Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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A glimpse of CPC's political persecution on Zhang Hong Bao
-------From the charge of "subversion of the State Power" against Zhong Gong backbones

A typical case of political asylum has come to a deadlock due to some personal excuse in the administration; An obvious case of political persecution has been twisted by some fabricated evidences.

It was just before the famous Chinese spiritual leader Zhang Hong Bao was about to be granted political asylum that Chinese Embassy in the US presented some fabricated material of "sexual accusation" and required extradition of Zhang Hong Bao.

In the nationwide crack down on Zhang Hong Bao's Zhong Gong organization, is it possible that CPC would only investigate some "sexual accusations" against Zhong Gong leader?

It has been reported in all major international media recently that Chinese government sentenced four key members of Zhong Gong organization with the charge of "subversion of the state power". The only reason of the charge was they spread two letters that queried and criticized Jiang Ze Min for his nationwide suppressing on Zhong Gong organization.

The four of them were sentenced with the charge of "subversion of the state power" just because of the censure to Jiang Ze Min. Yet Zhang Hong Bao is the leader of Zhong Gong organization with 38 million followers, and he openly expressed his dissident political opinions. He is of course regarded as the biggest threaten by CPC. His "offense" should be much more severe if compared to a criticizing letter. Would CPC easily let him off? Would they only investigate some so-called "sexual accusation" against him but ignore his dissident political opinions and his huge organization as well as his powerful influence?

Anyone with a little bit knowledge of politics would absolutely not believe such a lie.

In case Zhang Hong Bao were extradited back to China or captured by CPC somewhere overseas, what confronted with him would be far more than those fabricated criminal charges. It couldn't be more obvious that he would suffer much more cruel political persecution and even the risk of life.

The US government should understand clearly the true nature of CPC's persecution on Zhang Hong Bao and the real situation that Zhang Hong Bao is suffering, and grant him the deserved political asylum so that he could continue his cause bringing benefit to mankind.


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