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Transformed to a Political Leader

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(BBC) June 15th , 2001 Greenwich Time 7:41 Beijing Time 15:41

US Government said giving Zhong Gong founder Asylum

According to a human rights organization, the US government has approved to give Zhong Gong founder Zhang Hongbao political asylum, which would end his seven years of life in exile. 


The Hong Kong-based Information Center for China Human Rights and Democracy Movement reports that, on June 13th, the US Immigration Appealing Commission has overruled the previous court decision and announced its approval of political asylum to Zhong Gong founder Zhang Hongbao.

It’s reported that the Commission has concluded China’s accusations baseless because it had been 10 years before the so-call victims reported the assaults to the authorities.    


According to the Information Center for China human Rights and Democracy Movement, Zhong Hongbao, 47 years old, founded “Zhong Gong” (full name “Zhong Hua Yang Sheng Yi Zhi Gong”, meaning “Chinese Health Keeping and Intelligence Enhancing Qigong). As of year 1990, its disciples have grown to around 38 million.


The Information Center also indicates that Zhang Hongbao will apply for permanent residence in the US next year.   


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