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Expert’s View of Hongbao Zhang beating Nanfang He

By Shi Xingyi


[Extracted from DJCO http://messages.yahoo.com/bbs?action=t&type=f&board]Jun 20, 2003


The writer of this article has not capability, just has practiced Wushu for several ten years. I am only able to give some professional opinions on Hongbao Zhang beating NanFang He.


 “The China Press” reporter Chi Han reported on May 6th: “A report of police department of Pasadena, Southern California indicated that Zhang Hongbao ‘kidnapped and beat his housekeeper HE (note: she was an odd-job woman in the fact) using a deadly weapon”. “‘Zhang Hongbao beat her so violent and long time that had to have a rest for going on ‘wantonly-assaulting’, according to He’s description in the report to the police later.” “The China Press” reporter Choucheng reported at the same day: “Two policemen’s report said, ‘There are 8 scars on He’s head, body and extremities’ ”, “Zhang drew He to bathroom and beat her for half hour”, “Zhang said to plaintiff… ‘If you reported police, I’ll kill your family. If you tell your daughter, I’ll kill her first’, ‘He can kill anyone like killing a chicken’”. 


When I read here, some images about atrocious and black man beating a weak lady was showing before my eyes one by one along with the describing words. I was angry and hate to this person Zhang Hongbao extremely. A just feeling was produced of itself. I wish I could beat down him by one fist! �A knightly action from a person practicing wushu for eliminating monster and comforting kind person.


But after reading the whole story of these two reports, my professional opinion appeared suddenly. According to the police report, He had 8 scars and three of them were beat by chair �beating by a deadly weapon and five bruises remained because of Zhang’s beating. I began feeling something was wrong. By the common knowledge, a person, who can’t practice Wushu, can fist more than 30 times within one minute. He said Zhang continued to beat her for half hour until tired and had to have a rest for beating again. Even if Zhang boxed her for 1000 times within half-hour, why could it just cause 5 bruises? Is Zhang a person without a little force to begird a chicken? � What extent of beating? Only one bruise can remain after beating 200 fists at a point!


Some report said that Zhang Hongbao is one of most well known Qigong Master in China. Even if he can’t practice Wugong, at least he should have basis of internal Gong. It’s heard that Zhong Gong teaching include some Gongfu of Wushu Qigong and cutting a brick by one palm. Why did such Qigong Master need to fist 200 times so that one bruise remained?


For this strangeness, I visited Zhong Gong learner. It was introduced that although Zhang Hongbao isn’t a person of especially practicing Wushu, he had practiced Taiji Chuan, boxing and Sanda (note: it is a term of Wushu), also some methods of Shaoling Gongfu. I am good at this profession and know that Dacheng Chuan is the heaviest fisting method among various fisting methods, especially at heavily fisting. Dacheng Chuan is a sort of heavier and more ruthless and high-handed Fisting than Zeiquandao of Li Xiaolong. Even if Zhang Hongbao isn’t engage in professional Wushu, he also has a basis of Dacheng Chuan, and had practiced boxing, so that the speed he fist out is about 60 times in a minute, 1800 times half an hour. Every one of five remained bruises needs 360 fists averagely. Is it possible?


In addition, if a Qigong Master, with Gongfu of internal Gong and a certain basis of Wushu and knowing the body points (dead points and important points), wants to beat a weak lady, not saying beating ‘too violently’ for half-hours and continue doing after rest, only letting him to beat one minute, can this person still alive? Human body has 108 big acupoints, 36 important acupoints and 18 dead acupoints. One person with deep internal gong and basis of Wushu, knowing body channel and Ziwuliuzhu (note: a term of Chinese traditional Qigong), is able to make people died or heavily injured only by hitting one important point or dead point. Does a Qigong Master like Zhang Hongbao need to beat a weak lady by some “deadly weapon”?


Apparently, HE Nanfang was lying. If the basic fact all was a lie, how can we believe HE Nanfang’s words, “If you reported police, I’ll kill your family. If you tell your daughter, I’ll kill her first”, “He can kill anyone like killing a chicken”? He said these words no more than adding a (civil) “threatening” crime above the basis of (criminal) injuring crime. The matter looks as if not simple at all!


From the professional view, Writer believes that alleged story of “Zhang Hongbao beat He Nanfang” was faked completely. Regarding the question why He Nanfang had 8 bruises remained, we believe that this kind of small game will come to light before long.


It is a pity why policemen of Pasadena Police Department didn’t beat their brains to think about it? They were muddleheaded to believe He Nanfang’s words and send Qigong Master with a great reputation and famous leader of Chinese spirit movement to jail. How sad it is!


It is more regretful that reporters of media have high level of education, why did they report it without investigating, isn’t it possible that some other words behind the case exist really?


Wish policemen of Pasadena would improve your professional qualities. Wish Zhang Hongbao’s grievance would be exonerated early!


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