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CPC dispatched career killer to Washington in pursuit of Zhang Hong Bao's death

Yan Fang


Right on the preceding day of the negotiation between China and the US regarding the issue of airplane crashing, all at once the US INS unconditionally released Zhang Hong Bao who had been jailed in Guam for almost 15 months. CPC has taken immediate strong reactions accordingly: On one hand, they continued their original trick of spreading perjury trying to convict him by public opinion. The only thing different this time was that they sent those fabricated evidences mostly to police and media instead of the court since the court had found out the truth and their intention already, in which it is easy to see their viciousness. On the other hand, they have dispatched career killer to pursue the death of Zhang Hong Bao, which put the newly-released Zhang Hong Bao into another danger of likely being murdered at any time. 


CPC authority has sentenced Zhang Hong Bao to death in advance


If we are not so sure yet of the allegory that Jiang Ze Min has secretly ordered Chinese special agents to execute Zhang Hong Bao, who is exiling aboard to fight against CPC's persecution, wherever and whenever he were captured, then it is clearly reported from Beijing by "Money Times" of England on Apr.18 that Chinese diplomats said Zhang Hong Bao would be sentenced to death if extradited back to China. The reporter James Jinch has given his humorous comments in the report that Chinese diplomats provided good reasons for the US lawyers to oppose extradition of Zhang Hong Bao.   


There were at least 3 facts illustrated in the news that Chinese diplomats openly announced the death conviction of Zhang Hong Bao to international media. First: The real intention of all the efforts that Jiang Ze Min's administration made to push the US to extradite Zhang Hong Bao is to get rid of him physically. Second: Jiang Ze Min has internally decided his death conviction in advance. Third: There is no doubt that Jiang's administration is a totalitarian autocratic regime without any legality. 


CPC has dispatched special agent team to pursue the death of Zhang Hong Bao


On the morning of April 19 North American time, a dubious man was trying to find out trace of Zhang Hong Bao. That man was about 32 years old and 168~170 cm tall.


As per witnesses, he has asked about information of Zhang Hong Bao in the name of interviewing, like "With whom in the high level of officials in Beijing does Zhang Hong Bao have links?" "Which senior army officers have helped Zhang Hong Bao?" "Through what channel did Zhang manage to come out? And how?" and so on.


Later on, for whatever reason, he came to Washington tightly chasing after Yen Qingxin, person-in-charge of Zhong Gong International Headquarters, and Tim-Kuper, director of the international office of Liberty and Democracy Movement.  Also, on the morning of Apr.18, he has frequently called Lian Shengde, CEO of Free China Movement in Washington, and left him messages trying to find out from him where Zhang Hong Bao was staying.  


Around 6 o'clock on the morning to Apr.20 North American time, two men looking suspicious appeared at the door of the room on the 9th floor of a hotel that Zhang Hong Bao was staying for the preceding night. They whispered to each other from time to time. One of them was murmuring " Is this the hotel?" They left immediately after running into a member of "Alliance of Supporting Rescue of Zhang Hong Bao" who came from outside back to the hotel that he was staying.


Internal information from the high level of CPC administration


As per some acknowledged person of high level in CPC administration, the special agent team that CPC dispatches abroad for mission of murder usually consists of three sections: the first section is "special detective team" for positioning the object; the second section is "special executing team" responsible for the execution; the third is "special supervising team", supervising and making sure of the accomplishing of execution as well as coping with rehabilitation works. Each section has 2 to 3 members. All the three sections are under a coordinating agency of upper level.  


Information coming from reliable high level sources says that a special agent team has already been dispatched to Washington to pursuit the death of Zhang Hong Bao. Were those dubious persons showing up in the last few days the members of the team? People from Zhong Gong headquarters in Washington and Alliance of Supporting Rescue of Zhang Hong Bao are now very concerned about Zhang Hong Bao's safety. They appealed that all of the people upholding justice should jointly fight against such criminal activity of CPC. Related parties of the US government have been updated of the situation and been urged to take emergent actions to strengthen security facilities to guarantee Mr. Zhang Hong Bao's personal safety.

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