Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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International Headquarters of Zhong Gong

June 15, 2001


For over a year, the whole world concerned about Mr. Zhang Hongbao's case for political asylum. Today, it ended with the success of Mr. Zhang Hongbao's obtaining political asylum. Congratulations to Mr. Zhang Hongbao who becomes a free man eventually. We are very grateful to the US government and the American people for their upholding justice.


The kind appreciation is ordinary. Those who have experienced the curse and slander from foes are the extraordinary and strong individuals. They are the super people who have under gone many hardships and ordeal. The Jiang Zemin regime persecuted Zhang Hongbao, which, on the other hand, tempered his will and made him even stronger. Mr. Zhang Hongbao showed himself as an outstanding leader in this political persecution by the Jiang Zemin regime.


Zhang Hongbao might have been extradited to China by the Jiang Zemin regime and executed without the help and support from the US government and the American people. The success of Zhang Hongbao's asylum case impressed the whole world. The Liberty of Freedom has become symbol of the United States that imprinted on people's mind all over the world. People who yarn for democracy and freedom will bless the American people whole-heartedly.


The Zhong Gong followers will never forget those who supported and rescued Mr. Zhang Hongbao, including the members of democratic movement, human rights organizations, news media and friends from all walks of life. Again, we would like to express hereby our acknowledgment!!!


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