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The Shock by a 6000 Word- Article

Xinjiang   Gao Xinwang


After reading "The Key Points of My Different Political Views" which

Consists of only 6000 words written by Mr. Zhang Hongbao, I feel shaking from

The bottom of my heart. Mr. xxx hasn't complained loudly about  injustice from his own narrow angle of victim who persecuted, but he wrote with countless mental and physical wounds as persecuted victim and with a great merciful heart concerning about the fate of the Chinese nation and future of the country, he observes the objective law of things' motion in all directions and in a broad way and digs out the root of communist theory.


"The Key Points" first lets the followers of Marxism feel that they themselves become active victims and also lets those who have doubted the Marxist theory and have been subjected to persecutions become passive victims. These victims feel proud and elated and relieved. After all, some one dared to dig out the root of the preposterous theory.


"The Key Points" has not only denounced the outcome of the systematic corruption caused by dictatorial autocracy, but also criticized the power structure of dictatorial autocracy, which runs counter to the objective law of things motion and stated that it will lead to systematic corruption inevitably and irretrievably.


According to philosophic theory of "promotion and restriction relations of Five elements" "The Key Points" warned the rulers of totalitarian dictatorial power not to go on with their dictatorship or they will have a Dead-end! At the same time it helped people realize the fact that under the situation of systematic corruption caused by totalitarian dictatorship,  The wealth of the country and the society will flow into the pockets of corruptive controllers of the power faster more in a more focused way if they only carry out economic reform system while still maintaining the same political structure of totalitarian dictatorship.


People can feel a deep sigh in "The Key Points": "It is more regretful that up to now many people still persist in this goal which is fundamentally not scientific!" This makes people ponder.


What kind of magic can make people persist in what is clearly wrong? Anyone with a discerning eye can see it is the vested interest. In fact, those who expressed to persist do not really persist and those seem to persist and look likes to persist only tell lies for the sake of their vested interest. The former vices president of Chinese Academy of Social Science Li Shenzhi said incisively: "now Chinese history has nothing left but lies".


The extraordinary idea of "The Key Points" which astounded the world is that it exposed a monstrous lie radically!

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