democracy and civilization. In order to promote the cause of democratization in China and oppose the Chinese Communist autocratic dictatorship and tyranny, Zhong Gong launched a nationwide anti-tyrant action named ‘Zhong Gong 99.8 National Campaign’.


Zhong Gong has made its full support to all the efforts in promoting the democratization of China and improving its human rights conditions. In addition to its support in political and media aspects, it has successively provided the pro-democracy movement overseas with financial aids in the amount of approximately $600,000.00.


By its special health-building techniques, Zhong Gong has made healthy tens of millions of people. Zhong Gong upholds the moral standards of “Eight Virtues & Eight Calls”**, which has won high praises from all walks of life in China. Zhong Gong is well known for its charitable contributions in restoring elementary schools, building bridges and roads as well as donating (more than 3 million RMB) in disaster rescues. Zhong Gong has laid a very good grassroots foundation among the people in Mainland China.


Zhong Gong owns its health-cultivation industry, with Kylin Group as its entity. This Group is an enterprise of collective ownership legally registered with the Chinese government. It consists of one hundred twenty employees and almost a hundred thousand franchised agencies located all over China. Subordinated to Kylin Group, there are six sets of programs, including Qi Gong Training Program, Health Cultivation Program, Tourism Program, Formal Educational Program (from kindergarten to university), Medical Service Program as well as Program for Production and Distribution of Health Cultivation. After September 1999, it was forced out by the Chinese Communist authorities for fear of its becoming the most competent opposition party should it change its banner. Approximately six hundred of its leading members suffered from arrest and imprisonment. Eight hundred ten million RMB of its asset in China were confiscated by the Communist tyranny.  


The American Government and its people expressed their profound compassion for the political persecution that Zhong Gong Organization suffered and voiced its timely humanitarian support for Zhong Gong Organization. For three consecutive years, the State Department has justified Zhong Gong in its Annual Human Rights Reports. Ex-Secretary of State Albright announced her public condemnation against the Chinese Communist crackdown on Zhong Gong. Since year 2001, the United States Immigration And Naturalization Service has listed Zhong Gong as a special group suffering from political persecution and granted the political asylum claims to its members in the United States.


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