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China Anti-Political Persecution Alliance Appeal For NPC and CPPCC to Urge Government Stop Political Persecution

- An Open Letter from China Anti-Political Persecution Alliance to The 5th Session of 9th NPC & CPPCC Conference (NPC: National People’s Congress; CPPCC: Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference)

The honorable all delegates as well as Mr. Chairman of NPC of the People’s Republic of China:

The honorable all members as well as Mr. Chairman of CPPCC of the People’s Republic of China


In view of two conferences that symbolize China’s legality and democracy at the most senior level taking place, we appeal the two conferences to pay special attention to thousands of China’s political dissidents, institutions with political ideology, religious groups and Qigong associates, etc., who are living in misery suffering from political persecution. We also appeal you to conscientiously practice your authorization entitled by the Constitutions and perform your responsibility of representing the people’s will, urging Jiang Zemin’s administration to stop any political persecution, and monitoring the government to correct actions that violate the Constitutions and human rights and to treat each citizen with fair.  


These politically persecuted individuals and institutions are in great number and existing in all walks of life all over the country. They have been charged with all sorts of accusations by the authority, only because they have either expressed opinions disagreeing with the ruling party’s, or held different political ideologies, or chosen non-communism belief, or been popular thanks to the benefits they brought to the people and developed rapidly with considerable followers. Persecutions against them include illegal tracking, monitoring, restriction on speech and movement, lay-off, disbanding, searching houses, beating, arresting, heavy sentence, sealing operations, and confiscating properties, and so on … Up to date such persecutions are still undertaking. What’s more, related departments have claimed that cracking down on these dissidents should be reinforced, strengthened and deepened.     


Each delegate to the conference is earnestly requested to think about that since the Constitution entitles a citizen to the freedom of religious belief, freedom of association and freedom of speech, each person has the right to choose one’s own belief, to legally form association, and to freely express one’s own political opinion. People performing their bestowed human rights under the scope that the Constitution allows are exactly defending the honor of the Constitution and the law as citizens are supposed to, which will help to bring about the maturity of a democratic and legal country. Nevertheless, the government is operating against the Constitution to suit the taste of person in power, carrying out political persecution. China’s principle law is invalidated so! How could the people not be grieved?  

Dear delegates, again please think about that those organizations such as Zhong Gong and others, who put the country’s benefit before one’s own and enjoy for the people’s enjoyment, who never spend the nation’s money but proactively promote the national project “National Fitness Movement”, uplift people’s spirit, and purify social environment, and who are deeply welcomed by the Chinese people due to their outstanding accomplishments, should have been encouraged, supported and promoted by the government, yet how come the government destroyed more than three thousand Zhong Gong facilities and consequently the livelihood of more than 400 thousand Zhong Gong employees and their families as well as the vitality of nearly 40 million disciples, only because of the feudal emperor’s mentality of the person in power and his fear for Zhong Gong?      


Dear delegates, the People’s Republic of China is the country of all Chinese people, not a possession of one ruling party, even less so of one individual. “Rule the country by law” is clearly stated in the Constitution. When the government forcefully intervenes people’s constitutional freedom and human rights, it is violation of law, is national terrorism, is invasion of citizen’s bestowed human rights and is dictatorship. It is against the country’s interest, against the people’s will, and against the tendency of world trends. China has joined the WTO, thus joined the world trends, which requires it to further establish and improve its legal systems instead of operating against the existing law, to further implement rule by law instead of by dictatorship, and to further respect citizen’s human rights and freedom instead of regarding the people as worthless.


Once again we appeal all the delegates and commissioners at the 9th conference to conscientiously perform your responsibility, for building a true legal and democratic country, urging Jiang Zemin’s administration to stop any political persecution, to release those who were detained because of fighting for human rights and freedom, to investigate those already framed-up or being framed-up and wrong cases, to return fairness to the society, and to reestablish the honor of law. 

We wish to be side by side with the people advancing our country to prosperity on the course of democracy and legality!    

China Anti-Political Persecution Alliance 


 March 3rd, 2002 

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