Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Preface: Irreversible Mission



Here goes an ancient Chinese motto: “The Mission granted by the Heaven is not reversible.”


This book is a complete record of how the contemporary outstanding spiritual leader, Zhang Hong Bao, transformed into a political leader. It testifies to the ancient Chinese wisdom.


Twelve years ago, he told a fable to his followers: a crawling ant is stopped by a person who cares about it. The man wants the ant to crawl to a place filled with foods. He put barriers on the path that the ant is on; therefore, the ant has to change its direction. Then the man put another barrier to guide the ant again. In t his way, he keeps putting new barrier to block the ant, and the ant naturally is guided to the direction that the man wants him to go. Once he is heading toward the right direction, he meets no new barriers. The ant will never know that the man has decided where he should go. This is a vivid metaphor of the relationship between man and his fate. It helps people in understanding difficulties in life and in trying to grasp their own fates.


The next 12 years, he showed the ultimate destiny by his own example.


He was an outstanding specialist in the practice of meditation. He created Zhonggong, was highly respected by thousands of people. His theories, methods and effects in meditation is No. 1 in the world; his achievements in teaching Yuandun, proving, researching, reorganizing and actively spreading the essence of Chinese meditation which had been facing extinction are just the first-class in the world. Yet, Chinese dictatorship wouldn’t allow him to develop and pushed him to the political field to destroy.


He was a successful entrepreneur. He was the first to create the life-nurturing industry. In eight years, he set up 6 marketing regions (each region covers 5 provinces), 30 provincial sales offices, over 300 District and city level sales offices, 2,790 county level sales offices, over 100, 000 towns and villages level sales offices---the net covers every corner of Continental China. His enterprise had 120 products, making a profit for up to several hundred million Yuan; and it had over several hundred thousand employees, directly supporting 400,000 people. But, Chinese dictatorship mobilized its police and destroyed all his organizations and confiscated all the properties.


He escaped the CCP persecution by having exiled himself to USA to work at a profound study of Chinese meditation. But, CCP didn’t let him go and applied a national governmental framing---in 2000, Chinese Ministry of Diplomacy filed a charge against him to ruin his reputation in Guam court, to prevent him from getting political asylum. Even today, CCP is still manufacturing a lot of lawsuits which even went up to 20 cases, including the “kidnapping case”. Besides, CCP also threaten him through the mouths of mafia. All these only show that CCP will not stop until it destroys him.

To have accepted the position of the President of China Shadow Government is a fine example that he was guided by destiny and he is actively aware of his own destiny and actively in charge of it.


He does have karma with politics. He once had such a dramatic experience.


When he was 17, he was one of the “zhi qing” (young intellectuals exiled to the distant countryside) in Shanhe farm, Heilongjiang Province. The politics course needs a lecturer on Manifesto of the Communist Party and he was recommended to give the lecture. That was his first of many later speeches in public. In clothes with a lot of patches and a straw rope as an exterior belt, facing a roomful of heads under the stage (including the leaders of the farm), he calmly gave a lecture on Manifesto of the Communist Party which he could recite the whole piece and quote anywhere you like. The effect of that lecture was remarkable. He became well-known ever since.


Thirty years later, at age forty-seven, he was outspoken in his article “My Political Dissidence”, questioned the Marxism theories, and eloquently proved that Marxism has critical flaws in its system. From the height of philosophical angle and the developmental rules in the world, he completely negated the ultimate Marxism theories and goals of “eliminating the private ownership” and pointed out that it was a complete mistake for CCP to use Marxism as the theoretical basis for its governing the country. He further offered his treatments for the tough issues in CCP’s ruling. Since then, he became a sharp and bright nail in CCP’s eyes. With the evolution of the persecution and rebellion, his political fame is rising in the whole world.


It really was not his original wish to be politically involved.


He has had a very extensive studying field. Dozens of decades’ accumulation in knowledge and skills, coupled with a natural courage, being richly endowed by nature, a visionary leader, remote management experiences, the love and respect from the masses, solid wealth in monetary and human resources and the in-born charisma, why not politics? Besides, he is interested in politics and often offers unique ideas.


Whereas after he studied current politics, then studied life itself, he discovered that a lot of wise men in history, such as the founder of Buddhism Sakyamuni and his first disciple Anan and later on Damo, and also like the Yellow Emperor, Lao Zi, Liu Hai Zhan, etc., had given up the thrones, powerful positions and pursued longevity and meditation. After comparison and analysis, he decided that the self-control of one’s life is way above politics and it’s the most profound urge for human beings. So he chose to study, prove, research, re-organizing and spreading meditation which is the technique to control one’s life. By far, in this race for getting to the Everest peak of Meditation, Zhang Hong Bao is way ahead of others.


Now, having spent over a dozen years in the field of meditation, under CCP persecution which has been following around him like a shadow and seeing billions of Chinese meditation practitioners’ miserable experiences under CCP, he definitely felt the destiny, and saw that he would have a period to be politically involved.


People who said that Zhang was forced to become a President don’t know him enough. He always has a strong instinct in doing something great in his life time since he was very young. Therefore, he is afraid of nothing, and interested in learning everything. He sees all the encounters in life as opportunities, as divine tests on him. In the difficult situation of dozens of lawsuits and being threatened with assassins, he boldly set up China Shadow Government to face the powerful CCP government and to supervise CCP’s ruling like a shadow---what kind of courage and what kind of wisdom! People couldn’t help feel for his situation, they said, he is in the fire. He takes it as a metaphor of Buddhism fire which only purifies him if he is the right chosen one.


Yes, it is the Buddhism fire that refines a political leader for China!


Three years ago, when he was still jailed, a Zhonggong follower asked a top-class expert in I Ching to study his destiny (his Ba Gua). Three times in a row, the result was all the same: 9 and 5. That expert was totally awed, saying that he had never come up with such an amazing study. The person that he studied the destiny for must be a top leader at the world summit meeting or the Lawful King of meditation field.


Five years ago, a person with supernatural skills predicted that, in 2002, the US President, Jiang Zemin and Zhang Hong Bao, the three giants of the world will meet at USA. At that time, Zhonggong was suffering and he was in exile in Southeastern Asia. Everyone laughed at him for that prophecy. And now, the meeting of the three giants had become true, yet it has some hidden meanings for people to study.


Just wonder if Mr. Zhang Hong Bao knows about all these.


As a matter of fact, it doesn’t matter if he knows. History has its own track. Destiny is not reversible, including Mr. Zhang himself.


At present, it seems that the China Shadow Government’s way of putting CCP dictatorship under its supervision---this kind of modern governmental operation manner that the party in office being supervised by other party to rule by law, is like to ask the tiger to give up his skin. Yet, by the point of view of “History goes on by her own will, not by any human being’s will”, Zhang Hong Bao and China Shadow Government will definitely reach their political goals! The day China whose population takes up one fourth of the world population turns democratic is on the way!


We wholehearted wish that Mr. Zhang Hong Bao accomplishes his political mission as early as possible and come back to the field of meditation to direct the research of human life self-management and self-control.


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