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Is it Right to Release Zhang Hong Bao on Bail in Guam?

Da Li



The continuous exposure of Zhang Hong Bao's case has automatically solved some suspects in it. The relative department can't justify themselves by giving any reasonable excuse to explain why Zhang Hong Bao should stay in jail after being granted "anti-maltreatment protection" and what kind of regulations it was based on. Further to that, recently some new wording comes out from the INS saying that anyone under protection of "Habeas Corpus" should only stay in local area on bail. That is to say "Habeas Corpus" will only be valid within the island of Guam. Hereby we would like to discuss a little about "Zhang Hong Bao's bail in Guam".


Firstly, we think it unreasonable to have Zhang Hong Bao stay in Guam on bail!


It is exactly a mishandling of some individual in the INS to keep Zhang Hong Bao in jail up to now, as a very important person --- spiritual leader of the biggest civil organization in China. Zhang Hong Bao has suffered persecution from CPC for his Zhong Gong organization, he came to the US to seek humane support because he trusted the US government's promise to give asylum to anyone eligible, and he has been granted "Anti-maltreatment protection" by Judge. Theoretically he should be returned freedom at the soonest, be guaranteed his safety, be accorded courteous reception. It should be a correction of mistake instead of normal procedure for asylum processing. It is not right to release him on bail in local area.


Zhang Hong Bao has been persecuted by CPC for almost ten years. He suffered further political persecution jointly made by CPC and their cooperator when his asylum application being processed in the US. He has even been mistreated with inhumanity in prison. Only out of common sense of caring people, consolation should be given to him as soon as possible. How can they be so indifferent to put him into another danger? 


Secondly, it would be no good to any party, either to himself, to Guam or to the US that Zhang Hong Bao be on bail within the area of Guam.


Personally, he will be put into danger of death threat at any time. Due to some reason known to all, Zhang Hong Bao has been kept in jail up to now was no doubt caused by someone's cooperation with CPC. Now leaving alone, how could he protect himself from attacks both openly and secretly, plus he does not speak English? He has been exposed many times on local TV station and so known to almost every local resident; Zhong Gong members would often go to visit him, media often interview him, and patients would go to seek medical help from him. All in all, there are too many chances for CPC to arrange murder of him. How can he be safe, how can he hide himself in Guam? Security situation in Guam is not good. There is a lot of floating population there. Anyone could easily escape by sea with payment of 30,000 dollars, no matter what crime he has committed. It was recently said that some refugee has been kidnapped right upon his release from the prison and the case has not been solved until now. There are three bodies broadcast on TV station over a long time and the cases are yet to be cleared. How can he live safely in such an environment?


To Guam, it will bring many more vibrating factors. Jiang Ze Min's administration's fear and hatred of Zhang Hong Bao stemmed from many grounds, among which his conducting of the famous "99.8" nationwide campaign is particularly unforgettable and intolerable. They absolutely would not let him go when he appears in Guam as a free person. We can definitely assert that there will be a lot of intelligence agents coming to visit in different identities. For sure, the military base of Guam will be even less steady. 


To the country of United States, in the event that Zhang Hong Bao does get trouble in Guam, almost 40 million Zhong Gong members will again be left with CPC, which should be a great lose of political resource for the US. Meanwhile, the US has tremendous investment in Mainland China. It shall be worse than anything imaginable to provoke millions of Zhong Gong members to anger.


To sum up, we would like to give some opinions to the new US government and those who are involved in the handling of Zhang Hong Bao's case ---- Why don't you make a complete correction of the previous mistake? Why don't you take this opportunity to lead things toward better trends, release him from jail of Guam, affirm the original judgement by Court of INS on June 2000 and move him to more safe place in Washington. DC?


How to solve this case is a test of political intelligence to at least the current government and the related departments. We hope that people authorized to make decision in this case should stand higher, view farther, and consider overall, instead of focusing on some temporary benefits, which will cause irreversible lose. It is really time-up to correct the inhumane conduct of keeping an outstanding spiritual leader with millions of followers in prison for more than one year.


There always exist cause and effect in everything of the world. We don't want to see any severe political problems caused by insensible handling of the case. 


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