Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Zhang Hongbao’s kylin Culture Challenge the CPC’s Totalitarian Autocracy and its Power Organization, CPC Worried Zhang Gong will be the Largest Opposition Party In China


AFP: CPC is worried that Zhong Gong will be the Largest Opposition Party in China (Excerpt)

HONG KONG, May 5 (AFP)  - China has banned nine books by the outlawed Zhong Gong


spiritual group in its latest attempt to quash the widespread influence of independent organizations, a human rights group said.


All the books were legal at one time. One of them was published by the Central Chinese Broadcasting Station based on transcripts from several hundred radio programs devoted to Zhang's philosophy of "kylin," or unicorn, which calls for a more transparent political system.


"The banning of the books is a sign the Chinese authorities are growing more and more nervous about these large groups because public displeasure is increasing," said Frank Lu, the center's director.


Chinese President "Jiang Zemin is worried Zhong Gong's development will threaten the communist Party's rule and become an opposition party," Lu said. In a speech to the government officials meeting in February Jiang Zemin request the police should locate Zhong Gong and Mr.Zhang.


Zhong Gong, founded in 1987, has a longer history and more elaborate organizational structure than Falungong, Lu said. The group's members include many high-ranking military and other government officials, as well as intellectuals, he said.It also has many businesses, including health products stores and travel agencies, Lu said.


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