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---- A documentary on how the outstanding spiritual leader transformed to a political leader

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Zhong Gong People’s Contention & Zhong Gong People’s Reason

Lao Mo


       China must head towards a democratic politics. This is an irresistible trend. But neither the tyrannical suppression nor any power, which replaces itself with tyranny, will bring forth the spring that comes duly with the democratic politics. Its realization needs the rational recognition and the persistent reasoning contention by the people of the whole nation. Recently, I have read some literature about Zhong Gong from web-sites and other media, and become greatly enlightened. They have been composed in their contention against the tyrannical suppression and the process of their strategy for their contention has been with reason. Their contention, being measured and powerful, has offered a new alternative clue to the promotion of the Chinese democratization, though it might not be concluded as the best. 


       First, let’s talk about the development of Zhong Gong, which started with reason. As early as the initial point of its development, Zhong Gong engaged itself in industry. In accordance with the Company Law and other relevant existing state laws and regulations, it established its own industrial entity. Based on the prices legalized by the relevant state administrations, it promoted its own health-preserving technology, sold its own relevant products and provided its relevant services, which legalized the organization of Zhong Gong as well as its operation. That is why, at the time when the Chinese government decided to crack down Zhong Gong, it could not find any good explanation to the Chinese people. The only way it could have for its crackdown was secret action, which had placed the government itself in an illegal law enforcing position.


       The world view and moral values advocated in Kylin (Chinese unicorn) Culture of Zhong Gong is with reason as well. Although what Zhong Gong has enhanced is the traditional Chinese culture, it has only absorbed the essence from all different schools. Being neither of Buddhism or Taoism, it has cast away the religious attachments. By using the language acceptable to the modern men, it is interpreted by modern scientific theories. The fact that the philosophic view of Kylin Culture has been accused of opposing Marxism whereas no one has ever been able, or dared, to hold any public debate becomes a self-evidence that the truth, which Kylin Culture has revealed, is well founded. Those who claim themselves the devoted followers of Marxism could only maintain the legal status of its existence by using its name for a mere face-saving purpose. Marxism has, in fact, no way to be applied into the practice of ruling a country. Instead, the moral values of Zhong Gong, which has been condemned as “a contender against the [Chinese Communist] Party to win the people’s heart”, prove itself to have struck root in the hearts of the people. That condemnation could only be considered a jealousy arising from impotence and perversion. Zhong Gong, however, upholding Kylin Culture as its own enterprising culture, has shown to the world the vitality of Kylin Culture by the high-efficient development of its industry.


       Zhong Gong devised its strategy for the contention with the same kind of reason. In May 1995, in a national Chinese Public Security conference, Zhong Gong was already defined internally as “an organization with anti-Communist political inclination” and was about to be cracked down. Having known that, Zhong Gong made a positive preparation with reason by casting away any illusion and laying down the burden. Instead of making a blind reaction in desperation, Zhong Gong did not skeptically wait to be butchered. It made a rapid development to recruit new practitioners in a way just like atomic fission. After training, it handed down to its members the right to use its invisible assets. It made an evaluation of its assets based on law. It carried on its education to its staff and practitioners at the time when the crackdown was approaching. Judged from part of the internal Zhong Gong documents made public, the series of actions in its preparation were so reasonable and composed. It justified the cause that its participants have been engaged in and also proved itself to the world how just and honorable Zhong Gong people were so that the persecutor became awed at its sight.


       Zhong Gong fought back with reason. In July 1999 when all major Zhong Gong bases started “being nibbled up”, the leaders and staff members of Zhong Gong organization faced the danger fearlessly. Before the fully armed public security officers and the commanding big shots from the government, they stood out to reason things out while insuring the safe withdrawal of the practitioners. The reason why they knowingly acted like that, when the things already became irremediable, was to make a good use of such a special opportunity to send a piece of message, from the hearts of the people, to those “instruments” of the state dictatorship that they the law-enforcers were violating “the law”. They were implementing their dictatorship over the people. They were helping a tyrant to victimize his subjects whereas the reasoning image of Zhong Gong was being established between the dictator and its people. Such measured contention, based upon reason, had held on to the end of the ruler’s impatience while the consciousness for contention sublimed among Zhong Gong people. One Zhong Gong leader wrote the following passage. “Whereas our endless forbearance is considered to be weak and fragile, we are doomed to destruction. The development of the reality has really driven us to join “the Liang Mountain” rebels by taking a road for a political defense. Otherwise, we have no way out. One way or another, either you have participated in political affairs or not, you are considered to have political involvement. Instead of being beaten, arrested, imprisoned and killed, I’d rather stand out and fight back. As a matter of a fact, this is the only way out. Let’s bravely take the historical responsibility! Right now, it is no long a simple fight for our Zhong Gong group or Qing Gong circles. It is a fight for the prosperity of our nation, for the progress of the society and for the development of the history. All the men of insights are able to see this point. Let’s readjust our own position and have a distinct judgment of our own mission.” This sense of mission, to fight for the prosperity of the nation and the progress of the society, has naturally arisen from the composed contention with reason among tens of millions of Zhong Gong people. And a troop pushing forward the progress of democratization in China were getting mature in their fight with reason.


       Well, even the final desperate fight that Zhong Gong carried out was with reason. They did not take the way of mass demonstration. They knew that the Chinese authorities should not approve it, and any demonstration without approval would be illegal. Zhong Gong would do anything illegal, because the ruler was looking forward to such an action as its excuse for an official crackdown. The final action that Zhong Gong had taken, with reason, was to make use of its own 100,000 message centers and legally launched a “99.8” nationwide action, that had never happened for fifty years since the founding of the Chinese Communist rule. Two letters to express the people’s voice, written by the Chinese Communist police officers, were sent out, through faxes, mails and personal services almost simultaneously, onto the office tables at all the local police substations, all the public security bureaus, prosecutors and people’s courts as well as all the municipal and provincial government administrations. Zhong Gong’s contention with reason had expressed its own political appeal and the people’s voice, which had shaken all the joints of the entire autocratic power. Can such a brave endeavor not have brought shocks and shivers to the bones of all the rulers? Then, Zhong Gong disappeared among the people, with reason and plan, to make its own regeneration like subterranean heat.


       It is due to the Zhong Gong’s reasoning contention that the autocratic ruler delayed with fears to disclose to the media its crackdown on Zhong Gong as well as Zhong Gong’s contention. Instead, it could only fabricate some criminal charges to press its defaming persecution on Zhong Gong Leader Zhang Hongbao. From this fact, we are able to weigh the significance of Zhong Gong in the hearts of all the Chinese people, including the ruler itself. Moreover, we are able to weigh the significance of Zhang Hongbao, who founded and has led Zhong Gong throughout its development and growth.


       Such a tremendously large organization, a dynamic empire built up with almost perfect reasoning for twelve years, disappeared all of a sudden after its final desperate contention! The sudden blank space has left a space for reflection. Enlightened politicians will make a reexamination of such a blank space. The autocratic murderer will become panic over such a blank space. The ambitious fighters for the Chinese pro-democracy movement will summarize the experience and draw the lesson from such a blank space. The vast mass of civilians will ruminate over the essence of Kylin Culture and the accomplishment of Zhong Gong to consolidate the monumental image of Zhong Gong in their hearts.     


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