Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Global Rescue Alliance for Zhang Hongbao
June 17, 2001

We are very pleased to hear the news that Mr. Zhang Hongbao was granted political asylum from the US government on June 13. Mr. Zhang has been persecuted by the Jiang Zemin regime for over ten years due to his devotion to the mankind's happiness and the development of Kylin Culture. Today, Mr. Zhang's exile life has come to an end. "The Global Rescue Alliance for Zhang Hongbao" warmly congratulates Mr. Zhang Hongbao for obtaining political asylum from the US government. We also greatly appreciate the US government and the American people for their humane aid and granting political asylum to Mr. Zhang Hongbao.

Owing to the Jiang Zemin regime's transnational intervene on Mr. Zhang's political asylum application, the world news media have kept their attention on the case for more than a year. More and more people have come to know Mr. Zhang, who is indeed a great expert in life science in China, a successful entrepreneur, a super intelligent scholar, and an outstanding philosopher. Now, Mr. Zhang has been freed from the adversity. We do hope Mr. Zhang would be able to recover from the long-term torture in the jail and get well prepared for a new beginning to strike for the development of the society, freedom of mankind, and the future of China.

Mr. Zhang's application for asylum was being processed at the end of January 2000. On June 13 of the same year, the Immigration Judge of Hawaii Immigration Court initially decided to grant him political asylum. However, in September 2000, the Judge of Guam Immigration Court reversed the decision to grant him "Convention against Torture." He was not granted political asylum till June 13, 2001 when the Board of Immigration Appeals approved his application, after having so many ups and downs. Mr. Zhang succeeded. It is a great victory for the overseas democratic forces that have struggled against the Chinese Communist dictatorship under new situation. It will greatly impact the development of Chinese democratic movement. In the whole process of supporting and rescuing Mr. Zhang Hongbao, never before have the democratic forces abroad closely united with the broad social forces and reached common agreement. The US government granted Mr. Zhang political asylum, which enables us to feel the love and justice of mankind. Freedom and democracy are priceless. We should say the United States is a great country. We hereby wish best regards towards the American people!

The success of Mr. Zhang's political asylum is an enlightenment for mainland China: It is an inexorable trend in the 21st century that the human rights and civil rights should be respected, the mankind and humane should be protected, and people will strike for freedom and democracy. The totalitarian dictatorship of the Jiang Zemin regime would not last long, and it definitely cannot resist this main trend.

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