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[BBC]  Zhong Gong Founder Zhang Hongbao Released

[BBC] Published on April 18th, 2001 Greenwich Time 10:11 Beijing Time

It’s reported that founder of “Zhong Gong” Organization Zhang Hongbao, who is facing criminal accusation from Chinese government, was released on bail after being jailed by the USINS (United States Immigration & Naturalization Services).  

According to the Hong Kong-based Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy Movement of China, in an open letter, the released Zhang Hongbao called for the UN to approve the US government’s proposal for condemning China’s human rights record, and requested Chinese government to release all currently detained political dissents.    


The UNINS Office at Holonunu approved Zhang Hongbao’s asylum application on the condition that he must keep in touch with the INS. If ever he plans to leave the United States, he must notify the US authorities.    


 Political Asylum:


In 1987, Zhang Hongbao founded “Zhong Hua Yang Sheng Yi Zhi Gong” abbreviated as “Zhong Gong”, which means “Chinese Health Keeping and Intelligence Enhancing Qigong”. Since 1999, Chinese government has started to take actions eliminating “Zhong Gong”.


In January 2000, Zhang Hongbao escaped from China and was entering the US with a fake passport when the US police at Guam arrested him. Chinese authorities ordered to have him arrested under criminal charge at the time being.


Upon his arrival at Guam, Zhang Hongbao applied to seek political asylum, but the US government rejected his application in last September. He appealed afterwards. The USINS will start proceeding his appealing for political asylum on April 24th this year.  


Zhong Hongbao denied China’s accusations against him, saying that those accusations were fabricated to stop him from attaining political asylum in the US.   




On Tuesday (Apr.17th), many of Zhang Hongbao’s supporters celebrated his release in front of the USINS office building at Guam.

A leader of China Human Rights and Democracy Movement said that they succeeded, and that they succeeded at last.   


Zhang Hongbao’s attorney accused that the US government’s detaining of Zhang Hongbao, when he was waiting for the appealing proceeding, was actually persecution against Zhang. 


It’s said that Zhang Hongbao will be residing in Washington till the proceeding of his asylum appealing is over.   


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