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Ming Pao Special News: Zhonggong Zhang Hong Bao Gained US Political Asylum


Ming Pao Special News 6/15


According to Hong Kong Human Rights and Democratic Movement Information Center, Zhonggong founder Zhang Hong Bao successfully appealed to US Immigrant Appealing Committee after he was rejected by Guam court for his political asylum application last September, and was officially granted political asylum yesterday.


Once rejected, now succeeded.


According to Hong Kong Human Rights and Democratic Movement Information Center,

Mr. Zhang is qualified to apply for permanent residence June next year after he was officially granted political asylum. US Immigrant Appealing Committee considers incredulous about the evidences for “raping” that is offered by CCP government, since on one hand, the supposed victim didn’t report to the police until after 10 years. And on the other hand, more evidences show that Zhonggong is persecuted in China. Due to the above reasons, the Committee granted political asylum to Zhang.


Zhang Hongbao, 47 years old, founded Zhonggong in 1987. In 1990, the government-owned “China Sports” reported that “Zhonggong had students of 38 million in all over China. With so many students, Zhonggong had branch offices in almost all the provinces; and in the North and East of China, Zhonggong was popular even in every block of the cities and villages. Since 1990, CCP started to keep a lookout on Zhonggong, and Zhang left China in 1994. By the time Fa Lun Gong was banned in China, Zhongong was banned secretively through all braches of police offices in all over China.


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