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Not Sensible to Continue Jail of Zhang Hong Bao

Liu Zhou Quan


From New York Times Message Board



People around the world who are concerned with the case of Zhong Gong leader Zhang Hong Bao shall be counting days one by one and looking forward to his soonest release by the relative authority since he has been in prison for more than one year plus one month already. Those who know well about the case would even complain that keeping him in jail for so long is no good to either side of the INS or Zhang Hong Bao himself. 


Despite Judge has made decision of granting Zhang Hong Bao "relief from deportation" and "Anti-maltreatment protection" according to the law, the INS continued to keep Zhang Hong Bao in jail. Firstly it made the US Judicial Department be subjected to an ambiguous humiliation, aroused suspect to the former Judicial department and some relative officials in former administration and stimulated enormous interest of the International public opinion to deeply probe into the case. Therefore, it has brought disgrace to the image of the US as well.  


Secondly, it is inhumane and unfair to keep Zhang Hong Bao in jail after the court decision was made. Thirdly, the longer Zhang Hong Bao is being jailed, the more Zhong Gong organization would lose. Continuing to keep Zhang Hong Bao in jail is nothing other than keeping the hearts of 38 million Zhong Gong members in jail, which objectively is helping CPC's regime to further persecute the spiritual group of Zhong Gong.


Thus it can be seen that continuing to jail Zhang Hong Bao is not a sensible conduct. Zhang Hong Bao's soonest releasing will benefit not only himself and the whole Zhong Gong organization, but also image of the US and reputation of the Judicial Department, last but not least, will justify the case to a satisfactory to the international public. 


We should appeal for effective concern on this case from President Bush administration and the Judicial Department under the new administration. This case could not bear any more delay. Please take correct action and clear it up immediately.


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