Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Why does the Chinese Communist Persecute Zhang Hongbao Unscrupulously?

Yuan Hao


Mr Zhang Hongbao published “  The important points of my different political views”. Obviously, it is a counter-act of a series of political persecution from the Chinese Communist authority. In the article, he pointed out the main reasons for his own and Zhong-Gong organization being persecuted. He put forward the focal point of differences in his ~ culture as opposed to Marxism and frankly described his own political view. A sincere heart of a frank patriot can be clearly seen in the article.


Marxism as a doctrine naturally has its limitations. As an academic study, questioning and critisism should be allowed. Otherwise, all these Leninism, Maoism and Deng Xiaoping’s theory which are claimed to develop from the theory and ideology of Marxism - where did they come from? The problem is: in socialist countries, anyone who dare proposing a theory opposing to Marxism is considered reactionary and will naturally be suppressed. This is the principle that the Chinese Communist has been upholding all the time for tens of years.  Now he goes so far as to point out that Marxism is unscientific. This is the first reason why he and Zhong-Gong get persecuted. Second, it is because this person, Zhang Hongbao, is too dreadful.


Dreadful because of his unsurpassing knowledge. He has been in university, studying deep into politics, economics, military strategies, western contemporary science, and traditional culture. He has been in too many domains.


Dreadful because he is too bold. He makes use of his knowledge to see through obstacles, break through forbidden land, knock open the door of life science, and study into the development and operation patterns of everything in the universe. He strikes out a new line for himself and brings out Kyling culture.


Dreadful because he has too much vigour. In the area of nourishment for life and cultivation of energy, he unprecedentedly opens a business venue. He has founded more than 3000 business establishment in this area in almost all the cities and towns in mainland China.


Dreadful because of his strong cohesive force. He coagulates at least 38,000,000 Zhong-Gong members. And it is the more knowledgeable people who swarm to Zhong-Gong.


Dreadful because he enjoys too much ardent support of the people. What he advocates is the “Eight Virtue and Eight Thinking” of governing the nation and nourishing its people, which was praised by even the some cadre of the communist party. They said if all the people in the nation follow, the general quality of people will definitely improve.


The dreadfulness described above is of course dreadfulness in the eyes of the authority. This kind of person leading such a huge Zhong-Gong organization, “in case they change the flags, wouldn’t they become the biggest opposition party in China”? Is this not “competing with the party for support of the people”? This is the biggest worry of the high authority of the Chinese communist. About the ability of him, in a critique by Liu Huajie, Associate Professor of the Political Department in Beijing University, Liu said, “he is very capable. It is just that he uses his capability in the wrong place.” That means if he “ works for the Party”, it is then the right place. Autocrats generations after generations use the same secret recipe passed down from ancesters towards those who excel: they who can be used by me can be my servants and be retained; they who cannot be used by me will be used by my enemy and become a strong one and should be killed. He uses his ability at the "wrong" place and so has become a potential threat to the Chinese communist authority. As a result he must be persecuted.


However, he and Zhong-Gong have not done anything "against the society or against the mankind", "disturb social order", "subvert the nation's political authority". All the organizations of Zhong-Gong have the approval from government departments. Zhong-Gong is a legal entity. What it offers to the people is health, happiness and well-being. What it offers to its country is auspices, peace and stability. He is a conscious scholar, a businessman good at management, a teacher who has respectable character, profound and extensive knowledge, and a big heart. Such kind of person and such kind of organization now become imaginary enemy in the eyes of the Chinese communist authority, which keeps hurling heaps of appalling charges at them. What a pity it is for the whole nation and its people!

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