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Irrefutable Evidence of CCP's Persecution over Zhong Gong

[Part of the Cases]


For respect to the history, for protecting human rights, and for upholding justice, we will try our best to collect all the facts of CCP's persecution over Zhong Gong and keep a thorough record. 


1. On Jul 26, 1999, the secretary of the County, the head of the County, and the heads of the Bureau of Public Security, Tax, Industry and Commerce, Commodity Prices, Health, Education, Civil Administration and Physical Education, together with 98 armed policemen riding on 13 police cars encircled the Zhong Gong base in Zhongnanshan in Shanxi province. They made a door-to-door search and dispersed 1200 disciples by force.


2. On Jul 26, 1999, the Bureau of Zhong Gong county school in Huangpin county, Guizhou province was forced open and the headmaster Mr. Wen was detained for 15 days and suffered an inquisition by torture.


3. On Aug 5, 1999, the Bureau of Public Security in Hushun, Liaoning province sent 5 police cars, more than 20 policemen to escort over 100 Zhong Gong disciples out of school by force and videotaped them one by one.


4. On Aug 19, 1999, about 60 people from the Public Security in Fujian province made a sudden movement and encircled the two buildings that serve as the base of Zhong Gong in Fujian province. They opened the safe, separated and interrogated the disciples, dispersed the classes by force and videotaped the students.


5. In mid August of 1999, Rui Guo Jie, 33, manager of Kylin Group Qinghai Province Company, was arrested by Xinin Municipal Public Security Bureau, and sentenced to one year of reeducation through labor. Xiang Ren Bo, 29, manager of Kylin Group Xinin City Branch, Chai Jing Chun, 72, superintendent of Xinin City Branch, and Zhou You Wen, 56, store keeper of Qinhai Province Company, the three of them have been illegally detained for 15 days.

He Ji Zhong, 62, superintendent of Qinghai Province Company, was illegally detained for 2 days. He was National Congress Representative. 


6     At midnight of August 23 in 1999, in Shan Dong Province, policemen from Licheng Section of Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau, together with policemen and security guards from Huang Tai Electricity Plant Police Station, kicked open the door of the office of Jinan City Zhong Gong Training School to take a search. On the next day, school staffs Shu, Geng, Wang and Zhang were taken to the police station, and later were separately detained in a security department on Gong Ye Bei Road of Jinan City. They were interrogated for 4 times on that night. On the night of August 25, Shu, Zhang, and Wang were moved to Huixian Mount Sanatorium. On the next day, policemen from both Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau and Licheng Section simultaneously interrogated Shu about information of Zhong Gong's staff, skills, finance, and politics. That interrogation continued for ten odd days. They were not released until Dec.8 of 1999. Disciples were dismissed. And the deputy manager, office director, secretary and accounting staff of Kylin Group Guangdong Province Company were taken away.


7 On Aug 25, 1999, Jing Zhemin, the headmaster of the Buyang county school in Anhui province, the accountant Gu Shu and teacher Wang Laihui were detained by the Public Security for 15 days and beaten.


8 On Sep 3, 1999, Li Zhenghai, the manager of the branch company of Zhong Gong in Liao city in Shandong province and Zhou Zhiyi, the headmaster of the Zhong Gong county school in Tanggao, who had been detained by the Public Security, escaped at dinner time. The Public Security pursued and shot at them, "The bullet whizzed by my shoulder."


9 On Sep 4, 1999, over 100 armed policemen encircled the Zhong Gong base in Guangxi province, arrested 27 staff and 78 disciples. They forced each one to write a report and videotaped them. Up to now there still 10 people missing.


10 On Sep 6, 1999, 26 Public Security people in Jinghua, Zhejiang province arrested 17 Zhong Gong staff and confiscated 2 truck loads of material.


11 On Sep 8, 1999, the members of the Zhong Gong organization in Huaiyin, Jiangsu province were arrested and interrogated. They even forced a 22-year-old female member Deng Xiaoyun to sit on spit and kneel down.


12 On Sep 8, 1999, 7 people of Zhong Gong organization in Chasi, Yunan province were arrested, 4 detained for 15 to 36 days for the crime of "jeopardizing public security". Mr Zhou, the office director was so badly beaten that he couldn't stand up.


13 At one o'clock a.m. of 13th Sep 1999, 500 fully armed soldiers and police surrounded the base of Zhong Gong life preservation. They climbed over the wall into the courtyard, broke into doors and seized 33 teaching staff. They pried open all office cabinets and confiscated all papers. They also dispersed over 300 disciples by force.


14 On Sep 13, 1999, 11 Zhong Gong members in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region were arrested and 3 truck loads of material confiscated. 3 people are still detained up to now.


15 On September 13 of 1999, policemen coming in 9 vans attacked Zhong Gong Jilin Province Center, took away list of all staffs and disciples, and seized all leaders.


16 On Sep 17, 1999, ZhangWeijun, the headmaster of Zhong Gong county school in Fujian province was arrested and detained for 5 days. More than 20 policemen took turns beating and interrogating him.


17 On September 20 of 1999, Zhao Ze Geng, 28, manager of Haidong Branch of Kylin Group Qinghai Province Company, was arrested by Haidong police station and sentenced to one year of reeducation through labor with the charge of "Subversion of the State Power". Yang Wei Hu, 26, superintendent of Haidong branch, was arrested and sentenced to one year of reeducation through labor with the same charge. 


18 On Sep 22, 1999, He Duofeng, the assistant manager of Zhong Gong organization in Taisi, Anhui province was arrested and more than 200, 000 Rmb (about $24, 100) worth of material confiscated. About 530, 000, 000 Rmb (about $64, 000, 000) were taken away.


19 On Sep 25, 1999, 3 cadres in charge were arrested by the Public Security in Zhong Gong's Lushan base in Jiangxi province and 3 truck loads of materials confiscated. More than 100 disciples were dispersed by force.


20 On September 25 of 1999, several police cars and military cars clashed into the school of Zhong Gong Jiangxi Province Center. Public security policemen and armed policemen broke into rooms to search by force. They messed up staffs' personal articles. Once they found money, they would put into their own pockets, with no shame saying that those were illegal income, got to be confiscated". Scores of security policemen and armed policemen kicked or crashed open some office doors, moved out the copy machine, scanners, computers and some personal goods onto their military trucks. Then they started to seize people according to a list of main leaders and accounting personnel. At last they took away three persons in charge, three trucks of goods, and dismissed by force more than one hundred disciples. A receptionist was mistakenly recognized as accounting staff and was dragged away. His wife was grabbed by the hair and slapped to bleeding on the face when she tried to hold them back.


21 On Sep 26, 1999, Xi Dafang, the accountant of Zhong Gong organization in Guangxi was arrested without any reason by the Public Security on a train. Now he has been sentenced to one year's imprisonment.


22 In September of 1999, the following persons in Jiangxi Province Company were arrested:

Li Lan Ying, manager of Jiangxi Province Company, Liang Yan Kui, superintendent, Zhang Xiang Ping, office director, Wu Sai Yun, accountant, Liu Yi Jun, assistant accountant, Li Yi Qing, office secretary, Zhao Yue Ping, cashier, Yang Huan Cheng, store keeper, Li Long Qing, driver, Zhu Zi Sheng, kitchen staff, Xiong Yu Ling, manager of Jiujiang Branch Company (not allowed to bail out), Liao Xiao An, store keeper (fined 20 thousand yuan), Gong En Yang, manager of Nanchang Branch Company (not allowed to bail out), Bao Bing Yuan, manager of Jingde Town Branch Company, Shi Zhao Yang, person in charge of Jiangxi Province School (Lushan Mount Center), Xiong Hai Lang, ordinary staff of the school, Yao Xiao Chun, ordinary staff of the school (was fined 7000 ~ 9000 yuan), Tao Zhan, ordinary staff of the school (was fined about 3000 ~ 80000 yuan, amount not specified). Employees of Zhong Gong organizations in most areas of Jiangxi Province were not able to go home and be together with families due to police's monitor and persecution. And they have no way to make living.


23    In September of 1999, Gao Rui Fen, 59, accountant of Kylin Group Qinghai Province Company , Zhu Xiang, 37, driver, the two of them were detained and released on probation up to now.

In September of 1999, all properties of Qinghai Province Company were confiscated by the authorities.


24    Since September of 1999, about 260 staffs have been arrested from Marketing Department of Kylin Group Changsha City Company. Among them about 60 are workers and 200 teachers and instructors. They have been interrogated and mistreated. A lot of them are still being in secret jail. Some were released on bail at variant amounts of 2000 through 90000 yuan. Total bail was amounted over one million RMB yuan.


7 In September of 1999, also arrested were:

Kylin Group Hunan Province Company:

Zhou Xin Yang, manager of, Zhang Qi Ming, accounting supervisor. (The two of them are still in secret jail and not allowed to bail out as suspected the charge of "Subversion of the State Power".)


Zhong Gong Hunan Province School:

Wang Ze Fang, headmaster of, was released on bail at the amount of 90000 RMB yuan;

Zu Cai Xia, Office director;

Store keeper of the school;


Yuan Shao Hua, manager of Hunan Hengyang Branch Company, was released on bail at the amount of 10,000 RMB yuan;

Shui Guo Ji, accountant of Hengyang Branch Company;


Tang Hao Yun, manager of Hunan Changde Branch Comoany, was released on bail at the amount of 3000 RMB yuan;  


Tang Su, superintendent of Hunan Chengzhou Branch Company, was released on bail at the amount of 10,000 yuan;


Wu Hua, superintendent of Zhong Gong Jiangxi Province School, was release on a bail of 80,000 yuan;


Tang Cui E, Tang Cui Ping, Zhou Zhi Hua and all the rest staff of Sales Department of Hunan

Yongzhou Zhishan Section of Zhong Gong. Tang Cui E, Tang Cui Ping, and Zhou Zhi Hua were fined respective amount of 2000 through 3000 yuan and released on probation.


Wen Bing, person in charge of Qiyang Sales Department of Hunan Yong Zhou Branch Company, was release on probation and fined about 2000~3000.


Xiao Fang Ping, Xiao Di Qing, and Zhu Xue Lin, managers of Zhong Gong Anhui Province Company


26 Records of Persecution over Zhong Gong Health Preserving Centers

All employees of Zhong Gong Health Preserving Center of Guilin Guangxi were arrested;

All employees of Zhong Gong Health Preserving Center of Jiangxi were arrested;

Fire Sect of Shangsha Armed Police is now stationed at Zhong Gong Health Preserving center of Shangsha;

Li Yulian, person in charge of Sales Department at Changning of Hunan Henyang, had been searched the house.


27 In October of 1999, some ordinary employee named Zou in Zhishan Distributing Center of Yongzhou Branch Company in Hunan Province was arrested by Zhishan District Police Station. They subjected him to severe torture and tried to extort a confession. When Zou protested why he should be arrested and what law he had offended, they stroke him even more violently, shouting at him: "What law? We are the law. Why should you offend our big boss, causing us to carry out this bitter business?" Finally Zou confessed to the false charge of "Subversion of the State Power"and stamped fingerprints under torture. He was detained in the police station for more than 3 months. His families managed to cancel his life insurance and get refunds. Plus borrowed money, they pooled three thousands yuan and handed in to the police station. Until then was Zou able to go home with wounds all the body and 3 ribs broken. Those policemen have already robbed cash, bankbook or any other valuable goods of his family. And he still needs to report to police station from time to time.


28 In October of 1999, Lin Guo Hua, superintendent of Shanxi River and Sea Ltd. Of Kylin Group, was arrested by the police station of Weishui Development District. Firstly he was detained at the police station for 6 months, and then in Weinan Drug-Quitting House for 5 months. There he was tortured by wardens and drug addicts so often that he became distraught.


29 In mid October of 1999, Public Security Department sealed Gansu Province Zhong Gong Company by force and confiscated properties worth over 30,000 yuan. On Nov.20, the superintendent of this company was taken away by police from his home in Lanzhou City and detained for one month. On Nov.25, the deputy manager was summoned for interrogation for one day because his wife was detained at the Public Security Department of Lanzhou City. On the same day, the cashier of the company was also summoned for interrogation. And then both of them were detained.


30 In October of 1999, Jinin City Security Guards director Guo Hong Hai and some guards Zhang Bin etc., took away part of the properties of Zhong Gong Jinin School including 2 TV sets, 1 telephone, 1 tape recorder, 1 video player, 2 loudspeakers, 1 copy machine, 1 fax machine, 1 box of amulet jades (about 600 pieces), video tapes of instruction for the 3rd and 4th skill stage, 20 tapes (mostly pop music), school teacher's personal bookcase (enclosed were 60 odd books, notebooks, personal identifications, and so on), some everyday utilities, cash 300 yuan of some school teacher, and one personal portable tape recorder. In one word, anything movable have been moved away. Teacher Wang, superintendent of the school, and Teacher Gong, cashier, were detained by the police station and released after they went hungry strike for two days.


31 In October of 1999, Liao Hai feng, driver for Marketing Department of East China, was arrested and also fined 9,000 yuan.


32 Since October of 1999, the following staffs have been detained at the Weinan Drug-Quitting House of Shanxi Province:

Gu Wen Yu, Officer of Public Relation Department of Shanxi River and Sea Company;

Wang Yi Zhong, general accountant of Yellow River Health Preserving Products Ltd. Of Zhong Gong Group in Shanxi;

Luo Xinliang, manager of Weinan Branch of Zhong Gong Shanxi Province Company.


33 Since October of 1999, the following staffs have been detained at Weishui Developing District Police Station of Shanxi Province:

Lu Yuzheng, accountant of Baoji Branch Company of Yellow River Health Products Ltd. In Shanxi province.


34 In November of 1999, 4 persons in charge of Zhong Gong Organizations in Hunan Province were arrested with the suspect of "Subversion of the State Power". Two months later, they were accused of another charge "Disturb order of society" and Leaking tax, but finally released due to inadequate evidence.


35 On Nov. 30 of 1999, four staffs of Yongzhou Zhong Gong Organization in Hunan Province were arrested against the charge of "Subversion of the State Power" and detained for one month. Now they are still under surveillance of police.


36 In December of 1999, Li Xiaoning, person in charge of Chongqing Branch of Kylin Group Yellow River Ltd., was arrested. He was sentenced to 3 years of prison with the charge of "Disturbing order of society" in July 2000.


37 In December of 1999, the manager of Zhong Gong Xinjiang Province Company was arrested by policemen of Wulumuqi City. He is now still in the jail. His families are not allowed to visit him.


38 In December of 1999, Yan Chanjuan, director of Kylin Group Directors Board and Vice CEO (she had been the Congress Representative of Beijing City), was arrested at home in Tianjin, and now still in jail. 


39 On February 21 of 2000, Shu Qin, employee of Zhong Gong Shandong Province Company, was taken to Dongying District Public Security Bureau from Haihe Road Police Station. He was detained for one night and interrogated about his learning of Zhong Gong skill. On February 22, he was kept in Dongying City prison for one night; On Feb.23, he was transferred to Taian City Prison and stayed there for 28 days. During that time, he was taken photo, portrayed, and stamped fingerprints. He was also interrogated for 10 odd times regarding political and financial problems. On March 21, he was released after his sister turned in 3000 RMB and wrote a guarantee with his son on his behalf for not to learn Zhong Gong any more. 


40 In April, 2000, Chen Jinling, the person in charge of some guidance station of Zhong Gong in Zhejiang province was sentenced to two years' imprisonment for "illegal practice of medicine". (according to the Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Hong Kong)


41 In May of 2000, undercover police of Hainan province went to Shenzhen took Fan back to Hainan. Fan, originally the person in charge of Baisha Distributing Center of Zhong Gong Hainan Province Company, was then running personal business for living due to Zhong Gong organization's shut down. He was interrogated for many times about where his master was, where properties were hidden, roster of leaders, employees and disciples, list of Zhong Gong members in Chinese Communist Party. Without getting answer, they illegally searched Fan's house, and confiscated his personal properties as well as properties of Zhong Gong which were kept in his house. And they ordered him to report to police station every afternoon. Fan's telephone has been bugged. His house and his own action are all in surveillance.


42 Another two staffs of Hainan Province Company suffered the same experience. 


43 On May 9 of 2000, a headmaster of Yongzhou Zhong Gong school in Hunan Province was arrested and detained for more than one month, and he was also fined and interrogated. Recently, policemen found him again and asked him what other actions Zhong Gong are taking.


44 In June of 2000, office administrator of Zhong Gong Gansu Province Company was detained at Lanzhou City Public Security Bureau for 14 days. Managers, superintendents and lawsuit representatives of 5 branches among the 11 ones in Gansu Province have been summoned for interrogated by local police stations. Some state-owned units, residents committee and police stations entered names for all Zhong Gong disciples.


45 In June of 2000, manager of Jiangsu Province Zhong Gong Company was arrested.


46 In June of 2000, Yan Xie He, lecturer at Chinese Traditional Culture Research and Study Institute was arrested in Guangxi Province, and sentenced to 3 years' prison.


47 In July of 2000, Chang Shan, director of Study Lab at the color printing factory of Shanxi Yellow River Health Products Ltd. Of Zhong Gong Group, and his wife Liu Bo Rong, accountant of Shanxi River and Sea Ltd. Company, were arrested in Qinghai province by policemen of Weishui Shanxi Province, leaving their three year old kid with Liu's mother. Firstly they were respectively detained at Weishui prison and Xining prison, and then transferred to Weinan Drug-Quitting House. Chang has ever been put into dark room, not being able to stand or lie down at length. Piss or shit all inside. During that time, wardens and drug addicts often tortured him.


48 In July, 2000, Sun Guifang, a leading Zhong Gong member in the city of Shenzhen was detained while carrying a list containing the names of hundreds of the movement's followers. More than 20 people on the list are now being interrogated by the Public Security in Shenzhen. (according to the Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Hong Kong)


49 Wang Xuemei, a Zhong Gong leader in Guangzhou, was sentenced to two years in prison in late July, 2000 by the Tianhe court. She was imprisoned for "disturbing social order". (according to the Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Hong Kong).


50 Since August of 2000, at least 60 Zhong Gong disciples in Shenzhen have been arrested.


51 In September 2000, as confirmed by government, 123 bases of Zhong Gong around the province of Shan Xi have been shut down by force. Land and buildings worth more than 300 million RMB yuan were taken over by the provincial public security department.Disciples and staffs were dismissed   Those bases mainly include technology trainning schools, travel agencies, sanatoriums, gym centers and trading companies, which were all officially registered in industry and commercial administrative department and have been granted license. Among them the Taibai sanatorium worth about 150 million RMB yuan is currently guarded by a bounch of security officials, and is said to be rebuilt as the biggest prison of Shan Xi province.     


52 In September 2000, the supervising director of Kylin Group's Northeast China Marketing, Cheng Ya Qin was sentenced to 2 years of labor education in Baoding city of Hebei Province with the charge of "disturbing public order" 


53 In September of 2000, Cheng Yaqing, superintendent of Kylin group marking department of North China, was sentenced to 2 years of prison in Baoding City of Hebei Province with the charge of "disturbing order of society".


54 In September of 2000, Yuan Cheng Cai, Monitor Room Officer of Zhong Gong Operation Department was detained for half a month at Weishui Development District Police Station.

55 On September 13 of 2000, Feng Ling Xin, general manager of Shanxi River and Sea Ltd. Company of Kylin Group, was arrested in Chengdu by policemen from Weishui Developing District Police Station of Shanxi Province. Former and later, Feng has been put into Weishui district prison and Weinan Drug-Quitting House. In Weinan drug-quitting house he was severely tortured by wardens and drug addicts, almost losing his life. His families spent all their properties to get 50,000 RMB yuan to bail him out on probation for treating disease. In addition, his stay in drug-quitting house was charged 35 yuan per day.


56 By September 30, Public Security Bureau of Chengdu City of Sichuan province has sent officials to QingCheng Mountain area to dispel people who came back voluntarily to guard the Academy of Life Science, and burned all the documents filed in the school. It happened that a farmer there was dressing a Kylin promoting T-shirt. Public security people noticed him and have him taken photo with and then without the T-shirt in public.


57 In October 2000, a special group was set up in the Politics Department of Tibetan Military Region to investigate the status of Zhong Gong practising by officers, soldiers and their families around the whole military area. Quite a lot of the officers and their family who have been practising Zhong Gong for many years have been taken away and interrogated about other members' information, practising schedule, and the way of communication between all Zhong Gong disciples.


58 On Oct. 12 of 2000, Huang Wan Ping, manager of Zhong Gong Jiangsu Province Company, and Qin Zhaoyang, deputy manager, were respectively sentenced to 4 years and 3.5 years of prison with the same charge of "Subversion of the State Power". They had been arrested in October of 1999. Huang Wan Ping is jailed in Nanjing Prison but not allowed to visit by families. One of his two daughters is disabled. His sentence heavily impacted his family. Huang's lawyer believed that there was not much possibility for them to appeal because the sentence was decided by provincial leaders of Jiangsu.  


59 In October of 2000, Yang Zhong, manage of Pingxiang Branch, was arrested and also fined 20,000 yuan.


60 In November of 2000, Zhai Xue Hai, superintendent of Wuxi Company, Dong Ya Lan, manager, were respectively sentenced to 3 years and 2 years of prison by Wuxi City Court with the charge of "Subversion of the State Power". Both of them were arrested in October of 1999. 


61 Up to January of 2001, the following key members of Shanxi Province are still being pursued: 

Ma Yu Zhu, deputy director of Color Printing Factory of Shanxi Yellow River Health Products Ltd. Of Zhong Gong;

Wang Pui Seng, sales manager of Color Printing Factory of Shanxi yellow River Health Products Ltd. Of Zhong Gong;

Wang Yan Qiu, accountant of Shanxi River and Sea Ltd.


62 On Jan. 9 of 2001, Jiangsu Provincial Senior Court rejected appeal of Huang Wan Ping, Qin Zhao Yang (manager and deputy manager of Zhong Gong Jiangsu Province Company), Zhai Xue Hai and Dong Jia Lan (superintendent and manager of Wuxi Company), and maintained the original sentence.


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