Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Appeal to the NPC and CPPCC From International Zhong Gong Headquarters

 (NPC: National People’s Congress; CPPCC: Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference)


Dear all delegates to the 5th Session of 9th NPC and CPPCC Conferences:

“Two Conferences” are soon to take place, which we Zhong Gong associates both in China and overseas are very glad to hear of. This is going to be a big event in the Chinese people’s political and democratic life as well as an important moment of embodying and implementing the democratic political system of China. We sincerely hope that the “Two Conferences” will actually practice their authorization and perform their responsibilities according to the Constitution and truly work for the benefits of the people.

Since it was established by Mr. Zhang Hongbao and publicized on August 8th of 1987, Zhong Gong has made indispensable contributions to and been highly praised by local government and the society all over the country. Zhong Gong has promoted the modernization reform of the traditional Chinese Qigong, innovated special medication science, pioneered in the field of health-keeping culture by launching multiple enterprises, offered Qigong training as well as moral education, supported causes for public interest, funded for natural disaster victims, created more than 10,000 jobs which supported nearly 30,000 people’s life, conducted multiple research programs such as drug addiction treatment with special medication and advanced education, and so on. In its actual operations, Zhong Gong has always followed legal procedures, be it establishing new facilities, administrating or maintaining existing facilities. All the legal procedures have been documented and witnessed.     


Nevertheless, Zhong Gong was charged with some un-proofed accusations such as “Political Clique with Reactionary Tendency” etc when it was enjoying immense popular support. An unprecedented political persecution movement was unfolded in front of Zhong Gong.   


Since July 1999, nearly 3,000 Zhong Gong enterprises have been forced to shut down by the government, more than 400,000 people lost their income, over 1,000 been arrested, key members been sentenced, and properties worth 800 million RMB Yuan illegally confiscated. Zhong Gong operations overseas have also been monitored, searched or even shut down due to pressures from China. Compelled by circumstances, Mr. Zhang Hongbao, the founder of Zhong Gong organization, went to the United States seeking political asylum but was intervened by Jiang Zemin’s administration and kept in prison at Guam for 444 days.     


As of today, political persecutions against Zhong Gong are still happening. Internationally, Jiang Zemin’s administration has been creating obstacles for Mr. Zhang Hongbao in many countries all over the world; Domestically, many detained Zhong Gong key members have been sentenced, members in exile been searched and arrested or monitored; They fabricated rumors to confuse the society and tried every effort to divide and destroy resources that belonged to Zhong Gong. Zhong Gong is suffering more and more as time goes by.  


Zhong Gong the Qigong organization that has integrated the core spirits of traditional Chinese health-keeping culture, been highly praised both domestically and abroad, and has lawfully established, operated and maintained its enterprises, is being suffering and persecuted in every kind of way in its own motherland. All of us Zhong Gong personnel both in China and abroad are extremely concerned (with this situation). We sincerely and firmly request that the “Two Conferences”:


1.  Immediately instruct the concerned committees within NPC and CPPCC to place a case on file for an earnest and objective investigation of all the contributions that Zhong Gong has made and all the political persecutions that Zhong Gong has suffered, to (urge the government) acquit all un-proofed charges such as “Political Clique with Reactionary Tendency” against Zhong Gong, to (urge the government) stop all political persecutions against Zhong Gong organization, its associates and its enterprises, and to announce its rehabilitation.   

2. Conduct a fair-minded appraisal for Mr. Zhong Hongbao, acquit all the fabricated accusations against him and stop all political persecutions against him.

3. Immediately release all illegally detained Zhong Gong key members, employees, and/or disciples; retrial those who have been sentenced and announce their innocence; compensate those who have been beaten, injured and/or disabled during detention.   

4. Return Zhong Gong operations that have been illegally forced to shut down their lawful registration licenses, and allow them to reopen and operate.

5. Return in full amount of the illegally confiscated properties to Zhong Gong.


International Zhong Gong Headquarters


March 03rd, 2002 


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