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CCP Plays a Sinister Trick Again, Let the Person at Zhang Hongbao’s Side Eliminate Zhang Hongbao
By Fan Li

[Extracted from Message Board: NYT http:// messages.yahoo.com]

On May 4, 2003-8:44 PM of US local time, an article titled “Spiritual Guru Arrested. The Chinese Exiled Leader of Millions Followers Is Detained For Beating A Woman” was published in the network which burst with astonishment of the information. It is said that the Zhong Gong leader Zhang,Hongbao was persecuted by CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and being granted political asylum by USA Faces first trial after being accused by his subordinate with felony. If the guilt were convicted, he might be repatriated to China for execution.

After preliminary investigation, the writer is shocked in utmost degree! Shocked for the persistence of CCP to persecute Zhang Hongbao and for how dishonorable is the trick used by CCP in persecution.

The person accusing Zhang Hongbao is called He Nanfang, her husband was a secretary of party committee of some department in China. She had been suffering from osteoprolifecation located in lumbar, thoracic and cervical vertebra, scleromer rheumatism on whole body, biliary calculus, pelvic inflammation and other diseases. After practice of Zhang Hongbao’s Zhong Gong, she recovered gradually. When Zhang Hongbao just arrived in Washington, she herself said that she came to Zhang’s place for doing odd-job with the mind of paying a debt of gratitude. Though she has a bad temper and is easy to create friction with colleagues around, she has great respect for Zhang Hongbao and works hard. Zhang Hongbao does his best to help her to solve the difficulties in livelihood and he always urged all people to yield to her because she had suffered from mental disease in the past and she is going through menopause now.

She is always stingy in money, but on March 14 of this year she suddenly bought a mobile phone for contact with some other person. On March 15 8:00 AM, when she came to work she flared up and said that she doesn’t want to work again and wants to settle accounts with Zhang. And then she pointed the finger of scorn at Zhang,Hongbao and said: “you are nothing more than a master! It is very ordinary! After provocation, she unusually shouted out: “I accuse you! I must send you into jail today!” Afterward she heard the critical opinion of Zhang Hongbao and colleagues mediation and then went to work normally. But she left without saying good-bye. About 5 hours later, policemen took the reason of hitting personnel and detained Zhang Hongbao. When he was released on bail, the charge became “kidnapping”.

Everybody, who knows the history of CCP’s persecution on Zhang Hongbao, can connect this with: In mainland China, Jiang Zemin had maneuvered troop of field army, policemen of public security and armed police troop, more than 1000 persons in total, to track down and arrest Zhang Hongbao. They went to track down and arrest for more than 100 times in 5 years. They could not find Zhang Hongbao over the whole country. Then taking the fame of pursuing and capture fled criminal offenders they deceived the Interpol and some countries to search and arrest Zhang Hongbao. With the false evidences blaming on Zhang’s fame they wanted to intercept Zhang Hongbao, who had arrived in Guam for seeking US political asylum. Afterward, CCP fabricated offense of “murder” and “training terrorist organization” charges for Zhang Hongbao and crowned him with the title of “a long list of crimes”. After United States granted Zhang Hongbao political asylum, giving no heed to CCP, Chinese Ministry of State Security (CMSS) and Chinese Ministry of Public Security (CMPS) used new tricks ¨Let the person(s) at Zhang, Hongbao’s side eliminate Zhang Hongbao. Soon after Zhang Hongbao arrived Washington D.C., his assistant Yan Qingxin became the first person at Zhang, Hongbao’s side who was arranged by CCP to eliminate Zhang Hongbao. She asked somebody to report a case to the police station taking her being beaten by Zhang Hongbao as the reason, but the police station didn’t accept and hear it. Yan Qingxin was unable to send Zhang Hongbao into jail to repatriate him to the mainland and finally onto the scaffold, she was unable to accomplish CCP’s task of rooting out Zhang Hongbao, but she said gnashing her teeth in anger: I will certainly send Zhang Hongbao back to China! We will wait and see!

He, Nanfang is an odd-job woman arranged at Zhang Hongbao’s side by Yan Qingxin before she left Zhong Gong. This is a matter being worth paying attention to. The other thing is that soon after Yan’s full younger sister Zhang Qi, who has put the leader of Chinese democratic movement Wang Bingzhang into Chinese jail with the charge of “terrorist” as a life termer, has come back United States, Chinese spirit leader Zhang Hongbao is also faced with the similar horrible charge “kidnapping”. They want to put him into jail lifelong, too. There is a difference between them, the former was arrested by CCP itself directly, but the latter is handled with the help of the hand of American government. Is this a coincidence?

Another point is thought-provoking, i.e. He Nanfang clamors openly “This time we are certainly to pull him down!” “Pull down!”. Obviously, it is right their political goal. Because they didn’t pull him down before, this time they will pull him down certainly. He Nanfang accidentally revealed the attempt of the instigator behind her.
According to the announcement of a insider, this plan of pulling down Zhang Hongbao was made by Yan Qingxin and the people who know American laws well as far back as at the end of Dec. last year. The key points of the plan are: the United States may grant Zhang Hongbao political asylum, but will not protect him to commit crimes in the United States.Plot a felony for him, let American send Zhang back!

This plan started with a trick to gain an end by enduring bodily suffering, they lay siege to Zhang Hongbao from all sides, i.e. criminal felony, civil claims, labor rights and interests, media’s stare and pursuit. It may be said that the fineness of the plan is a special skill. It’s a pity only they selected a wrong performer. He Nanfang acquired only an education of junior middle school. She carries out this trick to gain an end by enduring bodily suffering under the state of bearing extreme conscience pressure. Her is under a nervous breakdown. She has made the matter full of loopholes. Now, He Nanfang is in hiding. Even the procurator and the judge cannot find her. What does it show?! The conclusion is obvious: He Nanfang is arranged by CCP as the second person at Zhang Hongbao’s side for eliminating Zhang Hongbao.But the writer believes that CCP certainly has no way to realize its plot in a country of democracy and complete legal system at USA. We are waiting to see.Wish Zhang Hongbao a good luck!

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