Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Hong Kong Post: US Approved the Political Asylum for Zhonggong Leader


According to Hong Kong Human Rights Organization, US court approved the political asylum for the leader of a spiritual organization that was outlawed by Beijing.


Hong Kong Human Rights and Democratic Movement Information Center says, Zhang Hongbao, the founder of Zhonggong was granted political asylum by US Immigrant Appealing Committee. This Committee vetoed a ruling by the court of US Pacific island Guam last September on Mr. Zhang’s application for political asylum. That ruling overruled Zhang’s application for political asylum. Guam court granted Zhang “Anti-persecution protection” which allows the person under this protection stay in US without worrying of being extradited, although this person may not be permitted to apply for US permanent residence and naturalization.


According to this Center, the Committee says Mr. Zhang qualifies for political asylum, because evidences show Beijing has suppressed Zhonggong members in Continental China. The Committee also rejected Beijing’s false accusation that Zhang raped Zhonggong members in Continental China.


Mr. Zhang is qualified to apply for permanent residence June next year, to end his 7 years of exile. Zhang’s case shows partially that Washington under President Bush has changed its major policy to China.


47-year-old Mr. Zhang was released on 4/17 after 15 months of jail life. He arrived at Guam in January last year after months of dodging Chinese police in Asia.


Zhonggong was banned after Fa Lun Gong’s protesting demonstration in Zhongnanhai, Beijing in April, 1999. Mr. Zhang founded Zhonggong in 1987. It is said Zhonggong has about 10 million to 38 million followers in Continental China.


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