Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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 International General Committee of Zhong Gong


International General Committee of Zhong Gong, Washington, June 22--- Since the release of Zhang Hongbao from the jail, all Zhong Gong practitioners at home and abroad show great concern about the further development of Zhong Gong. Friends from all walks of life frequently asked about the same question. Having prepared for quite while, Mr. Zhang Hongbao talked about today, at a special occasion in Washington DC, Zhong Gong's functions, development principles and goal for world benefits under new situation, which indicated in the followings:


I. Zhong Gong's Functions:


Zhong Gong will stick to health exercise techniques. It disseminates Culture of health exercise, targeting to strengthen people's health, get rid of illness, be stronger, live a long life, and develop a person's spiritual morality.


II. Zhong Gong's Principles for Development:


1. Zhong Gong is a non-religious sect, but it respects every practitioner's religious belief, which is every one's freedom and rights.

2. Zhong Gong is a non-political organization. However, it will struggle against the Jiang Zemin regime for its own rights for existence and legal rights for health exercise. Zhong Gong's followers will try best to maintain the human rights, and civil rights given by constitutions. Zhong Gong will fight hard against the Jiang Zemin regime's suppression.


Mr. Zhang gave more details on this point. He said, "We respect every Zhong Gong practitioner's political ideas and needs as well as participation. It is personal freedom and rights. Zhong Gong is not a political organization, but we are in a political environment. Thus, we will concern about politics, support political reform and evolution of the society."

3. Zhong Gong is not a mission that is run for the goal of business profit. But, it exists and     develops in business and commercial environment, therefore, it should be conducted in accordance with economic regulations of the market so as to develop cultural economy and to build up its own cultural industry of life science.


III. Zhong Gong's Goals for World Benefits


Zhong Gong's goals for world benefits are: to make people healthy; to enlighten people with hope; to make people happy; to make people feel at ease.


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