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Wei Xiaoxiao


“Chinese Alliance for Opposition against Persecution” (the Alliance) has cried out at the special occasion the epoch slogans on the historical stage: “to fight against tyranny, to fight against tyrant dictatorship; to fight brutality; to struggle for human rights, to struggle for democracy and to struggle for freedom.” The Alliance fights face to face with Jiang Zemin, the modern Chinese tyrant, and challenges the Jiang Zemin’s tyrant dictatorship. The Alliance sings the elegy for the tyranny and tyrant dictatorship. This is the outcome of the Jiang Zemin regime’s tyranny dictatorship, which comes at the right time.



As soon as the Alliance is introduced to the public, it immediately shows its new and active image. The Alliance did not follow the traditional regulations to elect the leaders, make ranking arrangement, work out guidelines, collect funds, and finally conduct activities. On the contrary, the Alliance has set up clear and definite banner and slogans at the time it was established. The fund was collected right away and started to do practical things. It has organized 100 articles within a very short period of time, and broke out a spectacular and vigorous “literal battle” prior the July 1st, the birth-day of the Chinese Communist Party. This is a strong and sudden attack, which as a song goes “Where there is an injustice incident, there will be a heavy strike.” Moreover, it is a strong and dauntless strike. One could see through the Alliance’s fight strength and the wise tactical strategy of the schemer.


The 100 articles in special edition compiled by the Alliance under the title “Anti-Tyranny, Anti-Tyrant Dictatorship, Anti-Brutality on July 1st” consisted of all kinds of articles in different style. Each series of articles were edited in various and vivid style. The editor not only paid attention to each article’s content but the different side of each article. Each group of articles stands for a whole and complete system for striking. It was like to collect the scattered arrows, aim at one target and then to shoot all the arrows toward one target with unfailing accuracy.


Among the selected articles on tyrant dictatorship, there were articles exposed the bloody facts of the tyrant dictatorship, articles of trace on the historical reason on tyrant dictatorship, and the articles on the trend and future outcome of the tyrant dictatorship. By reading this special edition of articles, people would be able to see clearly not only the development and brutality of tyrant dictatorship but the irresistible trend of doom fail of the tyranny dictatorship. Meanwhile, the articles would wake up and encourage people to build up confidence to root out the tyrant dictatorship and will be bond to win the victory.


The Alliance article on China’s modern tyranny Jiang Zemin has severely commented on him. It brought to light that Jiang Zemin came from a traitor’s family, and Jiang Zemin himeslf later became a KGB spy. It exposed that Jiang Zemin gave out the Chinese territory to Russia, which depicted Jiang Zemin as a traitor to China. Some articles on Jiang Zemin’s ludicrous behavior at the diplomat occasion described him as a shameless person without any ability and morality. Some articles disclosed Jiang Zemin’s extravagant life style, his shielding the major corrupted individuals, and his cultivation of his son to be a politician as well as a businessman, which portrayed Jiang Zemin as a self-corrupted Head Master of the official criminal gang , who attempted to turn the Chinese country into Jiang Zemin dynasty. There were also articles exposed Jiang Zemin was suspicious of secret murdering, suppressed dissidents, crackdown Qi Gong and religious organizations, intervened political reform, and acted against the historical trend, which depicted Jiang Zemin as a vicious, cruel and brutal tyranny of the modern time.


The Alliance special edition of 10 series of articles is like 10 heavy blows that attack from 10 different sides at the same time. It is as if to “hit from all directions on one target.” It makes the writers and internet editors of Jiang Zemin unable to fight back, because all the articles were full of facts and theories. They are not able to find any shield to cover the Jiang Zemin regime’s tyrant dictatorship. What they could do is to slander, curse and make troubles. This, on the other hand, reveals the true face of this tyrant dictator. It makes people see clearly that this is a group of ruthless and tyrannical ruffians.


In this “literary battle” on “Anti-Tyranny, Anti-Tyrant Dictatorship, Anti-Brutality on July 1st”, we discovered the cooperation from justice force in all fields. We hereby would cite Mr. Qiu Ye’s remarks: “The Chinese Alliance for Opposition against Persecution has common views and open to all parties, no matter what kind of the party is, including the party members within the Communist Party organization.” Thus, People are to see the bright future of China.


We do hope this newly born force will play an immense role in the historical evolution of promoting the democracy in China.

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