Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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The Impressions on “’The Key Points of My Different Political Views’ of Mr. Zhang Hongbao

 Zheng Da


Recently, Zhong Gong, which has 38 million learners, more than 3000 industrial enterprises and 400 thousand staff and their relatives, has been labeled as a heresy internally and suppressed in large scale by CPC authorities. The founder of Zhong Gong Mr. Zhang Hongbao has been traced and arrested by CPC authorities since 1994 up to now. More and more people are asking a same question: Why is it so? A kind of sayings from mainland high level is: Kylin Culture has been considered as “natural enemy of Marxism” by Propaganda Department of Central Committee of CPC; the founder of Kylin Culture Zhang Hongbao has been forecasted by some person as “gravedigger of Marxism in the future”. People know that he is engaged in Qigong, from where do there appear above mentioned sayings? “The Key Points of My Different Political Views” of Mr. Zhang Hongbao may let people understand that is because he has set his foot in very wide areas, he has a special talent and an inventive mind especially at philosophy. In China, the philosophy and political area are vitally interrelated, the philosophical views are equated with political points of view. If the philosophical views are introduced into social area from philosophical area and are different from those of CPC, they are naturally regarded as “different political views”. Then, the politically persecuting the people who hold the “different political views” will follow.


There are five key points of Mr. Zhang Hongbao’s “different political views”:


The first key point: Mr Zhang Hongbao has discovered and pointed out that the critical theories of Marxism cannot make themselves consistent and not self-contradictory. This discovery has revealed fatal link of congenitally deficient theories of Marxism and made the edifice of so called the theory of social science---Marxist theory, which has misled world people for more than a hundred years, shake and crumble.


The second key point: The “Mental-Material Dialectics” expounded by Mr. Zhang Hongbao in Kylin Culture has punctuated a full stop with a few words for the philosophical thesis of “the material and the mental, which is primary, which is secondary?” which had been argued for more than a hundred years. This problem is the philosophical foundation of Marxism and is also the forbidden zone of CPC’s theory. Mr. Zhang Hongbao has expounded and analyzed the dialectical relation between mental and material on solid basis. He has pointed out: Both mental and material are objective existence, merely one is dominant existence and the other is recessive existence; one is real existence and the other is vacant existence. They can transform mutually under certain conditions, i.e., mental can transform into material, material can transform into mental. There is no problem of “which is primary and which is secondary”. He has broken through the theoretical forbidden zone set up by CPC Party tyrant and shaken directly the philosophical foundation of Marxism.


The third key point: The theory of “Yin and Yang Being the Root of Each Other”. This theory of Mr. Zhang Hongbao has fundamentally denied Marxist theory of property right and the highest struggle objective of Marxism-- “Thoroughly eliminating private ownership” from the angle of philosophical principle and from the angle of the law of thing development.


The fourth key point: In the “Law of Promotion-Restriction-Inhibition-Transformation in Five Elements”, from the angle of the dynamic theory of cosmic inventory and the theory of development balance of social development law, Mr. Zhang Hongbao has revealed that if the society wants to develop forward sound and steadily, its social right system must be a kind of relation conditioning each other. At the same time, he has criticized the unreasonableness of the power system of totalitarian autocracy from the angle of philosophical principle and the law of thing development. He absorbs the western successful social practice and eastern profound philosophical principles on a social sensitive problem, making them be in a perfect harmony, give brilliant rays and focus people’s attention.


The fifth key point: The move of managing state and educating people “Eight Virtues and Eight Calls”. According to Mr. Zhang’s words, in view of the national conditions, the folk customs and the current malpractices at that time he has put forward the “Eight Virtues and Eight Calls” as a new norm of behavior and moral criterion for the people of the country to follow. Although this move of managing state affairs and educating people which has been brought forward by Mr. Zhang in accordance with the features of commodity economy and information society has only 88 characters, its contents have covered various aspects, such as, philosophy, economy, culture, politics, ethics, education, psychology, etc.. It takes root in the soil of splendid culture of Chinese nation and has been praised highly by various strata of China in purifying people’s souls, changing prevailing habits and customs and reforming social conduct. Many government officials and cadres at high level of CPC said: “Eight virtues and Eight Calls” is good indeed, if all the communists, cadres and common people could act on it, the social conduct would be better. People praised that Zhong Gong people who follow the “Eight Virtues and Eight Calls” have set up honest and upright examples for the society. However, CPC considers “Zhang Hongbao is striving for popular feelings with the CPC!”, “Zhong Gong is a ‘heresy’”. Of course, it is black or white, there is always a fair public opinion.


From above mentioned “different political views”, we have heard truly the voice “being contrary to Marxism”. CPC is always extremely afraid of and hostile to any people who hold the philosophical views different from theirs. The basic reasons of Mr. Zhang Hongbao and Zhong Gong being subjected to political persecution by Jiang Zemin Government are comprehended without being told.


Jiang Zemin has designed for the leaders of various spiritual movements a common mode of losing their lives, that is: “first to label them as ‘heresy’ (in order to reduce the pressure of international opinions); further to slender their names (to frame a case of fornication with women against them, it is the easiest way to make their names stink.); and the last to sentence their to death “logically” (to get rid of dissidents).” Some persons had been already “eliminated” by them with such a “way of three stages”.


On the road of searching truth there is indeed full of blood and fire!


Mr. Zhang Hongbao, please take good care of yourself!

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