Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

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Measure Zhang Hong Bao’s political weight by Jiang Ze Min’s frame-up on him

Xi Yi Fei


Lu Si Qing, the person-in-charge of Human Rights and Democratic Movement of China Information Center in Hong Kong, has written an article with the title “Charging with criminal offense is CPC’s often-used means to deal with political dissidents”. The articles read: Only in Shanghai, there had been 42 political dissidents to be sentenced to prison or re-education through labor. Among them, only three were sentenced with the charge of “Counterrevolutionary” or “Subversion”. The rest 39 were all sentenced with the charge of “go whoring”, “intentionally hurting” or “robbery”. Wu Yang Ming, founder of a famous underground Christian organization “Established King”, was sentenced to death with the charge of “rape”. But later, there was an article in official press saying that the so-said victim claimed Yang as a good person after his execution, which inadvertently revoked that Yang had been framed up by CPC. In 1996, the Henan Provincial Court sentenced Guo Hai Feng to 5 years of prison charged with the offense of “indecent activities”. Guo was a famous student leader in the 89’s movement in Beijing. He was accused of having relationship with a married woman.


At the same time, Lu Si Qing pointed out that charging them with criminal offense is a consistent means of CPC to deal with political dissidents and in recent years there has been an increasing trend of its usage.


It is not unique. From the recent numerous reports, it can be seen that Jiang Ze Min’s administration is playing the same trick on Zhang Hong Bao, the spiritual leader of Zhong Gong organization of China, trying to frame him up by dumping fabricated evidences of “sexual offense” to the relative authority of the US and international media. Zhong Gong organization was cracked down by Jiang’s government and Zhang Hong Bao left China since after and managed to get to the US.

But in those fabricated materials, some so-called victims even could not tell the time and site of the case taking place, some can’t tell the color of Zhang Hong Bao’s skin, and some other went outside of China to pay special visit to Zhang Hong Bao with gifts. What made it more dubious is that all the so-called victims respectively said of three through ten years, started to accuse after July of year 1999 when Chinese government cracked down on Zhong Gong and many key Zhong Gong members were arrested! Recently, an article published on internet pointed out that those accusations were fabricated under the will of Jiang Ze Min’s administration to frame up Zhang Hong Bao. This is the true nature of the case. I believe that under the current political situation in Mainland China, it is absolutely possible that Jiang’s administration would do this.


Let’s think about the 38 million followers of Zhong Gong and more than 3000 entities. Such a strict organization with such huge manpower, isn’t it a potential threat to the dictatorship of Jiang’s administration? Zhang Hong Bao himself is a knowledgeable person with outstanding organizing and analyzing ability. It is not surprising that such a charisma leading such an organization would be regarded by Jiang Ze Min as the one like Sun Zhong Shan who could shake the ruler’s power. As a matter of fact, Zhang Hong Bao has had published his “Political Dissident Opinion” and also mobilized a national “99.8” campaign against the government’s prosecution! So, it is actually inevitable that Zhang Hong Bao and his Zhong Gong organization would be suppressed by Jiang’s autocratic regime.


However, Zhong Gong is a legally registered organization. Its contributions to the country and the people in Mainland China are undeniable; Practising skills of Zhong Gong are much more than welcome by the people; The manners it advocates are accepted not only the ordinary people, but also by the government officials; Kylin culture created by Zhang Hong Bao and his article “Political Dissident Opinions” which was theoretically based on Kylin culture are indisputable, considering the current situation of Chinese society. For the foregoing reasons, if Jiang Ze Min tried to accuse Zhang Hong Bao of political charges after he reached the US territory, it would be no other than an affidavit which can guarantee Zhang Hong Bao to be granted asylum by the US government. In view of that, they had to frame him up by fabricating some criminal charges to cheat the US government and international media.


The pity is that the US is not Jiang Ze Min’s territory, while international media are not under control of the public security and nation’s security departments of CPC, and the US judiciary and public opinion of the world would definitely not follow Jiangs personal will to operate. Therefore, the “golden mean” of criminal charging in Mainland China appeared to be stupid when used outside of China. Once the truth was found out, the fabricated materials would definitely become new evidences of Jiang’s administration’s prosecution on human rights. This is exactly what we call “hit your own feet with the stone you picked up”.

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