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Another Victory Reported from the human right battlefront of Guam

Mu Kong


Around 4 am on Apr.27 in Washington, International Zhong Gong Headquarters received a disturbing message sent by members of "Alliance of Supporting Zhang Hong Bao" from Guam. It says Chinese counselor in LA Chinese Counsel Liang Zheng Quan went to the prison of Guam to make trouble to Zhong Gong disciples, one of the disciples Luo Kai Wen, whose political asylum is now under processing, told him a lot of his own experience and standpoint of opposing CPC, and as a result was abused and threatened as "deserve death" the counselor and then was orally informed by the INS that he would be extradited back to China on Apr.30.


Luo Kai Wen, 63 years old, was determined as "Right Wing" on 1957 when he was a student. During 1964 and 1972, he was jailed for 8 years with the charge of "counterrevolutionary". After being released, he had to make living in a small town close to his own city because his residency in that city had been sold by the public security department in charge of residence registry. He has been affected in every political movement. In Feb. of 2000 he took the opportunity of changing flight in Guam to apply for political asylum. It was not a good time because Clinton's administration was developing strategy partnership with Jiang Ze Min's government at that time. His application was not approved. Recently he has regained the opportunity of political asylum application. But it so happened that he ran into the Chinese counselor and scolded CPC in front of him right at the time when CPC was shamed in anger with the release of Zhang Hong Bao and was trying to find a way to revenge. He is a Zhong Gong disciple, and he has scolded CPC before a Chinese counselor. He would definitely be severely punished once extradited. 


It was an emergency. From receiving the notice to the carrying out of extradition, it has only two weekend days. The cruel fact was that there was no way for Luo to lodge an appeal on weekends. To save his life, International Zhong Gong Headquarters immediately reported this issue to Mr. Zhang Hong Bao. After analyzing the situation, Mr. Zhang made urgent arrangement. All staff in the headquarters set about rescuing right away.


In Guam, members of "Alliance of Supporting Zhang Hong Bao" respectively appealed to the press, the Governor and the president of Legislature of Guam...


In Washington, the Headquarters made use of the time difference (between Guam and Washington) which spared them one workday to require support on higher levels according to Mr. Zhang's strategy. On one hand, they informed Chinese democratic movement information center of the issue so that Mr. Lu Si Qing of the center interviewed the prison of Guam through phone and issued the report right on that night to win over support from international public opinion. On the other hand, they urgently contacted persons-in-charge of all overseas democratic movement groups to discuss the issue. All groups had made prompt response and so a supporting battlefront was set up rapidly. Then IZGH asked "Lawyer team of Mr. Zhang Hong Bao" for help. Lawyer Gao Tai from New York readily agreed. He arranged his own assistants and friends to prepare all necessary documents at the soonest speed within 12 hours and then lodge an appeal to the Court of New York applying for urgent habeas Corpus for Luo Kai Wen. The appeal was objected due to limits of administration authority. They right away transferred the appeal to the No.9 Federal Court in Seattle.   


In the mean time, Mr. Lian Sheng De, CEO of Free China Movement Union, and Mr. Tim Kuper, Director of International Section contacted representative from Washington in Office for Refugee at UN Human Rights Committee and submitted materials, having obtained their support and concern. Office for Refugee made a call to the INS requiring the suspension of extraditing Luo Kai Wen. This call has played an important role in the final decision making of the Court.


Thanks to all these efforts, the No. 9 Federal Court of the US made the decision on Apr.28 that the INS of Guam should urgently suspend extradition of Luo Kai Wen


From the action of rescuing Luo Kai Wen in such short time --- 12 hours, we have seen the high efficiency, the sense of self-conscience, and the proactive spirit of overseas democratic movement personages in the aspect of maintaining human rights, peoples' rights, and rescuing victims of persecution. Their communication network is wide and fast so that the information could be sent to main presses all over the world in no time. All groups have actively cooperated with Zhong Gong and kept close touch with UN human rights organizations and we quickly formed a fight force with the powerful support. 


These series of rescuing actions finally managed to stop the extradition of Luo Kai Wen.


This morning, when the order of relieving Luo Kai Wen from extradition reached the prison of Guam, people burst into cheers and congratulated Luo Kai Wen on his escaping from misfortune so soon, prison policemen included. It is an unprecedented miracle in the prison of Guam. 


This is our second victory in the Human Right Battle of Guam. It showed the further unity of oversea strengths opposing CPC dictatorship. It also showed the strong spirit of Zhong Gong people in fighting a harsh battle and fighting successively. Last by not least, it presented to the world the initiator of this rescue Mr. Zhang Hong's ability to deal with emergency, analyzing ability, decision-making ability, and organizing ability for large-scaled and stereoscopic activity. 


Apr.30, 2001

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