Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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The Lethal Acupoint of Communist Theory Has Been Touched

Zhejiang   Liu Shanlan



The main reason for CPC to persecute Zhang Hongbao and Zhong Gong is because The Kylin Culture goes contrary to Marxism is. Zhang Hongbao could evade no longer and He put the main contrary theoretical points of Kylin Culture to Marxism

In his “The Key Points” in front of the world and his every word and sentence has touched the lethal acupoint of Marxist theory with which CPC builds the Party and the country.


  “The Key Points” has pointed out that the Marxist theoretical system is

Only assorted cold dishes and it is not strict and scientific. This helps people perceive that the basic theory used by Communist Party for building the party and the country as guideline are essentially inaccurate. Once this lethal acupoint is stroked, the beautiful light ring of “great, glorious and correct” Communist is pale into insignificance!


“The Key Points” warned once again the Great Tao’s natural law of “Those who obey the Tao will prosper and those who defy the Tao will Perish”. Therefore it indicated that not only Kylin Culture is Contrary to Marxism, but also the Marxism is contrary to the law of things Motion. This lethal acupoint is stroked, the communist tower which looks Magnificent and splendid may collapse with a loud crash as it loses its Theoretical basis! That makes those who still cry for persistence look more Funny, more absurd and more hateful.


CPC has made a wrong calculation persecuting  Zhang Hongbao and Zhong Gong


Politically only because the Kylin Culture is opposite to Marxism.  Their action made people see more clearly that the East Asia Culture turns out to be the truth and Zhang Hongbao promoting the East Asia Culture turns to be a Scholar who has great concern about the Chinese nation and who loves the country and the people truly. As a result, a more obvious lethal acupoint  On the body of the persecutor is revealed, which has to be touched and Nipped by the one who persecuted Zhang Hongbao. The deeper they persecute Zhang Hongbao and Zhong Gong, the bigger sins they commit against the nation, the country and The people. Continuous escalation of persecution means to press and nip this lethal acupoint by him strongly till death.

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