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---- A documentary on how the outstanding spiritual leader transformed to a political leader

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Exchange                                                                                                                                  Date: August 29, 1999    Issue 21


My viewpoints about the current situation

Yang Cheng


A series of issues taking place since April make my understanding of the situation gradually improving with changes by stages. Generally speaking, it could be divided into the following stages:


Fist stage: when Falun Gong members sat around surrounding the CPC’s headquarters --- Zhong Nan Hai on April 25, I held it in contempt because such action is prone to be misunderstood as of political sense and felt that the authority would not let the matter at that. In the mean time, I deeply admire our president’s standpoint of “not to involve with politics” which he has repeatedly emphasized. This standpoint prevented the authority from having too many scruples on us and so taking obvious actions against us. Anyway, I still had illusions in the authority, after all every party needs to operate conforming to law.  


Second stage: in late July, when the authority publicly started crackdown on Falun Gong and announced ban of Falun Gong, I recognized that was a well-planned strategy and secretly started to worry about the safety of Zhong Gong. I had a feeling that the authority was killing the chicken (Falun Gong) to frighten the monkey (Zhong Gong as well as the whole Qi Gong circle). But at the same time, I thought happily that there should not be another “evil cult” in China, otherwise the authority couldn’t justify themselves in front of the Chinese people and the world. Despite that our business will be impacted with no doubt, I still had illusion that there is space to live on anyway.


Third stage: when it came to the moment that the authority tried to eliminate Falun Gong openly and extended their attack to the whole Qi Gong circle behind the scenes, even without leaving alone the Kylin Group who have always established and operated business conforming to legal procedures, I had to readjust my view of the reality.


Taking a paramount view of the situation, I seemed to recognize something new and start to have a little more calmness, understanding the behavior of the authority a little better.   


Firstly, no matter crackdown on Falun Gong or the overall Qi Gong circle, it is a necessity of politics or class struggle. To the rulers, it is like hitting three birds with one stone: 


One bird is diverting the attention of the people so that the increasingly intensified civil conflicts could be temporarily alleviated. It is known to all that cries of discontent rise all round in China due to political corruption, economic recession and vast employment, directing the spearhead of all criticism at the Central government. To solve conflicts by diverting the people’s attention is a consistent practice of the authority. For instance, in 1998 they have made good use of "fight flood, relieve disaster” to evade the conflicts. However, evading conflicts can’t cure the “cancer” inside the political body. So the authority stayed in a state of extreme nervousness like a bird startled by a bow. Just before the 10th anniversary of “June.4th” in 1999, again they gave enormous publicity to the affair of Chinese embassy being exploded in Belgrade, which was with obvious political purpose trying to divert people’s attention from “June.4th anniversary. Viewing that the 50th birthday of the State is coming, Macao is returning followed by the issue of Taiwan, and the already intense political and economical conflicts can’t be alleviated, it is no doubt the best moment to crack down on Falun Gong.


Another bird is impacting influence of Qi Gong all over the country. The authority firmly believe that the existence of Qi Gong would threaten their regime, despite that every Qi Gong branch repeatedly state their standpoint of not participating politics. After all operations of Qi Gong are more or less related to ideology, which is not welcome by the authority. What if their ideology can’t hold water when conflicting with Qi Gong thought! Currently along with the losing of trust from the people, the rulers are of course under vast pressure and so their brutal acts are becoming more and more exposed day after day.  


The third bird is to strike at those more enlightened top leaders who support the Qi Gong circle by cracking down on Falun Gong. Inside the top level of CPC there also exist extremely sharp conflicts, of which we could glimpse a picture in the different ways of former and later handling the case of Falun Gong sitting surrounding Zhong Nan Hai. It is exactly like the saying “the masses suffered from quarrels between gods.” For power and profit, they don’t hesitate to repeat the mistake of “Cultural Revolution” to launch another political movement, without consideration of the life of the people or the development of the history. It is really shameful, pitiful, and sad. So far, I have lost the least trust in the rulers.


Hysterics and being blinded by greed are signs of decadent political clique in its death throes. Recalling the series of measurements they have taken that played extremely vicious tricks on those unarmed people who are devoted to developing the life science and traditional culture, I can’t help asking: “ Why don’t they fear to be charged with historical crime?” The only answer is they have no other choice but to take desperate action as a cornered beast. This is actually their final throe on the political stage, which is anyway heading to death. Perhaps it is also their mission.  


But what destiny will their mission bring to Chinese people?


To sum up, the rulers’ degeneration destroyed Communist Party’s reputation and also drove Qi Gong circle to revolt. Whether openly or secretly, Qi Gong would have no space for living. Will the treasure of our ancestors passed on by thousand generations really perish in their hands? Kylin group has established business based on law, and has been operating business based on law, while now it has no law to base to survive the business. The situation in front of us is absolutely arduous. I had thought that it it tolerable if the authority just impacts some of our market, and we should further tolerate as long as we are given a little space to exist, trying to explore development in international environment simultaneously. However, our endless forbearance was regarded as weakness, and we are still to be eliminated. The situation developed to the point to drive us to revolt. We have no other way out but to take political way to survive our business. Anyway you’ll be involved in politics whether you would or would not like to. We should rather actively fight back than passively bear striking, arresting, prison and even killing. Let’s bravely take over the historical duty! Now, it is rather fighting for the prosperity of the country, progress of the society, and development of the history than only striving for existence of Zhong Gong organization or Qi Gong circle. Anyone of insight should recognize this point, get a better understanding of his duty and readjust his position. 


With no doubt we should be the backbone of this struggle. Perhaps this is our true mission? If yes, I shall feel proud to be a part of it.


I will adjust my value of life. I don’t desire to leave a name in the history but to feel no qualms upon self-examination.


I should say thanks to the God and to Jiang Ze Min for giving me this opportunity.


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