Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

---- A documentary on how the outstanding spiritual leader transformed to a political leader

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Millennium Fable

(Please do not match this fable to Zhang Hong Bao's Case)


One midnight, a person was being pursued by an infamous robber and has been injured already when he saw a big yard of modern architecture style. Under the lamp at the gate, there was a portrait of protectorate god sticking there. Besides, a board was hung reading " Sanctuary for refugees from everywhere". He broke into the yard without hesitate.


The entrance guard received him. After he was told the reason why the person had been pursued by the robber, the entrance guard showed great mercy and reported to general manager immediately.


General manager secretly felt pleased at the entrance guard's report, because he has early known about the visitor and also known that that robber had pursued him for many years. "I didn't expect that he would come to my place", the general manager thought, "If I turned in the visitor to the infamous robber, probably I could gain some considerable treasure." But he was also concerned it would be a mess if the deal were disclosed. Any then, he said to himself: "Benefit should be the first consideration. After all, people can't get rich without unexpected wealth, and horse wouldn't get strong without eating at night. Am I not a fool if I do not catch the opportunity when it comes!"


Let alone that his term as general manager was soon to be over, he had to reap me profit whenever possible before his leaving! Therefore, general manager told the guard to have the visitor stay in the basement. He himself immediately contacted the robber to negotiate. The result of negotiation was quite satisfying. The counter part offered him an figure, and paid him an impressive amount in advance. Then they made the agreement that he would be given the rest at another place when things done.


After receiving money in advance, he could not helping worrying that it would be inevitable to arouse opinions against him from people inside and outside the yard if he turned in the person to the robber in such a way. So he and the robber publicly signed a friendly agreement of cooperating in all sides. Thus, they could make the deal of exchanging the visitor based on this agreement.


Just before they were about to make it happen, someone let the news out, which aroused a public outcry as well as query on him from inside. General manager was flustered for a while, however he recovered his wits in no time and got an idea. Then there appeared different stories about the pursued. Some said he was a criminal, and some said he was not a criminal. General managed seemed to be put dilemma by this situation ----- if he did not hand over the pursued to the robber, the robber would be annoyed; if he did hand over the pursued to the robber, the public would be unhappy. While on the other hand, the general manager secretly informed the robber to frame up charged on the pursued urgently so that the deal would be perfectly justifiable.


They also discussed where to hand over the pursued. If the pursued were directly hand over from his yard, he would be unable to justify this action to people inside the yard and apt to be scolded by the public. It could not be better to both sides if he delivered the pursued to some place where the robber was closed related so that the pursued could be taken away from there.


The robber of course understood his intention and agreed the idea. But the trouble was, somebody again leaked out the information when this was just beginning to be carried out. Again it aroused a public outcry as well a strong critics from inside. The board of directors in the yard started to investigate him and employees continuously queried him.


Now the general manager started to fear. He was extremely anxious trying to find a countermeasure. He knew this case was quite significant. Unable to settle it down successfully, he might not only be utterly discredited, but also be put into jail.


Misfortunes never come singly. Some other cases similar to this one he has handled during his term, now all came into trouble. Some had been exposed, some to be soon. He was battered so badly that he contracted cancer in both anxiety and dread. This is exactly proving that good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil.


Anyone who puts benefits in the first position and morally degenerates shall not end up in good result.


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