Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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The Stormy 600 Days

----On the Incidents that Befell Mr. Zhang Hong Bao after He Got out of the Prison



This is a time of tragedy---Zhang Hong Bao, who created Zhonggong which is highly regarded by hundreds and thousands of Chinese people, is unfairly treated by Fate.


On Aug. 7, 1995, Chinese President Jiang Zemin mobilized an army of over 1000 armed police, and infantry troop to search the Zhonggong Institute in Lantian, Shaanxi for Zhang Hong Bao and it was all to no avail.


In 1998, Chinese Ministries of Public Security and National Security worked together and set out a “Universal Net” plan to search for Zhang Hong Bao in the whole country and ended up with nothing. After mid-August, this plan extended over the national borders, in the name of searching for escaped criminals to cheat International society and police. They searched for Zhang in Southeast Asia and failed again.


From January 2000 to April 2001, Chinese Ministries of Public Security and National Security and Diplomacy co-operated in fabricating a criminal case onto Zhang in order to prevent him from applying for political asylum. At that time, Zhang was already in Guam. The evidences the Chinese government cooked up with were judged as inadequate by US legislation. On April 17, US Immigration set Zhang free, after almost 15 months in Guam prison. Two days later, he was escorted to Washington D.C. The Great Interception failed.


Afterwards, the Minister Jia Chunwang, of Chinese Ministries of Public Security, said insidiously to all the three parties (Chinese Ministries of Public Security and National Security and Diplomacy): what’s bygone is bygone. We’ll have to use new methods…


As a result, since April 2001, Zhang Hong Bao who has survived the precious ordeals got another stormy 600 days which were filled with his sufferings…


I.                   Heart-Piercing Attacks


On April 17, 2001, Zhang Hong Bao was set free. All the people who reached out to help him and who did out of conscience were genuinely happy for him. Yet, She---the one who organized “Alliance for Rescuing Zhang Hong Bao”, the follower and assistant  who had been following Zhang for more than a decade and the one who was also in Guam prison but was out of prison 7 months earlier, the No. 2 person in Zhonggong---was having a frozen smile on her face. Underneath it, it was her regrets and resentment. She obviously didn’t want her respectful Master and boss to be free and was surprised that the US government set him free in too short a time. Not long ago in Washington D.C., she replied to the follower who asked “if the Master can get out” with a simple and definite “no”; and to the one who asked sadly “what to do?” with a detached “just go on to stay in.”


Facing the thinner and tired Master Zhang, this woman who was almost 60 year-old suddenly behaved like a different person---she put aside her everyday managerial duties, wouldn’t spend time with the Master who was just set free from the prison, left the remaining rescuing job behind, completely disdained to the complaints and advice from other rescuing members, and got crazily cozy with a certain Mr. M who she preyed on from the rescuing members, in spite of the self-respecting manners of a high-ranking Zhonggong cadre. She put on a Western style romantic show with Mr. M all the time and everywhere in the process of “rescuing Zhang” and in front of the team of “Alliance for Rescuing Zhang Hong Bao”. Even when Mr. Zhang was staying in a Guam hotel right after he got out of the prison, she would put on the show on the sofa in the office which was adjacent to Mr. Zhang’s bedroom. She could lie in Mr. M’s arms without a hint of shame to face Mr. Zhang who was leaving the bedroom. As a contrast to this oriental woman, the European man Mr. M had to stand up with a blushed face at the time.


Friends who were in the “Alliance for Rescuing Zhang Hong Bao” found it too much, yet Master Zhang placidly expressed his understanding which was critical in calming down people’s feelings.


In fact, Zhang Hong Bao had a lot on his mind those days. At the critical moment of trying to bail the Master out in Guam, all three groups of Alliance members from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Overseas Chinese Democratic Movement showed up in Guam and she would not go to Guam until the Master summoned her. When she finally arrived at Guam, she disappeared! The Master had to ask his lawyer to help finding this rescuer---it turned out she and Mr. M were just having their good time in a hotel. She also did something pretty weird: she sent a photo of her in bikini and in Mr. M’s arms to the Master. Mr. Zhang certainly found it a bit strange but only thought it’s just some human errors at that time. Now, seeing her all kinds of behavior, Master Zhang who has always been proposing for “Appropriate Zhonggong Manners” couldn’t help being alarmed: this woman, who had been Master Zhang’s right hand and a brilliant example of “Appropriate Zhonggong Manners”, what had happened to her? How come she is behaving in such a duty-neglecting and frivolous way?


The day Mr. Zhang arrived at D.C., at the dinner party for welcoming Mr. Zhang back, in the presence of so many people; Mr. M put forward his request for marrying Mr. Zhang’s assistant immediately. This is absolutely unreasonable act for Mr. Zhang who just got out of a treacherous situation and was still in a tough one and desperately needed all the assistance he could get. Mr. Zhang smiled and congratulated the pair, saying that she had been so devoted to Zhonggong cause that she had not had a family of her own even when she was close to 60 year-old. Now she had found her ideal partner and at the same time added new blood to Zhonggong, he is certainly very happy. Just that that was not exactly the best time to get married---Zhonggong was severely affected and Mr. Zhang’s own asylum application was still in the process. If the love is true love, it can certainly stand for waiting. Mr. Zhang suggested them to wait patiently. Once the major issues are solved, they can go ahead with their procedure. The Master’s words are reasonable and human; Mr. M said he accepted the suggestion.


Yet at the same night, at 2 a.m., she let Mr. M went into her bedroom which was also the Confidential Room of Zhonggong Headquarters where the important documents, lists of followers, cash and checkbooks, etc. are kept. When Mr. Zhang got to know about this fact, he immediately requested Mr. M to return his home country Guatemala, and gave a serious criticism to his assistant for such severe dereliction of duty.


Mr. M was gone.


His assistant resumed her old behavior.


Yet, Mr. Zhang sank into a heavy psychological stress. The professional assassin sent by CCP had arrived at D.C.; he was set free alright but he could be murdered at any time. The assistant who is also the most trustworthy follower knows everything about it yet behaved in such an unusual way. Isn’t it scaring? He sensed that she has changed greatly. It seems she doesn’t want him to be free. It seems she is using Mr. M to put on a show in order to anger him. It seems she is doing something behind his back. But what is it?


She was truly doing something offensive against Heaven and reason---to send the Master back into prison until he was sent back to China---which was considered as a serious crime by Chinese customs---betraying your Master and a shame to your ancestors.


She was planning to enrage the Master then sue him for battering.


“Hitting a person” is a serious crime in US legislation and the offensive will be jailed immediately. This idea was offered by XXX who was sued twice by ex-wife for battering her. Knowing that XXX has a passion for power, women and money, she “prescribed the medicines for these symptoms of XXX’s”: she told XXX who dreams to be a President that Zhang Hong Bao is your rival; and gave her own sister to XXX to satisfy his dream of having a beauty to be at his service; promising XXX once Zhang Hong Bao is sent back to prison, then performing a show of rescuing then XXX can get as much as $2000, 000. A hero is also human, so why not? From then on XXX would act out on her whim.


Not long after Mr. M went back to Guatemala, she designed and left a sensational phone message on Mr. M’s phone, claiming to be raped and battered by Zhang Hong Bao, asking for rescuing. In this way, she spread out the rumor.


Soon, Mr. M was summoned back to D.C. from Guatemala, and got together with XX and XXX in D.C., to brainstorm how to send Mr. Zhang back to prison.


XX backed out, once he found her narration exaggerated and absurd. Mr. M who became her lover for the sake of political and economical interests immediately agreed to be a part, once he got the promise of $3000, 000 and the rights to shoot a movie and publish books on this issue. Both Mr. M and XXX wanted to profit from “sending Zhang back to prison then rescuing him”, yet neither of them realized that she, as the head of this scheme was only aiming at sending her Master back to prison and in the end sending him back to China.


The evil deal was made. Afterwards, M and XXX went to the police and filed against Zhang for battering Yan Qing Xin and left a photo of a broken cell phone as the evidence of battering tool which was manufactured by XXX.


This kind of claims in US will prompt the police to arrive at the victims’ house very quickly. Yet, a few days were gone and the police didn’t show up. They became nervous yet helpless. At this point, they realized that they miscalculated the US government’s political IQ. US government is not looking at Zhang Hong Bao as an individual but viewing him together with Zhonggong as an important political resource in China. How could they allow a few little devils to manipulate them into a rash treatment to Mr. Zhang?


The first ambush waiting for the Master was dismissed without the Master’s awareness until the Spring Festival.


The first scheme failed. The second one was to virtually put the Master into house arrest, to isolate him.


Since Zhang was new in US and couldn’t speak the language, it was all up to her to arrange. She put him into a new apartment in a remote suburb in which there was no telephone, no phone booth nearby, with a cell phone that was not activated. There were no taxis, no bus, and no subway in the near vicinity. Zhang was trapped in this apartment and completely lost contact with the outside world which panicked his group of assistants who were also new in a strange country. Zhang sensed the severity of the situation and was sure that this was a trap and finally managed to inform the followers in Hong Kong to fly over immediately to rescue him.


Afterwards, she gave a lot of excuses to which the Master said nothing. He was in acute pain to think that his most trustworthy assistant had been going too far. But at that time, he just thought that it was her ambition to power which motivated her. He was just hoping she wouldn’t go too far. He silently gave her the time for repentance.


Yet, she is no longer the same person! The third scheme was to force Zhang Hong Bao to set up his own cabinet to officially announce his political involvement in order to give CCP an excuse to massively prosecute Zhonggong followers in China.


Mr. Zhang had a thorough analysis on her suggestions. The facts that Mr. Zhang was pretty new here, and the over 400 days of isolated life in prison made him and his team in high demand for rest and re-organization. Therefore, how to make best use of the situation to remote-manage his organization in order to get rid of the tough situation was the major issue for him at the time. And ever since he was set free, Zhonggong followers either in China or overseas had been waiting closely for his next move, waiting for his next set of orders. Once the Master summoned them to go for an uprising, they would definitely follow him loyally. In this way, all the important cadres of Zhonggong will be exposed and gave CCP a good excuse for prosecuting them and the precious resources that had been so carefully preserved would be destroyed. The Master decided not to adopt her plan.


Whereas with unusual enthusiasm she started to turn to many democratic movement members to convince them that it’s time to urge Zhang Hong Bao to take the position of being the President. Once, while Zhang Hong Bao was meeting XXX, she arranged one person to abruptly put forward such a question to XXX: Is it ok with him to let Zhang be the President? XXX bounced up from his seat at such a question. In order to cover up his over-reaction, he left on the spot. After quite a while, he came back and explained that he went to use the bathroom. Even so, his face was still obviously in shock. Although he piled up his praises on Mr. Zhang, such as, of course Mr. Zhang can be the President, considering Mr. Zhang’s political skills, economical strength, human resources and so on; Mr. Zhang is the only one among us who is suitable for this position. Mr. Zhang immediately told him that he was not interested in setting up his cabinet for being a President. Yet, the atmosphere has changed. It was plain to the eye that the rivaling situation was there. From this, Mr. Zhang realized that he was viewed as a strong rival to XXX now. From this, it’s easy to see that all those who want to be the President share something in common: the motivation to rescue Zhang was just to gain fame for themselves, not to free a strong rival.


In this situation, Zhang wrote the article of “The Next Definition of Zhonggong, Developmental Principles and the Goals in Benefiting the World”. In the article, he expressed as follows on the topic of being politically involved:


Zhonggong is not a political organization. But it is entitled to gain back its rights of existence, of practicing from Jiang Zemin; to maintain our natural human rights, to maintain our rights as citizens which were granted by the Constitution. We have the right to resist Jiang’s prosecution. As for this point, Mr. Zhang explored it further: “as for the personal political beliefs and political requests and political involvement for each Zhonggong practitioner, we respect their personal affairs, their personal freedom and rights. Zhonggong is not a political organization, but Zhonggong exists in the space of politics. We care about politics; we support political reforms, support social progress.”


This article was very effective in calming down the stressed nerves of all the leaders in overseas democratic movement.


But this trick of her proved to be very hurtful---attacking Zhang in the name of Zhang. Although she didn’t succeed in the end thanks to the Master’s wisdom, she still caused some hidden damage to Zhang’s next development.


Zhang is thinking: is it that she wants to turn to politics or someone is behind her? Is she sincerely trying to push me to politics or she is having some deal with CCP? Looking back at her footsteps after she got out of prison, Zhang felt a heart-piercing pain: he had to face the fact that she has changed completely.

II.                Forced into Corners in Life


On June 13, 2001, this was a day that was engraved into Zhang’s heart and bones.


On this very day, he was officially granted political asylum by US government.


And on this very day, on the 57th day of his release from the prison, his assistant Yan Qing Xin absconded with all the money that had arrived in Zhonggong’s bank!


Zhang had only a little more than $1000 on him at the time, which will mostly go into the rent. What about food? What about the basic expenditures? The betrayer forced him into a desperate corner.


USA is a very realistic country. Money is necessary everywhere. Her trick was really vicious: even though he can still survive, he would live a miserable life.


Yet, Zhang Hong Bao is Zhang Hong Bao after all. He adjusted his mood very quickly and started to go through the procedures to get all kinds of necessary IDs. To get a photo for his IDs, he went by a taxi. Yet on the way home, the taxi driver dropped him on a wrong place. He was completely unfamiliar there. It was dusk then, with very few pedestrians. He was there for over an hour and no taxi showed up. There was no bus, no subway nearby. He couldn’t speak English, and cell phone ran out of battery. He stood there helplessly on the sidewalk, feeling very frustrated. Suddenly it occurred to him that he could resort to his special skills to get out of the situation. He smiled. He calmed down and started to use his will to summon a taxi. Before long, a taxi came to him and brought him home.


The days followed were not difficult to imagine. He was living on instant noodles. He once said humorously on the phone to his followers in other country that, instant noodles are great! If you take a break from night working, you may like to have a bowl of instant noodles. How could his followers know their respectful Master was actually suffering like this!


As for her betrayal, he didn’t inform the whole organization; neither did he file a lawsuit against her. He didn’t forget her contributions to Zhonggong and hoped that she could be persuaded to come back to Zhonggong. What’s more important is, not to give CCP an opportunity to make a big deal out of this.


This is a huge disaster to him, to Zhonggong, no less than a big earthquake. The Master decided to swallow this bitter fruit alone, and steer the dismayed ship of Zhonggong through the treacherous waters with his own wisdom and will.


He called a lawyer friend, asking him to pass on the message: if she returns the money, then she is welcome to come back. Little did the Master know that this lawyer’s professional conscience was already bought by her $30, 000. He said on the other end of the phone line that, “in my opinion, you two should reconcile.”

What the lawyer passed on was her message: allow her get a part of it in a justifiable way. What was underlined here was, although she deposited the money into her own account, the money was set on some conditions by Zhang Hong Bao who is famous for being good at management and therefore, she couldn’t really touch it.


Zhang Hong Bao said solemnly to the lawyer: if you really care about justice and morality, you should convince her to return what doesn’t belong to her. Also, the Master said, if she doesn’t, he will have to bring a lawsuit against her.


She knows Zhang Hong Bao. She knows that he usually doesn’t like to resort to the law. Just to calm things down a little bit, she returned part of the money.


In August, she suddenly remitted a large sum of money to Zhang. It looked good at first, yet it’s just another trap: she didn’t offer the proof of a justifiable source. In US, a sum of money with no proof of justifiable source was a big trouble: no bank would accept it. Yet it takes a long time to get the proof of justifiable source. Her purpose was clear: first starve him, then stuff him to death---use the economical issue to force him into a dead corner and get completely stuck there.


After many efforts, she returned in September.


Yet, the next incident was even more soul-stirring for Zhang.


In order to satisfy many people in many different countries’ demand for Zhonggong and to set up a larger area for Zhonggong practice, Zhang Hong Bao accepted the eager invitations from Zhonggong followers in other countries and chose a few countries to go. In order to avoid CCP’s extended persecution, he asked her to find a lawyer to change his name (to get an English name). He said to her jokingly, if the name can’t be changed, then he may be intercepted by CCP on this journey. Yet, he didn’t realize until right before his trip that the name was not changed. She left no time for him to change anything, so he decided to take the risk and leave.


The first stop was Germany and Zhang was detained when he arrived. The German immigration officer told Zhang in the interrogation room that, he was on the wanted list by Chinese government. After confirming that he is under the US political asylum protection, they let him go. They told him with good-will that, be careful. We are not going to do anything to you, but we certainly can’t guarantee for other countries. Zhang asked if it will affect him in the next stop and they made it clear that it wouldn’t.


Yet, it is obvious that the problem was the name. CCP had set up a universal net for Zhang Hong Bao. To use his real name to go to these countries is no different than giving him in. Lucky that Germany is a democratic country, a big country. What if it were a small country? He would have been sent back to China on the spot. That joke about name almost became reality. As the saying goes, “the blessed is blessed.” Zhang Hong Bao sighed deeply, facing Heaven: is this one of the many risky incidents, just to test me? It didn’t make sense to continue the trip. The only choice he had was to go back.

Zhang Hong Bao sailed through another treacherous sea.


III.             The Ominous Message Sent by the Incident of “Missing Trio”


During the Spring Festival last year, XX called Zhang Hong Bao and told him in details about her scheme to let XXX and M report to the police; another democratic movement activist sent the phone message that she falsely left on Mr. M’s phone to Mr. Zhang, too. Zhang was deeply hurt---he found it hard to imagine the long-time faithful assistant and follower of his could have done such vicious things to him. Yet he still just thought she was simply motivated by her ambition to take over the power in Zhonggong.


XX told this to two other friends. When she got to know this, she panicked. Once the reputation of betraying the Master and bringing shame to the ancestors became well known, her image will be destroyed, let alone her big dreams. As a result…XXX and XX started to talk about the trip to Bangkok. In Mid-June, the trio of XXX and two others left for the Southeast Asia and vanished into thin air on June 27 at the border of Vietnam and China and left a thick fog.


Two of the missing people are still not home. Now the public opinion started to turn to where she hates to see. She has no way to block people’s eyes and thinking: why is it that the route the trio took was exactly the same one that she and her Master often took when they were dodging CCP’s persecution? Why is it that the trio’s agenda was completely the same with the agenda that the high-ranking personnel in Zhonggong often use? Why was XXX lured and arrested right before the major power switch in China? Who designed this?


She obviously feels very guilty that somebody can prove what a role she had played here with enough evidence.


She said, teeth clenched, “I am to send Zhang Hong Bao back (to China)! Just wait and see!”


Send back? What will she use to send him back? Where? Let Zhang Hong Bao disappear like XXX? Or let the masters behind her do it with special measure?


IV.              Even Dirtier Means


Since last September, she has used almost all the resources which were used for rescuing Zhang Hong Bao.


She uses those she can control, and manipulates some to chip in and attacks those who wouldn’t listen to her or who have seen through her.


She is spreading rumors, saying that Zhang is a dictator, wanting to be an emperor; and that Zhang has an arguable image, a fake that has no credibility.


Since last year, she has been spreading rumors which sound extremely similar to those spread by CCP, all aiming at destroying Zhang’s image.


Not only that, she also started to act out. She organized two incidents:


Having urged somebody to write to US Congress, saying that Zhang Hong Bao is exactly what the CCP claimed to be.


Having made some people write to Congressmen, attacking Zhang’s integrity with false evidences.


The Congressmen found it incredulous---how could a person sing high praises of a person yesterday and attack the same person so harshly today? How could she blow hot and cold in such a short time?


The Congressmen thinks they are complete lies and rubbish.


At this point, Zhang Hong Bao completely came to realize that she has disgraced herself to a barking dog of CCP dictatorship. CCP is not simply using her to replace him, but using her to get rid of him, to help CCP erase a big worry.


Just wonder if Zhang Hong Bao has ever given a thought to a famous wise man’s words, “Brilliance coupled with an evil soul is the most vicious enemy.”


V.                 Accumulating Credits for His Karma


This period of ordeal in the 600 plus days is a rare opportunity for Zhang Hong Bao to accumulate credits for his Karma, thanks to her.


Her evil acts actually helped greatly for Zhang Hong Bao to achieve higher.


What she did was just like what Buddhist says: “Taoism runs one foot high and the Monsters can run as high as up to 10 feet.”


This is what Buddha tries to warn a faithful follower that one he is trying to accumulate his credits for Karma, the opposite attraction is often stronger and can easily ruin his work.


She once gave up her home and her son to contribute greatly to Zhonggong; she once was the role model for all the Zhonggong followers. By her abilities and her achievements, she was personally taught and trained by the Master and became his right hand and the No. 2 in Zhonggong, mainly in charge of finance.


Yet, on one hand, she wants to achieve the ultimate spiritual goal; and on the other hand, she wants to become an empress.  Unfortunately, these two goals don’t come together. CCP saw this split personality in her and attacked her on this weak point: it applies high pressure on her and at the same time, gives her tasty baits. Her family members were arrested, jailed, demoted, fired, the housing was taken back; and once she responded, she was promised big prizes and her family members are set free, promoted, re-employed and the housing was given back immediately.


This way, she became what Jia Chunwang, the head of Chinese Public Security, meant by using “new” method and “new” techniques---let the person right next to Zhang Hong Bao to kill Zhang. CCP pulled the sensitive string of hers and motivated her evil nature and made her stab at Zhang Hong Bao with unusual accuracy, “one stab after another, each one aiming at his head from behind”, to finish the task that CCP members will never able to.


Yet, the more evil acts you do, the faster you get on the road to death. For somebody like her, who betrays her Master and brings shame to her ancestors will not end up good.


In the stormy 600+ days, what we witnessed is that Zhang Hong Bao is a true hero. Zhang’s road is still long and disasters may strike any time. The famous wise man Meng Zi had said something which is just appropriate for Mr. Zhang: “When the heaven has chosen somebody to go on a great quest, HE will befall great disasters to test his will and to exhaust him.” Let’s face these facts: the great wish that Zhang Hong Bao has made is not destroyable; the great courage Zhang Hong Bao has is the true courage of “if I don’t go to hell, who else will?”; the principle Zhang Hong Bao practices is “I’d rather be insulted personally to gain the peace for all the other people”; the wisdom Zhang Hong Bao has is “looking down at the world from up in the sky”. To enjoy the companionship of tens and thousands of comrades, we have strong reasons to believe: there is no road that Zhang Hong Bao can’t trek!

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