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Conditions to Release Zhang Hong Bao

Da Li


From New York Times Message Board



The case of Zhang Hong Bao's political asylum was filed in the United States, but shocked the whole world during its evolution which is actually a political struggle of anti- persecution against persecution, anti-degrading against degrading, and anti-revenge against revenge to the "99.8" nationwide campaign conducted by Zhang Hong Bao between Jiang Ze Min's administration and Zhong Gong leader Zhang Hong Bao, as well as the continuation of Zhang Hong Bao's fighting back of political persecution in Mainland China. 


In order to prevent the US government from granting political asylum to Zhang Hong Bao, Jiang Ze Min's administration fabricated the so-called evidences for their accusation of "rape" trying to degrade his reputation. To our surprise, the former US INS totally ignored the judicial appraisal of those evidences made by both authorized parties respectively from the Congress and the State Department that the documents were dubious and were likely elaborately cooked up by CPC authority. For whatever reason, they refused to carry out the court decision of granting Zhang Hong Bao "Anti-maltreatment Protection" and "relief from deportation", what's worse, they continued to keep Zhang Hong Bao in jail and even lodged an appeal requiring to have Zhang Hong Bao expelled to some third country. When international society paid great attention to this case and people from all walks of life asked for releasing Zhang Hong Bao, they unexpectedly offered two options under the conditions that Zhang could be released either when he agreed to be deported to a third country, or he could be released on bail within Guam. Otherwise, they would continue to "protect" him by keeping him in prison.    


Deporting Zhang Hong Bao to some third country is just another strategy with which Jiang Ze Min's administration tries to get him extradited back to China from there or have him executed there after they failed to do that in United States. As for releasing on bail within Guam, it is a new wording. Does that mean Guam would like this famous person to stay there for good as it has become worldwide well-known for the case of Zhang Hong Bao's asylum? Of course not. Were that wording stemming out from humanity, they should not take the other's freedom as price for this condition.  


From friends, I learned that Guam is a small island in Pacific Ocean. It is divided into 23 districts, many of which only possess dozens of populations. Residents there are extremely obvious to tell. If CPC wanted to have Zhang Hong Bao secretly arrested, it would be much easier than before. Also, in the area of Guam, whatever crimes could be settled down with no more than 30,000 boxes and the criminals could flee away from there, wherefore it is convenient for not only alien smuggle but also the murderers. No wonder it is often heard that prisoners have been kidnapped once upon their releasing from prison and never could those cases be solved.   


Obviously, it is also a dirty trick played by Jiang Ze Min's administration. If Zhang Hong Bao agreed, it would fit in exactly with their wishes. If not, any way, the INS could have excuse to keep him in jail. 


Some certain official in INS of the former administration has played a quite disgusting role in Zhang Hong Bao's case. Didn't he ever realize that his efforts in helping CPC should not only degrade his own reputation and make him cast away by the public, but also bring disgrace to the people of his country. Whoever as the sponsor of Zhang's bail could be able to contest with an autocratic and dictating government of hooligans? And, evil backstage manipulators, murderers will be thereafter attracted to visit Guam frequently, doesn't that bring trouble to the local society? We believe that US's new administration would absolutely not do such insensible deeds.


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