Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

---- A documentary on how the outstanding spiritual leader transformed to a political leader

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Exchange                                                                                                                                   Date: September 4, 1999. Issue 22


Never regret joining Zhong Gong

Forever protect flag and business to leave historical records

Chang Qing


A single stone can disturb the peace of water in lake. What if it is storming? Recently, bad events happened to Zhong Gong facilities all around the country one after another, which is bound to arouse criticism and analysis of the situation.


Zhong Gong Organization, founded by Master Zhang Hong Bao, established the industry of Kylin group with the purpose to “vitalize Chinese civilization, bring benefit to mankind.” It has attracted more than 100,000 employees to join in making contribution. In the last 12 years since its establishment, Kylin group has made great contributions mainly in ten fields to the country, the people and the society, which were obvious to all and universally acclaimed. Even the special team of the government that has been investigating Zhong Gong either openly or secretly for several year found nothing negative but a good organization. Kylin group provided more than 100,000 employment and thereafter provided source of living for more than 300,000 people, which partly solved the problem of unemployment of millions in China year after year. It is a big contribution to alleviate the instability of the society caused by vast unemployment. Zhong Gong centers in all locations have become big taxpayers of the local area, totally creating more than 20 million yuan of tax revenue for the country in the last 12 years. Besides, they have donated dozens of million yuan in supporting large-scaled activities held by the government or the Party, relief of disaster and local community construction, among which 8 million yuan was for governmental activity, 20 million odd for public good and disaster relief, and 300,000 yuan for “Xi Wang Gong Cheng” (Promising project). In addition, Master Zhang Hong Bao has personally donated medicines with worth of 1.25 million yuan to disaster areas,  Zhong Gong employees donated about 4 million yuan and 500,000 pieces of goods with worth of more than 10 million yuan. Recently, some source of information listed out ten main contributions made by Zhong Gong to the country and the people, which were actually only part of the whole. Master Zhang Hong Bao as the founder of Zhong Gong, all employees of Kylin Group as well as the 38 million members of Zhong Gong feel no qualms to the country, the people and their own life!


Mao Ze Dong has ever said that it is easy for someone to do a few good deeds but it is hard for him (her) to always do goods deeds in all the life. However, Zhong Gong has been devoted to doing good deeds for 12 years since its founding. How many “12 years could one have in his life? Suppose leaders and employees of every industry in China could make the same contributions as Zhong Gong, why should we worry about improving of the nation or strengthening of the country? Unfortunately, such an organization that had been trying every way to bring benefit to the people and win honor for the nation has been attacked for countless times in the past month. Its hundreds of facilities have been searched and shut down, and employees have been interrogated, detained and even jailed! Is this supposed to be done by a government who really stands for the benefit of the people? Is there a mere part of it conforming to the Constitution? Such action as persecuting outstanding industry, outstanding cadres and outstanding staff is definitely not of Marxism and Leninism. It must be totally unacceptable to Deng Xiaoping’s theory! 


Someone said I was crazy to quit job as a director in governmental department and join Kylin Group for the cause of Zhong Gong, which is totally slander to our master, to Zhong Gong and to myself! I am completely sober-minded as I have been a Communist Party member for no less than 30 years. I had been a model worker and also outstanding party member. But ever since I learned Zhong Gong and knew Master Zhang Hong Bao, I started to feel that I was way behind Master in making contributions to the country and the people, that only Master is a true model worker and a model of outstanding Communist Party member in the minds of the masses. Master has benefited millions of people with the skills he invented, saved thousands of life with the special medication, and purified hearts of numerous people with his own model behavior and his theory regarding virtues and morals. Kylin Group which was established by Master and directed by Kylin culture he compiled has made yet will continue great contribution to the nation. It shall go down in history. Yet, our master devoted all the vast wealth that Kylin Group has produced to the society, without leaving a single cent for himself. He never treats himself special, always being industrious and thrifty. Only such spirit and behavior are what excellent Communists should have. Provided every member of CPC especially leaders of all levels could think and act like Master Zhang Hong Bao, there shouldn’t be so much corruption within the Party. Provided leaders of all industries could do what our master do, the two constructions (material and spiritual) of socialist civilization must be able to develop in quicker steps and General Secretary of the Party shall have a easier job to do.


Aiming at learning from the great man Zhang Hong Bao and bringing credit to the country together with him, I joined Kylin cultural cause that Master Zhang Hong Bao established and played a small role in the contributions that Kylin group made to the nation. I firmly believe that I made a right choice and am doing the right thing. If someone doing good deeds for the people and the nation were supposed to be punished and jailed, I would rather be jailed. For the benefit of the mankind, I will follow our master’s fearless spirit of “who else would go to hell if I did not?” to fight to death for protecting our flag and business, for saving the country and for truth. Finally everyone would die, so I don’t care of death as long as I die a worthy death. I will side by side with our master and thousands of colleagues to fight to the end for the purpose of Kylin Culture bringing benefits to the nation and the people. 


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