Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

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US INS Suddenly Announced Releasing Zhang Hongbao Unconditionally

Big Reference General Issue 1173 (4/17/2003)

(Comprehensive News) Zhonggong founder Zhang Hongbao finally became free---after being jailed in Guam for 15 months. US INS announced releasing Zhang Hongbao unconditionally. French News Agency also said that to release Zhang Hongbao was a sudden decision on US part.

The famous freelance reporter Cao Changqing in New York was very pleased at the news of Zhang’s release. He said US government finally made a decision that it should have made long time ago: let go of the innocent and be tough to Beijing’s “Gangsters”.

Lu Siqing of the Information Center said, when Zhang was released from the jail, Guam governor and many high-ranking officials went to visit with him and Zhang will be attending the hearing for his appealing for political asylum in US.

US Administration of legislation and INS decided to release Zhang unconditionally in the morning. Zhang was immediately arranged to go to a safe place right out of jail. According to relevant source, Zhang will go to US to attend the appealing court in the local INS office for the hearing for his appealing for political asylum on 24th this month.

The 47 year-old Zhang Hongbao founded Zhonggong in 1987, claiming to have students of 38 million. Since Fa Lun Gong was suppressed by CCP, Zhonggong was suppressed, too----3000 bases were closed down, and 600 leaders were arrested. Zhang Hongbao came to Guam in January last year to apply for political asylum.

The Information center thinks that, this heavy-weight character should have got political asylum quickly. Yet, since the ex-President Clinton saw CCP as a strategic companion, the related government section was blocking Zhang to acquire his political asylum due to CCP pressure. Although Zhang was not granted political asylum, he still obtained “anti-persecution protection” last September, and he is allowed to work and live in US. But as a matter of fact, Zhang remained in the prison by INS request until President Bush came into office and changed the strategic companion to strategic rival relationship. Another factor was, a new US Administration of Legislation came into office. And the incident of US-China military planes crash magnified the sharp conflicts between the two countries. All these made Guam Council feel it’s not appropriate to continue jailing Zhang Hongbao and finally led to the release of Zhang.

Photo of Champaign Party: US released Zhang Hongbao: CCP’s headache.
French News Agency photo: Zhang Hongbao opened a bottle of Champaign to celebrate for freedom.

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