Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Who could diagnose for Chinese government
Experienced doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine

I had had no interest to have fun on internet, but there has been too much fun online recently. "The truth of June.4th (of 1989)" spread all over the world like wildfire in spite of being true or false. The case of Falun Gong has been boosted to an intolerable degree! I don't know if you have noticed that another would-be boiled news is the case of Zhang Hong Bao and his Zhong Gong organization. As experts predict, the 21st century is a century for the top-notch from China. It seems almost true. You see, it is only the first month of the 21st century, but nearly every media of the world is publishing sentimental news from China! I had worried that the world did not know much about China, and how the dragon of China could rise to the sky without mutual motivation with the world. Now I should be relaxed, because the media of the whole world are paying close attention to China, which is exactly blowing the wind to expedite the dragon's rising!

However, I dare not be optimistic after thinking it over. Because the current image of China publicized by international media is like the nether world in the charge of Yama (King of the hell), i.e., the hell as Westerners call. Not to mention others, it has been 12 years since the affair of "June 4th" took place in front of the people of the world. They would not like to clean up the blood under tanks even after stalling for a so long time. Unless they did it, the souls of those wronged students would not disperse. Nevertheless, Li Peng, the killer spilt over with the students' blood, is still chairman of the Congress Committee which is the lofty legislative organ of China. I even heard that he would be the next president of the country. Jiang Ze Min has waited for ten years on the position of President before Deng Xiao Ping passed by. Once he could make decision independently, he launched crack down on ten thousands of Falun Gong disciples. Not to mention those being sentenced to prison, being reeducated through labor, and being detained, only the number of those who have been mistreated to death during detention has reached over one hundred. Thus, Chinese government gave the world an impression that it cares nothing about its people. People of the world may think: "Can you expect a government who does not care about its own people to take good care of people from other country? What can be insured if we invest in China, though it is a big market? What if someday Jiang Ze Min suddenly turns hostile and drive away all foreigners out of China?!"

If that were it, I wouldn't mind too much. But recently, it seems they did not think the image of Chinese government ugly enough, so they made it worse by making another enemy of Zhong Gong organization with ten million members. What I want to say is, if President Jiang Ze Min could publicly beat over Zhong Gong following the international and China's existing legal system procedures, we may see justice of the government and tolerance of the leaders of the great nation. Actually, he did not! Recently I have read a special report "Also comments on Zhang Hong Bao" in "Da Can Kao" (Big reference), and an article regarding "Zhang Hong Bao's new crime evidences" on "North America Tribune". After reading, I feel sorry for President Jiang Ze Min and Chinese government! With the political purpose to crack down on the leader of Zhong Gong, they dare not concentrate on material in the area of politics. Instead, they played shameless dirty tricks to fabricate "evidences of zero value" (cite from lawyer). It is really like China lost its face abroad. Don't mention foreigners look down upon Chinese. I, as Chinese, would even feel ashamed. Isn't it telling the world that Chinese government is a government of hooligans? Isn't it suggesting whoever deal with this government is joining a gang of hooligans!

I am reluctant to continue. After all, China is my motherland. I am really concerned: "Are there prospects for China if it goes in this direction?"


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