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Mr. Hongbao Zhang's Political Case is

a Typical Case of Betrayal and Collaborated Persecution

Tian Yiren


From New York Times Message Board



We all know the bible story about Judah's betrayal that made Jesus nailed on the Cross. Recently, a friend of mine told me that Mr. Hongbao Zhang is still in Guam prison. The reason of his being jailed is that someone, an authority of highest rank, bartered away him. The news was spread by an executive officer in Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS).


The INS is controlled by the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice is under the leadership of President Clinton. Not long ago, some news media reported that Mr. Zhang was not released from the immigration prison, because the Chinese Communists accused him of civil crime-rape. However, to American view, the scandal between President Clinton and Lewinsky was no fuss at all, only if it did not happen to the President. But, the Americans consider that Rape is more felonious than homicide. It seems that Jiang Zhemin was reminded of it by some VIP and became very "smart."


Those who returned from Guam said that Mr. Zhang's asylum case had been postponed for hearings again and again. There are a dozen of doubts cast on the case, which could be cited to prove that some government officials bartered away him. The following

Analysis would give you some idea.


On January 29, 2000, shortly after his arrival at the airport in Guam, Mr. Hongbao Zhang sought political asylum for himself and humane support from the US government for Zhong Gong followers who were suffering in China. At that time, the immigration officers showed sympathy and agreed with Mr. Zhang. They asserted that such an asylum case like Mr. Zhang's would be approved in 15 days. Nevertheless, when the high rant authorities got the news, things were changed. They put off the hearing date from February to June 13. During this period, Mr. Zhang was treated as a prisoner. On June 13, the Judge was going to sign the document to grant Mr. Zhang political asylum petition. But, the INS Attorney, who represented the Clinton administration, stopped the judge to make the final decision by claiming that the Fingerprints Identification was not received yet. The following day, he said that the Fingerprints Identification was lost, and had Mr. Zhang redo the fingerprints. Here, we must raise this question: The fingerprints were taken in January 2000 for the hearing on June 13, which was 5 months later. How come the fingerprints identification disappeared at the critical moment when the Judge was to sign the document of approval? What were they doing during the 5 months? Obviously, INS tried to delay the time so that they would be able to inform the Chinese Communists and consult with Jiang Zhemin on how to intervene the case process.


I was stunned at this. Is this the correct judicial procedure to process an asylum petition? Mr. Hongbao Zhang is a leader of Zhong Gong, who, in order to fight against Jiang Zhemin's tyrannical rule, had launched and conducted "99.8" (August 1999) movement joined by Zhong Gong followers via 100 thousands websites over China. Never before did it spread over the country quickly on such a wide scale. Never before had the Communists encountered such a large movement in the past 50 years since it took power. It shocked the Chinese governments at each level. Mr. Zhang has his own political viewpoints. With his anti-political doctrine, Mr. Zhang criticized Marxism which has been the principles used by the Chinese Communists to build up the power.  As a result, Jian Zhemin shut down over 3000 Zhong Gong enterprises, confiscated Mr. Zhang's assets worth over 800 million RMB, and froze his bank deposits of over 60 million RMB. Jiang Zhemin also ordered to arrest almost a thousand leading members of Zhong Gong and chased after Mr. Zhang for ten years. After many hardships, Mr. Zhang came to the United States for support. Unfortunately, the US government, on the contrary, consulted with the killer, Jiang Zhemin for help. Would Jiang Zhemin offer some good idea to deal with the case? No, of course not. Jiang Zhemin tried every means to arrest Mr. Zhang. Now, it is a good chance for him to do so, because the United States bartered away Mr. Zhang. Isn't it shameful for the US government?


On July 28, at the court hearing, the INS lawyer submitted a letter, accusing Mr. Zhang of civil felony. The Judge was stunned and asked about the source of the letter. The Judge also requested a testimony on the charge. However, the INS lawyer could not give a reasonable explanation nor could he provide any testimony. The Chinese were good at doing things through "back door," i.e. to bribe the officials for personal purpose. Now, the Jiang Zhemin administration adopted the same method at the American court. Isn't it an administrative interference into prosecution?    


Then the hearing was postponed to mid September. The Chinese Communists fabricated the testimony hurriedly, which was testified by the authority identifying institutions of US Department of State and Congress and concluded that the "fabricated testimony" was not trustful. The Judge could not stand any put-offs. Finally, owing to the authority pressure, the Judge made the final decision by reversing the political asylum to "Anti Persecution Protection." Nevertheless, the INS still did not free Mr. Zhang, and keeps him in jail till now. They treat Mr. Zhang as a felonious criminal under the so called 'Anti Persecution Protection" act. As a matter of fact, the US INS is waiting for a better fabricated-testimony by the Chinese Communists. 150 days are gone. Isn't it a betrayal of Mr. Zhang? Isn't it a fact that the US INS has all along worked hand in glove with the Chinese Communists to persecute Mr. Zhang?


More over, when the Judge made the decision not to deport Mr. Zhang, but to protect him by "Anti Persecution" act, the lawyer, who represented the Clinton administration, appealed that Mr. Zhang should be deported to the third country. This is a trick played by the Chinese Communists for the purpose to extradite Mr. Zhang.


Have you ever heard about an official lawyer of the Clinton administration to file a lawsuit for the Chinese Communists? Such a strange case happened during the legal procedure of Mr. Zhang's asylum petition. The real purpose of keeping Mr. Zhang in prison is to get ready for extraditing him.


Mr. Hongbao Zhang's political case is a typical case of betrayal and collaborated persecution. It will become a topic of "Judah" in the world history of jurisdiction.


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