Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

---- A documentary on how the outstanding spiritual leader transformed to a political leader

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Exchange (thoughts)                                                                                                                                  Date: August 29, 1999


Summary of talks on reading Lao Ma’s article


Sun Zhong: I had cherished illusions of the situation. By reading these materials I become aware that the government is to cut down the flag, destroy our business and so get rid of us. The only thing we should do is to protect the flag and the business. In so many years we have contributed so much under the leading of our master. But the government just defied the facts and had those facilities shut down. We have to firmly fight to the death and follow our master’s direction.


Zhang Li: Attitude of the authority to us had become transparent and also deteriorated. Not long before the government attacked Falun Gong for over one month. It was reported that key Falun Gong members were sentences to 8~10 years of prison. What law was the sentence based on? Were Falun Gong members convinced? They of course understand that they have done nothing offending the government but practising skills. The government’s actions do not match their words. They had claimed that actions were limited on Falun Gong, but actually they also crack down on Zhong Gong which is most scaring to them. Because Zhong Gong made the most goods deeds, thereafter they fear Zhong Gong the most. For the sake of smooth celebration of the National Day, outwardly they appeased us while inwardly they had taken actions against Zhong Gong in some aspects. They canceled registration of our facilities. The matter happening in Jiling Province exactly exposed their purpose. Actually it is a matter not only limited within Jiling province, but also extended to all over the country. They tried to cut down our flag and destroy the business. Our only way out is to fight back for life by protecting flag and business. This is a life-or-death and tit-for-tat struggle. We should learn the skills of surfing to surge along with the waves and keep alive. Meanwhile, we must be alert in thinking. We should be aware of the difficulties ahead and don’t take it for granted. We shall regard them as opportunities to steel ourselves and follow our master to fight to the end. Not only being strong ourselves, we also need to educate our children and our relatives to be strong. Even if we were put into prison someday, just take it as practising skills.     


Zhou Jing: Recently I read the “Brief news” and become aware of the severity of the situation. It has always been bloody struggle in the past decade. Now they are aiming at cutting down our flag and destroying our business. We have to fight otherwise we won’t be peaceful even stay at home. We have to fight. Their action against Falun Gong is an example.  I firmly follow direction of our master. I don’t fear death. I’ll do whatever our master want us to do and fight to the end.


Yang Xun: since they announced to ban Falun Gong on July 22, it has come to the most cruel stage that the government destroys the traditional culture. Acturally their true purpose in cracking down on Falun Gong is to be against Zhong Gong. The more contribution we make, the more they fear we would win the masses away from them. Thereafter they absolutely want to get rid of us. “To protect our flag and business” isn’t just a slogan. Instead we should follow our master’s direction to fight back. We got to unify all our strength and mind to find space for uphold our flag and strengthen the momentum of protecting business. Our business embodies strength of new life and conforms to the tide of historical development. If the authority must drive us to revolt, we’ll follow our master to revolt. We shall endure fire and water to fight for truth, taking no consideration of our own lives. 


Li Su: The party is in such a bad mood and the government is full of corruption. Zhong Gong is too good to be tolerated by them. Once I joined Zhong Gong organization, I have given up thoughts to many things. What we have done is beneficial to the people and so we feel no qualms. Under such circumstances, we will follow our master to the end. Government’s deeds will definitely evoke rebellion of the people.


Song Kuan: I also had dreams in the past. I thought we could continue to exist as long as we follow their wills. Now I understand that was wrong. We have to cast away illusions and get ready to fight. Their final target is to eliminate us. Inside we should unite as one and help our members understand it is a life-or-death struggle, but as long as we firmly follow instructions of our master, fear no death, we will definitely win victory. Now we have no other choice but to follow our master and protect him fighting to the end. 


Zhao Yan: We have heard long before from inside information that the government regards Zhong Gong as reactionary organization. Unexpectedly the result was they pushed Falun Gong to the front. It’s obvious that took Falun Gong as an experimental object. At that time, I had been trusting to luck that they would not attack Zhong Gong at the same time. But actually they do. They have changed the strategy also. To counter our principle of establishing business lawfully, they refused to issue license. Thus, our business becomes illegal. According the nature of the struggle has changed to be life-or-death. Without our master, there would be no cause at all. This struggle is inevitable. Just when I began to learn Zhong Gong skills, I have said that our master’s theory surpassed Marxism, therefore it is worth to die fighting for the truth. Why should they attack on us? Why not death with the problems of corruption, unemployment and delaying payment to teachers, etc.? It has come to the final stage of their power. Cadres of Falun Gong have been tried. Our Zhong Gong cadres should also be prepared. Even die, we shall die a worthy death. Don’t act like a coward. 


Li Chan: Recently I read “Exchange” and Lao Ma’s article. We have gone longer distance than the monk “Tang Seng” did on the way to strive for existence and finding way to rescue the country. We should feel no qualms to the country and the world. Our contributions have stroke root in the hearts of the people. They said we were trying to win the hearts of the people away from them. It is impossible to win the hearts of the people by fighting. You have to do things convincing the people. Their attack on us is far more than just once. In more than a decade, we have given too many chances to these political swindlers.  Now they continue to crack down on us. We must cast away illusions. Actually we have been prepared. Situation of the society is not steady now. And the administration is corrupted. They want to divert the people’s attention and put us under the spotlight. We must have a clear concept of the situation and be aware of the trend of the struggle. Finally we should turn ourselves from passive to active side.  Firstly we should strengthen our unity inside the organization and educate employees to be alert. Outside we should unite with forces to support us and win over support from the public of the world. The whole world has been backing up Falun Gong in the issue of Falun Gong. The people were usually driven to revolt the authority exactly by the authority. In the crucial moments, we should have courage to fight to death, regardless of whatever ahead. Plus we have right leadership, we will live through no matter how arduous the situation is. I myself will absolutely perform my own duty and take part in the fighting upon the order of our master. I would like to live for the truth and die for the mission.


Yang Zhong: Viewing the case from outside, we should find that they are trying to kill the traditional culture instead of just Zhong Gong. Traditional culture should not perish in our generation. We must fight not only our own group benefits, but also the existence of traditional culture. Zhong Gong is powerful both in theory and in physical forces. I am glad that I’ll be involved in this struggle. Perhaps here comes our life mission and Zhong Gong’s life mission. We have been driven to Liangshan Mountain to revolt. Only way out is to give them a tit-to-tat fight.


Li Cheng: Now it is clearer that we must take counter-measurements. Our master has taught us to think reverse. They blame Falun Gong won the people away from the Party, conversely, it means they have lost trust from the people. They even would not allow lawyer to defend for Falun Gong. It suggests that they don’t care about law the other way round. They are cracking down on Falun Gong as a substitute of Zhong Gong, because there is no excuse to publicly crack down on Zhong Gong yet for now. All suggest that they have come to the dead end. To counter their purpose to cut down our flag and destroy our business, we must protect the flag and business to strive for existence. Let’s get a clear understanding of the situation and follow our master to fight for the truth and justice, fearing no death. 


Zhang Wu: What they really fear is our outstanding contribution and trust of the people in Zhong Gong. When the general situation of the country is getting worse and worse, they definitely would not let us continue living and developing. For sure they will employ more vicious and crueler tricks to deal with us. They are driving us to revolt. Thus, we must protect the flag and business to strive for existence under the leading of our master. Let’s fight to the end for our cause and for the truth.


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