Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

---- A documentary on how the outstanding spiritual leader transformed to a political leader

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Zhong Gong, A Likely About-to-Erupt Volcano

Zheng Zida


When Zhong Gong’s “99.8” (August, 1999) movement was exposed to the public, I was shocked by its immense power, which was just like a volcano about to erupt. For a while, I was wondering why Zhong Gong’s disciples suddenly disappeared, which was once very popular and prosperous in China. Now, I know the answer. It was because of Mr. Hongbao Zhang’s strategic transferring action that enables Zhong Gong to get ready for fighting against the Communists. Zhong Gong organization has the most strict regulations, unified action, and flexibility. Zhong Gong’s activities obviously indicated Mr. Zhang’s remarks in Zhong Gong’s doctrine: “The formation comes from concentration; air comes from dismissing.” This mirrors Mr. Zhang’s wisdom and courage.


When the Chinese government started to carry out reform policy, Mr. Zhang took the advantage of the economic reform and put forward the proposal combining business with Qing Gong practice. Zhong Gong, in the past 12 years, quickly developed over 3000 business centers in China, because it carried out the “Three Principles of Following Legislations”, following enterprise legislations, following business operation legislations, and following business protection legislations.


From July 1998 to June 1999, the situation was getting worse and worse for people who practice Qi Gong. Led by Mr. Zhang, Zhong Gong used the doctrine of “Split and Change” to rapidly expand its size by training new students and Zhong Gong doctrine instructors. At the same time, from January to June 1999, Zhong Gong launched the mass movement of Scientific Life Experiment by opening a training class for Yuan Dun Da Fa. It set forth for the future strategic transfer. Its purpose was when the situation became worse, the students would be able to penetrate in the broad masses to spread Zhong Gong cult by themselves.


In the mid 1999, the situation became worse and risky for Zhong Gong’s exist. Mr. Zhang, by law, calmly made assets appraisal in over 30 large business bases. As soon as Jiang Zhemin ordered armed police to occupy those sites, Zhong Gong’s staff withdrew with the legal documents. What Mr. Zhang did fully indicated his outstanding wisdom and extraordinary ability in leadership. It reflected Mr. Zhang’s intelligence of “If you only want to keep the city and ignore the people, you will lose both the city and people; if you ignore the city and keep the people, you will have both city and the people.” He realized clearly that the Chinese government’s crackdown on Zhong Gong was a historical framed-up verdict. It was inevitable, because Jiang Zhemin attempted to stable its power. However, it will eventually be rehabilitated.


Zhong Gong’s “99.8” nation-wide movement was a final battle with the Communists when the “enemies are approaching the town,” (when the Communists started to crack down Zhong Gong). It was a movement on a wide-scale extended to the whole country, targeting at the Communists’ dictatorship, which became a big headache for the Chinese Communist government after it was in power for 50 years. Mr. Zhang, with his Zhong Gong students, expressed the political petition for democracy, freedom and human rights. It was like a thunder before the eruption of Zhong Gong volcano.


Zhong Gong’s final strategic transfer made Jiang Zhemin feel unease. It was like a patient who feels ache all over but his doctor could not find out the reason. More over, he thinks Zhong Gong as an acting volcano that would erupt at any time. He feared that someday he would be berried by the erupted volcano. Jiang Zhemin was scared to death about the “99.8” movement. He did not want to give up suppressing Zhong Gong, however, he was also afraid of being killed by the firing sea (i.e. defeated by Zhong Gong). That was why Jiang Zhemin dared not to suppress publicly Zhong Gong, but tried every means to doom Mr. Zhang to death.


Obviously, we need to change the definition on Zhong Gong’s function, which was considered as a general Qi Gong organization, since Mr. Hongbao Zhang has multiple functions. When the political situation was favorable to Zhong Gong, Mr. Zhang was a Qi Gong Master, a scholar, a spiritual leader and an entrepreneur. He was an instructor to teach method how to keep healthy. He and Zhong Gong studied life science, wrote books on QiLin Culture and ran business in health culture. When the political situation was unfavorable to Zhong Gong, when he was forced to stop doing his favorable activities, Mr. Zhang would be forced to “go to Liang Shang.” (Could do nothing but fight against the evils). He would strike for freedom, democracy, and human rights. He would become a new leader to fight against dictatorship, autocracy and tyranny. From Mr. Zhang’s book “Viewpoints on Politics” and “Zhong Gong ’99.8’ Nation-Wide Movement” conducted by him, we could realize that Zhong Gong, which was cruelly crushed by Jiang Zhemin government, has formed its own theory and guideline for promoting democracy movement in China.


With Mr. Hongbao Zhang’s plan, Zhong Gong might continue to hide itself, or it would appear at a certain time. We cannot tell its agenda, however, we can predict that someday, Zhong Gong followers, like an erupting volcano, would dauntlessly fight against Jiang Zhemin government. No one can stop them!


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