Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Message of Congratulation to Mr. Zhang Hong Bao
From Wang Xi Zhe, Lian Sheng De of Unity of Liberal China Movement and Chinese Democratic Party

Dear respectable Master Zhang Hong Bao:

Warm congratulations on your winning over of release. Also warmly hail for your immediate open letter after stepping out of prison to Chinese Democracy Movement groups, human rights movement groups, and especially those friends who are now confronting face to face with the Chinese autocratic power in Geneva. This conduct itself is exactly showing that Mr. Zhang is indeed an extraordinary politician having foresight and the general interest at heart.

It's exactly as Mr. Zhang said that his release from the prison is a result coming from the joint efforts made by democracy advocators, the defense lawyer team, President Bush's administration, the US Congress and Senate, Governor of Guam, Legislature of Guam, Zhong Gong members as well as human rights organizations all over the world. When Liberal China Movement initiated " Global Alliance of supporting rescue of Zhang Hong Bao" and organized a delegate to fly for Guam, we have pointed out that rescuing Zhang Hong Bao was not only for his personal human rights, but of the even more important significance that once Mr. Zhang be released, Zhong Gong would definitely open a new battlefront to fight for its legal right of operation. Following democratic movement, all sorts of human rights movement, and Falun Gong movement, Zhong Gong, as a vital new force with numerous people and powerful leadership, will become an important section of Chinese people's general battle line to counter CPC's autocratic regime. Now the first open letter upon Mr. Zhang's release from the prison is presenting the rising and the prospects of this new force in front of us, thereafter we should uphold our arms to warmly congratulate and hail for it.

Just like driving fish into deep waters and birds into deep woods, the reactionary CPC regime drove millions of people to the democratic movement camp of our side to be their enemies, for which this regime as the public enemy of the people must be dying in the growing opposing tide. It has been proved that our strategy of developing the widest unified battle line both internationally and domestically is completely right. We will keep going in the right way.

In future we will work side by side with Mr. Zhang Hong Bao and benefit from his advice. Isn't that great?

Again, Master Zhang Hong Bao, congratulations!


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