Path to Enterprises
Health-Care Culture Industry Created by Zhang Hong Bao


I. The Grand Tablet in People‚Äôs Minds

  1. Briefing on Tianhua (Kilin) Group

  2. Six Systems under Zhonggong Groups of Enterprises

    A  Health-care Technique Training System

    B. Health-care Product Service System

    C. Health-care Base

    D. Tourism System

    E. Scientific Studies System

    F. Regular Education System


Special Edition Picture Album of International Life Science Institute: Light of Life

Video Channel: Grand View of Zhonggong


II. The Splendor under Persecution

     --- Memorial Collection on the 15th Anniversary for Zhonggong

     Preface: Striding Toward a More Splendid Tomorrow


III. New Rise to Prominence

 1. The Founding of International Zhonggong

 2. The Founding of Tianhua Group

       Tianhua Meditation Institute in L.A. of USA

       Tianhua Publishing House

 3. European Tianhua Cultural Studies Center

 4. Australian Tianhua Cultural Studies Center

 5. Asian Tianhua Cultural Studies Center

       Tianhua Cultural Studies Institute in Japan

       Tianhua Cultural Studies Institute in Taiwan

       Tianhua Cultural Studies Institute in Korea

 6. Canadian Tianhua Cultural Studies Liaison