Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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The Image of Mr. Hong Bao Zhang As a Leader

Zheng Yi


 If you want to explore the reason why Mr Zhang has attracted millions of followers within a few years, you need to understand the societal background, traditional culture and modern science from various angles.  This research project requires knowledge about various subjects and fields that may lead to the creation of an encyclopedia.


Today, I tend to introduce you the image and personal charm of Mr. Zhang as being a leader.


Mr. Zhang always impresses people by his personality and charm.  He is confident and positive, easy to approach.  While being with him, you feel he is the one whom you can count on.


Due to the case of political protection, he was in prison for more than one year.  During that period of time, when Senator, Mr. Santos visited him in prison, he could not help speaking high of him as a charming spiritual leader.


Even Judge Danna Dieas described him in his court verdict that Mr. Zhang was strong, tough and poised.  His personality and behavior were in consistent with what was described in his autobiography.  He uniqueness proved that he was an outstanding creator and leader of a Chinese organization.


No wonder Mr. Zhang was admired by so many Chinese followers.


However, these are the superficial and external descriptions about Mr. Zhang.


His rich knowledge, great ambition and life experience are the internal factor that result in his calm and poise.


He used to be a political theories researcher at a government agency.  Then he was promoted and sent to study at the Management Department of Beijing University of Science and Technology.  After graduation, he devoted himself in a thorough research and exploration in traditional Chinese culture, including Buddhism, Dao, Ru, Yi, Traditional Chinese Medical Science, Traditional Chinese Wu Shu and Traditional Chinese Military Strategy.  From then on,  he established the Kylin Culture system which includes philosophy, life science, special medical science, aesthetic art, education, management, courtesy rules and life preservation.  He gradually gave up the opportunity for promotion and turned into the research in life research.  Since August 8th, 1987, he has followers and admirers more than 38 millions.


His Kylin culture is accepted by his people convincingly. 


The basis for Kylin culture is its philosophy, which illustrates the rules of Yin and Yang, the two opposing principles in nature, the former feminine and negative and the latter masculine and positive.  Yin and Yang are correlated and co-existed.

If you use the principle to understand society, a society is stable when socialism (Yang) and capitalism (yin) co-exist.  This principle is inconsistent with the existing communism theory.  However, it was supported by some government officials and scholars during the period of 1980’s and 1990’s.


The principle of Yin and Yang also results in theory about life  being which is composed of intangible material (Yin) and tangible material (Yang).  The creation and development of life being abide by the principle of Yin and Yang which are correlated and co-existed with each other.  When a life being terminates, Yin and Yang will be reborn into a new one.  The principle of Yin and Yang also differentiates itself from the myths about spirit and ghost.  The principle is a great breakthrough which attracts people from all circles of society.


Mr. Zhang looks healthy, strong and tough.  He masters the spirit of life preservation.  He looks 10 or 20 years younger than his real age.  Many people learn from him to maintain health and preserve life.


Zhong Gong was born from ancient Buddhism, Dao, Medicine, Ru and Wu, but it is presented and illustrated in modern language.  It is easy to master and will have a magic effect on health preservation.  People learn Zhong Gong to keep fit and maintain health.  Patient can be restored with health if they are perseverant in practicing.  Tumor will disappear and cancer will release.  Those who master Zhong Gong can help to treat and cure complicated diseases.  These people not only serve as family doctors, but also help people to restore health.  The prevailing of Zhong Gong brings great benefit to those people who are in great need of medical treatment.  Those who benefit from Zhong Gong show great respect for Mr. Zhang.


Mr. Zhang contributed his book, “ Special Edition of Medical Science” to the society which accumulated 200,000 special medical treatment cases.  Radio China International and China Central Radio Station opened a Kylin Culture special program to introduce and promote Zhong Gong and Mr. Zhang from 1994 until 1998.  All the articles broadcasted are touching.  Mr. Zhang once again impressed the world with his personal charm.


The Kylin Group established more than 3000 business units, created 100,000 employment opportunities for 400,000 people.  Mr. Zhang cares about education.  He donated RMB 300,000 to build up San Xi Elementary School in Qin Chen Mountain.  He cares about people who suffer from flood.  During the difficult time in his life in 1998, he donated medicine worth of RMB 1 million and 30,000 editions of his book “ 100 Special Medical Treatment” to people in flooded area.            


It is hard to give a full picture of Mr. Zhang in this short article.


If you want to summarize why Mr. Zhang has attracted so many followers?  The answer is that he has a kind heart.  He cares about people and he contributes to the people!


Due to his personal charm, he was political mistreated.  From my understanding of him, Mr. Zhang has no interest in politics.  He will continue to be admired by people throughout the world.

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