Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Analysis and Commentary on Zhang Hongbao Case

By Luo Qi


[Extracted from WPO http://messages.yahoo.com/bbs?action=topics&board]Jun 17, 2003

Dramatic Change in Media


One Sided Conviction by the Media  


On May 6, 2003, News about the charges against Zhang Hong Bao started to appear in multiple Chinese media in USA. What’s puzzling is, at that time, almost all the media sounded like a mouthpiece for somebody, saying that Zhang was accused of five serious crimes, facing possible repatriation. This kind of “Media conviction” before the case actually proceeds, forms a sharp contrast with the American “innocent until proven guilty” law. It didn’t look like it was in USA, rather, it looked very much like in China.


 What formed an interesting coincidence is, the Chinese media, which had “forgotten” about Zhonggong and Zhang Hong Bao ever since 1995, started to talk about the charges against and the arrest of Zhang Hong Bao. They sounded like it was time to wait for Zhang’s repatriation. Curiously, they sounded just like the Chinese media in USA. This couldn’t help make people suspect some political issues involved in Zhang’s case.


An Unusual Voice


After Zhang Hong Bao’s court appearance on May 13th and the reporters saw Zhang in person, the reports on all Chinese newspapers on May 14th started to portray Zhang very differently and more genuinely. Especially some responsible and rational papers like the World Journal, Tsing Tao Daily, started to give a positive report on Zhang. The President of China Support Net, Mr. John      wrote an essay to analyze Zhang’s case from the legal angle, seemingly criticizing some and advising some people on their unwise and illegal behavior. All these make people see that, this is in USA after all. The freedom of speech leads to misguided media is just a temporary phenomenon. And once Mr. Reporter saw the truth, He returned to the truth and left the misguided speech as a prefect footnote to the ugly face of the one who misguides.


 Loopholes in He Nan Fang’s Account in the Media


 The only evidence He could offer for her accusation is the five wounds on her body and three wounds on her head.


 Just by looking at the reports in the Media, we can see that her account is filled with loopholes.


 The reports say, He escaped to report to the police after being beaten up. Yet, there were quite a few hours between the time of escape and reporting to the police. Where was she during that time?


 The repots say, it was showering heavily when it happened that day and He escaped out of Zhang’s house and into the rain to report to the police. Yet, when He was in the police station, He was in dry clothes. It’s obvious that somebody picked He up and arrived at a planned place. He Nan Fang used her Martial art skills to wound herself and waited till the wounds started to turn colors, she made her face bleed then came to an eye-catching spot in the street and made use of the fact that Americans have a strong sense of civil responsibility and allowed herself to be brought to the police station.


 The reports say, Zhang Hong Bao beat He Nan Fang for over half an hour in a row, took a break, and then continued to beat her up. A certain Mr. Shi Xing Yi wrote that, Zhang Hong Bao is a Qigong Master who also has practiced profound Shaolin Martial Art. If he really means to beat somebody up for half an hour in a row, He Nan Fang would never have survived, let alone leaving five wounds on her body.


 Therefore, Zhang Hong Bao’s lawyer said, this is a case that has never happened.


                    Relevant Facts behind the Media Reports


    Why did He Nan Fang Say, I will Pull Zhang Hong Bao down This Time?


  According to the media, on March 15th, when He and Zhang conflicted on the project of the garage, He claimed, she will pull down Zhang this time. This doesn’t sound logical--- He will lose her job if Zhang as her employer, is “pulled down”, let alone He will get a bad name as a follower among Zhang’s admirers. Unless, of course, she was given money to “pull down Zhang”, and she was given so much that she doesn’t mind getting a bad name as a follower, since the biggest psychological barrier for He’s act of “pulling down Master Zhang” is, to betray the Master. From this, we can see how profitable it is for He Nan Fang to pull down Zhang! Looking back, clearly, it is the promised 10 million US Dollars that seduced He Nan Fang.


Who is Seducing and Exploiting He Nan Fang?


 First, according to relevant information, He Nan Fang is “planted” next to Zhang by Zhang’s ex-assistant Yan Qing Xin. Second, as early as November 2002, Yan said that, somebody close to Zhang was going to bring charges against Zhang. On March 15th, He Nan Fang, the cleaner who works for Zhang, really sued Zhang. How come Yan could predict all this November last year? 


Even earlier, according to some sources, Yan and two people who know about American law were planning to trap Zhang to violate criminal law in USA. They also claimed that they will send Zhang back to China. 


Even earlier, according to some sources, Yan and her American boyfriend Mike and some others were planning to complain to the local police about Zhang. It didn’t succeed, yet, the recording tape of their scheming landed in Zhang’s hands.


 From this, we can see that He Nan Fang’s charges against Zhang and Yan’s charges against Zhang have the same target; they only differentiate in methods. Is He’s act the sequence of Yan’s scheme? I don’t need to write any further.


Why is He’s Claim a Ruse of Self-injury?


 Obviously, last November, He Nan Fang showed some signs of her mental disease, which happened at the same time when Yan claimed that somebody close to Zhang, was going to sue Zhang. This is easy to understand that He’s psychological pressure was too much for her after she accepted the job of “pulling down Zhang”. The pressure caused her old disease to recur, resulted in the behavior like speedy driving, over-shopping, etc.


 He also often tells her colleagues the story about a poor old woman who was rewarded millions of US dollars by accusing the owner of a restaurant of neglecting----she deliberately fell and injured herself in the front of the restaurant. From this, we can see that she was preparing herself for the self-injury to swindle Mr. Zhang.

 On March 15, it suddenly rained heavily. The sudden change in the weather and the conflict with Zhang Hong Bao on the garage project both came together to bring out He Nan Fang’s manic-depressive mental disease in such particular weather, particular conflicting situation. The major difference between manic-depression and schizophrenia is, the former will occur intermittently and the patient can design for her self-injury; and the later occurs periodically and the patient completely loses her rationality.


 According to some report, He claimed to report to the police after escaped from further beating. Yet, there were a few hours between the time when she escaped and reporting to the police. The key is, where was He Nan Fang during that period of time.


 It was a raining day. To report to the police in rain, her clothes should be wet. Yet He was in dry clothes. It is obvious that somebody picked her up and sent her to the police. Under the temptation and threat of 10 million US dollars, He wounded herself and put on a show of self-injury trick, then went to an eye-catching spot to wait to be found, so she could logically report to police. This is a well-disguised attack on Zhang. We should say, this attack was very successful----Mr. Zhang who was practicing in his meditation room was surprised and sent to the court.


 A Few Faces Surfaced behind He’s Case


 If we’d like to sketch a few faces behind He’s act, the clearest faces are, Yan Qing Xin who was the ex-assistant of Zhang’s, and Lian Sheng De, who is the current CEO of Liberty Movement of China. Why is that? On May 6th, the day after the Chinese media in US reported in the same tone about He Nan Fang’s charges against Zhang, Yan and Lian contacted He’s lawyer and prosecutor, offering to be the witness for He Nan Fang. Look at such close co-operation, and such eagerness! On May 6th, Lian in particular, even slandered Zhang, that Zhang was so frightened by the helicopter noises on “Sept. 11” that his legs trembled badly. People couldn’t help asking him, how come Lian could see that? Were you with Mr. Zhang at that time? I wonder how Lian will reply. I wonder why Lian made such a rumor. If Mr. Zhang sues Lian for libel, he should succeed. If Lian is required by court to compensate for loss of fame, I think, Lian won’t be able to hold onto his $350, 000 house.


 Yan is highly motivated to force Zhang into dead corner. Let’s put aside her political background, just the fact that Yan took away that huge sum of money from Zhanggong will be able to explain everything. Since she is convinced that Zhang will sue her sooner or later, she might face life sentence in prison once convicted, she has to get rid of Zhang. She chooses to attack first. For this purpose, she started a chain of moves behind Zhang’s back: she sent a message to Zhanggong followers overseas that they should stop working for Zhang, instead, work for the country (nobody knows if she means China or USA); she directed a certain Bao in Taiwan to cry out that Yan is the real spiritual leader of Zhonggong 380 thousand followers; she is planning to set up a Zhonggong Fund with the huge amount of cash she took away from Zhonggong that she couldn’t swallow. Of course, the Fund will be under her direct control, so that the money she stole from all the Zhonggong followers can be legalized. Therefore, forcing Zhang into a dead end, Yan can personalize all the current Zhonggong property, monopolize the Zhonggong market. As for the next step, it is all up to her whim. Looking from Yan’s point of view, it is “reasonable” to plot to frame up against Zhang by fair means or foul. She was the second leader in Zhonggong for 10 years, and left Zhang Hong Bao abruptly and mercilessly---this is enough to convince people that Yan is capable of anything.


 Yet who is this Lian Sheng De? This man used to have nothing to do with Zhonggong until Yan came to USA. It may be political motivation, it may be economic motivation, or as it is said that Yan is his “Sugar Mommy”… all in all, Lian helped scheme and carry out Yan’s plan of stealing money and running away. Lian and Yan schemed for sending Zhang to the prison for the second time in order to send him back to China. Lian eventually showed up on the scene to be witness for He Nan Fang. Lian Sheng De’s reputation in Chinese Democratic Movement is well known. Someone wrote on the internet that Lian betrayed the student movement on Tiananmen Square on “June 4th”. Among the students who he sold to the CCP government, most of them are still in the prison. Some afflicted mental illnesses; some live a very poor life. Whereas Lian acquired the position of CEO of Liberty Movement of China by tricks after he came to US, and continued to make harm to Chinese Democratic Movement, such as in 1997, he fought bitterly with other leaders of overseas Chinese organizations, caused serious alienation between Chinese Democratic Movement with overseas Chinese organizations; in 1998, he incited Wang Xi Zhe to make a big scene in the Congress, gave American statesmen a bad impression about Chinese Democratic Movement; in 2000, he instigated Li Hong Kuan to be involved in a law suit with American Family of Freedom, made the mainstream American look down upon Chinese Democratic Movement; and now he gangs up with Yan Qing Xin to try to “pull down Zhang Hong Bao”, in order to sow the seed of discord between Chinese Democratic Movement and Zhonggong which has 380 thousand followers and billions of admirers. The previous behavior of Lian’s was puzzling enough, yet this time, his determination of “pulling down Zhang” is even more so. According to the internet, he was the “mole” among the expatriate students after “June 4th” who was sent by CCP National Security Administration under the “Siskin Act” designed by Qiao Shi, the former CCP Secretary of Law. Whether it is true or not, the effort of “pulling down Zhang Hong Bao” serves as a mirror.


The Prospect of This Case


 Generally, the information disclosed by all the media shows that, the case that He Nan Fang sued Zhang Hong Bao is just the continuation of political persecution of Zhang Hong Bao. Only that Zhang is not facing CCP government directly, but facing CCP agents Yan Qing Xin and Lian Sheng De. He Nan Fang is merely a victim. 


Then, what’s the prospect for Yan Qing Xin?


Along with the exposure of He Nan Fang’s psychiatric history, and He Nan Fang’s account in the media has been punched a lot of holes, it is easy to see that the judge and jury will not accept a mental patient’s nonsense since we are in US where the litigation proceeds independently. In this way, He Nan Fang’s charges will become groundless. This will make the scheme of attacking Zhang fall out of bottom. This must be the heaven’s will; Zhang’s fate is still fine. To continue “pulling down Zhang”, Yan Qing Xin will be forced to jump out from behind to sue Zhang Hong Bao.


 Yan wants to sue Zhang for beating her up? Then the time had to be two years ago, before Yan betrayed Zhonggong. Yet, the tape that recorded the scheming scene of the schemers is still in Zhang Hong Bao’s hands; and the evidences of Yan Qing Xin scheming to murder Zhang in November 1999 also landed in Zhang’s hands. Once the two of them face each other at the court, we have no idea if Yan is going to win. The one who “will shed a layer of skin if not die” will not be Zhang Hong Bao, we believe, but Yan Qing Xin instead! If things got to such a point, even if Zhang wouldn’t or couldn’t sue Yan in return, Zhonggong as an organization and all the Zhonggong followers will not forgive Yan easily.


 From the point of view of an on-looker, it is a good idea for Yan to take advantage of Zhang’s famous benevolence, to approach Zhang for a compromise, and gain a win-win end. Just wonder if Yan is able to make decision for herself or she is really guided by some stronger political forces. Of course, she has to jump out of the salary trap first. These people got salaries from you, they naturally hope you always have something for them “to do”, so they can always get paid, just like the coffin-maker always hope for deaths. Yan’s sister Zhang Qi is more clear-minded in this aspect.


What about He Nan Fang? Is she going to continue this lawsuit?


 As an on-looker, He’s end will be tragic if she continues with the lawsuit. Her failure is definite. This is not only meaningless, but also miserable. Whether she wins or loses, Zhonggong can choose to sue her for cheating to get immigrated. Her family will face being sent back to China. The sweet life she worked so hard to create and maintain will end; some of her secrets will be exposed, such as the real reason why He Nan Fang came to US; Cui Yong Tai (He’s husband) ‘s covered up history during his days in the countryside in China; Cui Chen Pu (He’s daughter) ‘s real life experience, etc. By that time, the schemers will not continue to support somebody who has lost value to them financially. Since Yan Qing Xin violated the law of “embezzlement” and committed “organized crimes”, once she is under arrest, the money she embezzled from Zhonggong will definitely be looked into. By that time, the money He Nan Fang got from Yan will be ordered to return and the whole family will be considered to be involved in the “organized crimes” and be severely convicted. He’s family will be broken. By that time, for somebody like her who is a mental patient, it’s easy to be suicidal and leads to a bigger tragedy. Now she still has an option----to take advantage of Zhang’s benevolence and take back her charges against Zhang. By ways that both sides can accept, she apologizes to her own Master. If Zhang is really merciful, he will forgive his own follower’s wrongdoing when her illness took over. If He Nan Fang makes some major achievement, Zhang may even summon her go back to work, since Zhang is known for taking care of people who genuinely regret. As the old saying goes, “The prodigal is gold if he has returned; he who put down his murdering knife becomes Buddha.” 


From the information in the media, Zhang’s situation is scary yet he will be fine. Some people want to have Zhang convicted and sent back to China, but Zhang definitely enjoys human rights protection (acquired before he got political asylum), which means, Zhang will not be sent back to China. Some people are hoping to ruin Zhang’s fame by this case, yet on the contrary, Zhang’s fame became even greater. Some people want to make Zhang bankrupt by this case, and they are wrong, too. Zhang is simply the God of Wealth---he studied the investment once he got to US and only a few small-scaled attempts already proved to be complete successes. Even some professionals are studying why Zhang is so accurate in his investments. The money he has is not the dead money but seed money which grows legally and multiply. Zhang has established well in USA. It’s impossible to drain him economically now.


 Yet, since Zhang appears in the world as a graceful Master, he has to be merciful to his opponents. Once his opponents request peace, he will make compromise too. The Master is the Master, and his followers are still his followers.


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