Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Jiang Zemin worried that Zhong Gong will pose a threat to its Regime Chinese Government Starts to
Clamp Down on Zhong Gong in an Extensive Scale


BBC Chinese Network: Beijing Urging US not to offer asylum to Zhong Gong Founder (Excerpt)
July 29, By Wei Cheng

The Hong Kong-based China Information Center of Human Rights and Democracy Movement said that the Chinese government is exerting pressure on US through its Embassy in US, urging the US government not to provide political asylum to Zhang Hongbao.

The center claimed that if Zhang Hongbao is extradited back to China, he should sentence to death. The center further stated that a reiable source disclosed that the Chinese government has dispatched agents overseas to search for Zhang Hongbao. If there are difficulties in bringing him back to China, these agents are given permission to execute him on the spot.

In November 1990, Zhang Hongbao made a report in Beijing. Present were dozens of generals and high-ranking provincial and ministerial government officials listening to his report. The official Central People’s Broadcasting Station even set up a special program “Kylin Culture”, and made hundreds of news reports about Zhong Gong.

The center said that Chinese leaders Jiang Zemin later feared that the development of Zhongi Gong would threaten the regime of the Chinese government and it would become an opposition party. So it has kept a close watch on Zhong Gong since 1995. In October last year, the Chinese government initiated a large-scale crack down on Zhongi Gong. At present, all of 3,000 legitimate organizations of Zhongi Gong have been closed and 600 leaders have been arrested.


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