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An Open letter to all Activists of Chinese Democracy and Human Rights Movements in Geneva for United Nations Human Rights Convention:

(April 17, 2001)

Dear Friends:

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you for your efforts to enable me to breathe the air
of freedom!

I think, during this particular period, we have two battlefields fighting for human rights in China.

The first front is in Geneva. We should take UN human rights convention as an opportunity to openly condemn
the Beijing Communist rulers abusing human rights.

The second front was in Guam. We have beaten Beijing regime’s underhanded measures and tricks of trumped
up libel against dissidents. The world now knows the truth about the Beijing regime. A regime founded on a foreign lie, perpetuated by terror, and an enemy of the Chinese and all people of conscience.

Now I would conclude that we have a victory in the second battlefield. I am now a free man! I have been freed this morning from custody. The allegations of the Beijing regime against me, unlike many unfortunate people before me, is no longer and will no longer be believed by the free world.

This victory is made by our joint efforts from democracy advocates, my legal team, President Bushˇs administration, U.S. Congress and Senate, Governor and Legislature of Guam, Zhong Gong members as well as all the human rights groups around world. I thank everyone who worked together to fight for Chinaˇs human rights in the first battlefield. Your efforts have helped me gain my freedom!

Using criminal allegations and libel is habitual and routine against dissidents of the Chinese Communist regime. We must not forget the many thousands that have been persecuted, tortured and even executed in the past. Millions before me have fallen victim and lost their lives because of this dictatorship. We must not forget them and we must work hard to stop this behavior from continuing.

The fact that I have been freed is a victory for democracy and the worldwide human rights campaign against the Chinese Communist Party. The victory has destroyed Beijing rulersˇ strategy of using criminal allegation against dissidents. The free world will no longer believe their lies against people of conscience any more.

I would like to ask all the human rights activists in the second battlefield to immediately turn and support you, the fighters in Geneva. We urge all the democratic Governments of free World to support US-proposed resolution in United Nations human rights convention condemning Beijingˇs violation of human rights.

We should pressure Beijing Communist regime to release all the prisoners of conscious, including jailed Falun Gong members, democracy advocates, Christians, and human rights activists of Tibet and Xinjiang and other minorities as well as Zhong Gong members.

I believe that we will also win in the first battlefield.

I believe that by our joint efforts and teamwork, China will evolve from this dark, sinister dictatorship to a democratic country with respect for human rights and whose culture will be admired and respected by the world.


Zhang Hongbao
Cc: all the national delegates in UN human rights convention.


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