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President Jiang should change an abacus
An accountant

I am not joking here. A fine instrument is more important than skillful hand. President Jiang Ze Min needs a political abacus specially featured for his own times to solve the difficult "problem of China", because the ex-leaders for the last two generations both had their own political abacus. Let's see:

Mao Ze Dong's political abacus was "put politics in command" plus "taking class struggle as the key link". Calculating method is "subtraction", i.e., consistently subtracting "class enemies" from the camp of "the people". Result was lots of "political beasts" created instead of solution of the problem of China.

What Deng Xiao Ping employed was a political abacus "putting economic construction as emphasis". Calculating method was "vague mathematics", as Deng put forward, "no matter black or white cat, it is a good cat as long as it could catch a mouse." Calculating result was creating plenty of "economic beasts" instead of finding solution for the problem.

When it came to the generation of Jiang Ze Min, because he just broke through the halo of Deng Xiao Ping, facing the complicated "test question of China", he has not straighten out his own thought and has not found an abacus with his personality. Then he had to temporarily borrow abacus from Mao and Deng, respectively trying several times. Let's see:

Tried it in the calculation of "corruption" by division. Trouble was, the further the calculation went, the less the numerator became, but the larger the denominator. Looking around, and roughly calculating, he could not help breaking out in cold sweat! If he straight forward the calculation, final value could be close to zero. It can't be! Such calculating would break down the party and lose the power. So, it was impossible to finish the calculation. What's to be done! Nothing but giving an approximate number.

Tried it in the calculation of "State-owned enterprises" by subtraction. It could not finish either. It might cause workers to make no living and diminish the magic of Communist Party, as if Communist Party would no longer be "the pioneer of working class"! No matter how frequently to talk about "the three representation", it just can't conform.

Tried it again in the calculation of "peasants" by subtraction. It might be a wrong formula, because with the subtraction going on, loading on peasants are becoming heavier and heavier to the degree that peasants don't want to farm any more.

Also tried it in calculation of "Falun Gong" and "Zhong Gong" by subtraction. Again can't get accurate result. As the calculation goes on, Falun (Wheel of skill) of Li Hong Zhi fly around the world, and even hit the pole of national flag in Tiananmen Square. The calculation woke up the Kylin (Chinese unicorn) of Zhang Hong Bao to knock down the corner of the Communism building and dig the root of Communist theory.

Before Jiang Ze Min could figure out how to calculate the account of "Taiwan independence", "Tibet independence" and "Xinjiang independence", the old bill "June 4th" comes up again in front of him waiting for calculation. It so happened that both old and new bills came together to Jiang's house!

As people know for sure, those debts were not all owed by Jiang. Some of them were transferred from Mao's generation, and some from Deng's. Son got to pay debt for father. Jiang as the third generation had to pay off the debts once he took over the property. Any one missing, the creditor won't give up.

President Jiang tried to settle accounts with the abacuses left by Mao and Deng and the same calculating method. It ended in no good result in every way. We, as the speculators, see clearly that the reasons are malfunctioned abacuses and wrong train of thought in problem analyzing and solving.

Those abacuses Jiang used are lacking of the following functions: function of democracy, function of legality, function of freedom to expression, function of public opinion surveillance, and function of balanced power.

Analysis of the problem was based on the benefit of one party instead of the benefit of the people and the nation. The whole country belongs to the Party, and the whole nation is full of people under the Party. Thinking of solution, they always put the Party's benefit as the first priority. Those who submit will proper, and those who resist will perish.

With the out-of-fashion abacuses and train of thought, it is impossible to solve the problem of modern China! Unless President Jiang Ze Min has a sincere desire to replace with a new abacus and a new train of thought, I am afraid he can't solve the problem of China but create more.

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