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Li Ke Jiang: Dictatorship can’t be exercised Over the People

------- An open letter to all public security policemen and armed policemen of China

Li Ke Jiang


I have been a public security policeman for more than 40 years. I have experienced numerous small or large scaled movements taking place in the land of China and witnessed all kinds of social problems, having had mixed feelings of fulfillment and guilty conscience. Nowadays, another mighty political movement is happening, trying to clear out the existence of “Qigong”. Again our public security staffs dash around madly to perform their mission. I can’t help recalling that in the past, many of us policemen, as the instruments of dictatorship, had suffered from losing all reputation and from strong self-condemnation after carrying out a wrong order. Nor can I help telling my true feeling to my colleagues ------ all public security policemen.


Compared with “the movement against the three evils and the five evils”, the current struggle is going even farther whether superficially or in the aspect of method. (Note: three evils are corruption, waste and bureaucracy within the Party, government, army and mass organizations. Five evils are bribery, tax evasion, and theft of state property, cheating on government contracts and stealing of economic information, as practiced by owners of private industrial and commercial enterprises. The movement took place in year 1951~1952). At that time, seizing people was not yet that easy and frequent. It had to go through some certain judicial procedure ----- police would never execute until the case has been tried in court. Whereas, seizing whoever could now be carried out directly under the order of the Central Party without any court ruling. No law needed, nor any law to be against, Party is the only one to make decision. Policemen perform their mission as the instrument of dictatorship by enforcing the decision. And some even go too far by seizing, searching, and beating whomever is seen practicing “QiGong” skills. By doing that, where on earth do they put the Constitution of this country?


Falungong is actually a spiritual sustenance and a choice of belief for those followers. There are traditional believes, and also newly created ones. Having belief is people’s instinctive behavior bestowed by universe. It’s a basic human right and should not be interfered by anybody. If all the people are required to believe in Communism and pursue the aim of communists just because Communist Party is in power, isn’t that too overbearing? To replace Constitution of the country with the rules of one Party and replace government with one party is autocracy. It is historic retrogression. The success achieved in reform led by Deng Xiaoping is being smashed, and the good situation established through 20 years of reform and open policy is falling back to be the same as of “Cultural Revolution”, or even worse. At least the instruments of dictatorship (policemen) had not been harnessed then to capture people in so wide range all over the country.


In the cracking down of Falungong, I feel something is obviously wrong and hard to convince people. It’s said that more than 700 disciples died of practicing skills over the past 7 years, with more than 100 dead annually. Let’s not mention whether it is true or not. Suppose Falungong should be regarded as fallacy due to this only reason, what shall we do to the fact which was released personally by Wei JianXing in 1999 that 13000 people died within one year because of illegal administration by officials of our government or the Party at all levels? 13000 are 100 times of that figure of Falungong!  Shall we regard our Party as fallacy and have it banned too? In fact, there is a state regulation on tolerance of vicious incident. The maximum is 0.3%. Compared to its total counting ---- 2 millions as officially released, vicious incidents of Falungong is 0.035%, which is 10 times lower than the state standard. That is to say, vicious incidents of Falungong are 10 times less than those of health department and those of politics.


Don’t you get it? In such a second Cultural Revolution, our policemen are again vested with the mission to play an inglorious part. When we were efficiently suppressing disgusting conduction or severely cracking down criminals, the people would sing high praise for and solute to us; but now, what are the people thinking of us? They would dodge whenever they see us, because they hate yet fear of us; They say our policemen are worse than the Kuomintang and President Jiang is worse than Mao Ze Dong; They curse that we are helping a villain do evil to oppress the common people, that we requite kindness with enmity to bully people by using the tax they paid and dressing the uniforms they made. They say that we will get retribution. They are counting our achievements and errors and will get even with us later. There is no wonder that the people would do this. Their life is hard enough already. Whose family has nobody unemployed? How can they be happy with such extra suffering?


Some young policemen do not understand things because they did not experience political movements. They swagger around all day long, seeking a momentary satisfaction without considering the result. Their conduction put the whole country into turmoil and makes the people boiling with resentment. For instance: one policeman burned a female Falungong disciple’s arm to many scars with his cigarette, just because she would not surrender skills training information; Another policeman physically punishes those detained disciples as he pleases. He would drag anyone he is not happy with into the hot sunshine and beat them up till he is exhausted. What’s worse, he would laugh wildly with triumph adding that “I really enjoy that! It has been long since I beat somebody up last time”; Just in front of the Monument of the People’s Heroes at Tiananmen Square, two young policemen grabbed a girl about 20 years old, cuffed and kicked from both sides, arousing strong public condemnation; In some places, local policemen centralized detention of the disciples they seized, keeping them 12 hours from going to toilet and 30 hours from having any food. They did not release them until every one submitted respectively from 200 to 1200 yuan as fine. 


Such phenomena are so widespread all over the country that an old man aged 80 told me with tears: “ I have never seen policemen beat the common people like that….” An old intellectual asked with grief and indignation: “ God! What happened to these people? Where is people’s conscience and reason? Where is justice?”


Being a person who has had the experience, I feel the problem is extremely serious now. Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. If the situation continues in this way, the result would be dreadful to contemplate. What I would like to tell you is we can’t ignore the lesson history taught us, we ought to leave ourselves a way out.


Let’s think about those left-winged who had been so proud with triumph during the Cultural Revolution. At that time, they had been striking, smashing and robbing all around, considering themselves unexcelled in the world. How about10 years later? Some were put into jail. Some could not raise their heads because people cast them aside.


Therefore, I urge all of us to think it over earnestly: what shall we do when we are vested with the mission to suppress our People?


Though we, public security policemen and armed policemen, are the instruments of dictatorship, we are living on performing our mission, there is still flexibility in enforcing the law. Firstly, we should be persons with conscience. Secondly, we, as the law executing instruments, got to protect the Constitution of the country from being trampled, and protect benefits of the People from being violated. When we had to carry out a wrong order, we should try whatever we can to leave the innocent people a way out, which is to leave ourselves a way out. There is a saying “making things easy for others means making things easy for yourself”. If we can’t openly support the persecuted, at least we could show secret sympathy. Showing mercy to others is to accumulate virtues for us. Colleagues, I urge you to stop fulfilling your duty without a reason for dictatorship, stop helping a tyrant to do evil. Don’t you know that good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil? Everything will get return when times up.


Things will be tested by time. I am sure the crackdown on QiGong can’t stand the test of history. We shouldn’t be misled by the current soul-stirring appearance. This period of history would definitely be re-judged. When that day comes, I hope you could say “ My past behavior did not violate my conscience, and I did not do anything sorry to the People.” And even, I hope you could also say: “ I have tried my best to help the People.”


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