Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

---- A documentary on how the outstanding spiritual leader transformed to a political leader

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China Persecutes and Cracks Down on Zhong Gong


China's attitudes toward Zhong Gong can be divided into three stages: from support, monitoring and control to the final crackdown.




The early development of Zhong Gong occurred during the period of the so-called "reformation and openness", when mind control was relatively loose. Further, a lot of Chinese officials supported Zhong Gong at that time. For example, Zhong Gong cured the wife of the associate director of Sichuan Provincial Science Commission who suffered from vertebra fracture for more than 10 years. From then on, the associate director devoted himself to the establishment of the "International Academy of Life Science" in Sichuan province.




China has tightened its grip on ideology since June 4, 1989.Zhong Gong founder, Zhang Hongbao announced the birth of "Kylin Culture" formally in November, 1990. He pointed out that Marxism is unscientific and showed his sympathy for the democratic movement in China. He thus attracted the attention of the ideological department of China and Zhong Gong was listed as a target for investigation.


In October, 1993, the report of national research conducted by China authorities claimed that Zhong Gong is the "triad of Qigong, religion and contemporary enterprises" and "a new religion". (resource book: "The Analysis of Qigong and Extraordinary Powers" p333, written by Zhong Kewen, published by the Modern China Publishing Agency.)


In 1994, the year of the 5th anniversary of "June 4", the Beijing International Qigong Service Company Ltd. was rescinded by the order of the Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Chen Xitong (member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CCP.) The Public Security Departments began to follow Zhang Hongbao's track and forced him to leave China in June 1994 and lead the work of Zhong Gong abroad.


On Aug 5, 1995, the Lantian  Public Security Bureau in Shanxi province gave instructions to summon Zhang Hongbao. The document was revealed later by the Public Security system (ref. "The Antecedent Case about Summoning Zhong Gong's Master Zhang Hongbao" issued by Lantian  Public Security Bureau.) On Aug 7, 1995, 1000 full armed policemen encircled the Third Training Division of Zhonghua Traditional Culture Continuing Education University, trying to "find the track of Zhang Hongbao and legally summon him".


In 1996, under the pressure of higher authorities, the Educational Committee of Chongqing Municipality banned the training base of Zhong Gong cadres---the International University of Life Sciences in Chongqing.

In October, 1996, according to  inside information from the People's Health Publishing Agency and People's China Publishing Agency, "Beijing is going to move against 'Kylin Culture' and Zhang Hongbao's articles are not allowed to be published", "The highest authorities give instructions that nothing relating to Zhang Hongbao is allowed to be published."


On February 5, 1997,  in the No. 39 document of the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Department which was titled as "Notice About Further Investigating and Controlloing the Activities of Zhong Gong Organizations in our Province" mentioned that "Since June 1996, the organs of public security of all levels of our province have carried out investigation and feeling out 'Zhong Gong' organizations in accordance with the arrangement of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS)." It was also mentioned in the document that "In consideration of the fact that Zhong Gong organization is a kind of feudal secret society or reactionary superstition sect, which takes Qigong as its carrier and such profit-making economic entities, including enterprises, training schools, etc., as a source of income. It is a group of pseudo-science and pseudo-Qigong with reactionary colors and fraudulent acts. If we let it run its own course, the public order will be jeopardized and the political power of people's democratic dictatorship may further be harmed. Consequently, the organs of public security at all levels should heighten their understanding of staff, adopt powerful measures and conscientiously enhance the mastering and restricting Zhong Gong organizations." "All public security organs at different levels should make further enforcement of handling the activities of Zhong Gong organizations, adopt necessary detecting measures to find out the inside story of Zhong Gong organization, especially the activities of organizations at higher levels and important personages in our province in order to create the necessary conditions for banning Zhong Gong organizations."


In the latter half of 1997, the Jinghua Educational Bureau of Zhejiang province confiscated the license of the Jinghua Martial Arts Institute which is a Zhong Gong organization, forced it out of business and dismissed its staff.




Beijing started to ban Zhong Gong after a 1998 "27th May" conference held by Public Security Ministry in Chengdu which announced that "The ministry has paid close attention to Zhong Gong's organizations for a long time. With the growth of its organization, its political aim is clearer.", that "the Zhong Gong organizations are a kind of secret society organization with a reactionary political tendency. It takes Qigong as a carrier and set up schools and enterprises as economic sources. The political inclination of its key members is reactionary." The Public Security Ministry required all local public security departments to carry on an overall check before March, 1999, to check the facts, to make thorough preparations for an overall crackdown and employ various effective means to find the tracks of Zhang Hongbao.


On Aug 20, 1998, Yulin City Branch of the State Security Ministry and the Public Security Ministry jointly issued a document About Investigating the Situation of the Zhonghua Life Preservation and Mentality Promotion Qigong, about mentally ill committing crimes and people coming back from America. The notice announced that "Very few reactionary people, with Zhang Hongbao as the leader conducted politically-reactionary activities and pose threat to social stability." Six core problems were required to be investigated, especially "pay attention to the track of Zhang Hongbao". Each organization of Zhong Gong was required to fill in a form of  the people in charge, organizational information, three staff registration cards and personal card.


On Sep 24, 1998, the National Bureau of Physical Education in China issued the No. 0154 document Notice About Investigating Falun Gong, Zhong Gong, requiring all local bureaus of the PE to "investigate Falun Gong and Zhong Gong groups that are influential at present". The main contents of the No. 28 document of Shangzhou Municipal Public Security Department of Shanxi province are:


In accordance with the spirit of the 27th May Chengdu Meeting of the Ministry of Public Security, to carry out an overall check and rectification of the organizations of Zhonghua Life Preservation and Mentality Promotion Qigong all over the whole country.



The final aim: the public security organs in various places is to investigate the facts, determine the evidence, distribute its development, and abolish the organizations gradually in half year in order to smash and prohibit it.


There was also a verbal secret order that "to tighten the iron hand in the velvet glove in doing something, the attitude must be careful; the basic principle of treatment; to crack down the key points, to educate the mass, to punish major culprits; to wait for notice of action and how to act."


On Jan 6, 1999, the Sichuan Provincial Public Security department issued an opinion further strengthening the investigation of Zhong Gong. Zhong Gong structure Kylin Group was determined to be a counterrevolutionary organization. A warrant for arresting 23 upper level backbone cadres was issued.


On Apr 14, 1999, Lishui County People's Government issued an Announcement Banning Zhong Gong's Qigong Activities within the Boundaries of our County in Accordance with Law. "In accordance with laws, all the Zhong Gong's activities of teaching Qigong within the boundaries of our county are prohibited." "Revoke the certificates of temporary residence of the 'Qigong teachers' from another place; Order them to leave the county within a time limit." "Those, who refuse advice and persist in Qigong teaching activities, will be treated by suspension of retirement pay for retired persons or discharged from their post. Those, whose behavior is more serious, should be treated by judicial authorities in accordance with the law." "The people, who hold on practicing Qigong, should be treated seriously in addition to taking back their contracted farms." "The city residents, engaged in Zhong Gong's teaching activities, should be treated seriously in accordance with the Regulation of Penalty for Social Order and Safeguard".


From July to December, 1999, the organizations of Zhong Gong suffered overall close-down. The political power deprived Mr Zhang and his staff of the rights of existence. The legal rights of Zhong Gong organizations were vehemently violated.


More than 3000 organizations were banned by force; business certificates confiscated; disciples dispersed; staff members beaten and arrested and 100, 000 people were left jobless.Assets of 7.5 hundred million Rmb (about $90, 000, 000) were illegally confiscated; 60, 000, 000 Rmb (about $7, 230, 000) in bank savings were illegally frozen.


Up to February, 2000, about 600 persons in Zhong Gong's organizations had been arrested and detained. 25 provincial-and-higher-level cadres arrested and their whereabouts still unknown. Among them are:

Director of Board Canjuan Yan

Comprehensive Office of Board of Directors head Xuhui He

North-east Market Department (MD) chief Xida Xu

North China MD supervisor Yaqin Cheng

North-West MD supervisor Lixin Yang

South China MD chief Zuoyun Yang

South China MD vice-chief Wansheng Zhang

Division of Life Preserving Techniques vice-chief Yalian Zhao


In November 1999, the State Council of China issued the No. 77 document, giving instructions that "all local Public Security departments, Civil Administration departments and Bureau of Physical Training are to take measures to control Qigong activities."


On December 3, 1999, Zhong Gong was listed as the major target for the year 2000 at the National Political and Law Conference.


Since January, 2000 up till now, China has never stopped the persecution of Zhong Gong. In May, 2000, Beijing banned 9 Zhong Gong books: "The Transcripts of the 1993-1998 Central Chinese Broadcasting Station's Special Programs on Kylin Culture," "Zhang Hongbao and his System of Kylin Culture," "Chinese Special Medicine Cases," "Guide to Zhang Hongbao's Kylin Philosophy," "China's Kylin Group Paintings," "Zhong Gong's Advanced Methods," and "Another Kind of Voice". These books were withdrawn from the bookstores. The reserve stocks were confiscated or destroyed.


In August, 2000, in an internal government memo, China's President Jiang Zemin called for increased surveillance of Zhong Gong as well as intensifed efforts to crush Falun Gong. He also called for a thorough investigations of the backbone cadres of Zhong Gong in order to prevent them from distributing the social order.


At the same time, the persecution of Zhong Gong by China extended abroad.


Starting from 1998, the Zhong Gong organization in Australia was investigated several times by some unidentified people.


In the morning of Oct. 12, 1998, Zhong Gong organization in Nepal wa checked and closed down by pressure from China authorities. The staff were told that Zhang Hongbao was listed as wanted. Then they were forced to reveal Mr Zhang's whereabouts and Zhong Gong enterprises' conditions in other countries. Finally, they were forced to return country under escort.


In the morning of Oct 18, 2000, Zhang Hongbao's house in Thailand was checked and next day morning, the houses of Zhong Gong disciples who had fled abroad were checked and from then on, the houses were repeatedly checked or harassed by unidentified people.



 Due to the increasingly dangerous situation, Mr. Zhang decided to flee to America and request for political asylum from the American government after he made final arrangement for his organization.


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