Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Another Successful Step by Zhang Hong Bao

 Free Addresser: Ye Qiu


One week after he was granted asylum by the US government, Zhang Hong Bao made a speech regarding Zhong Gong’s future orientation, developing principles and it’s objects to benefit the world.


The speech further assured people that Zhang Hong Bao is really strategic. He has been acclaimed as a person good at scheming, which again can be proved true through this step he made. To define the orientation, principles and objects of Zhong Gong is obviously on the level of making strategy.


When making decisions about Zhong Gong’s orientation, developing principles and objects to benefit the world, Zhang Hong Bao has taken into consideration how to handle the relationship between surviving and countering political prosecution. He has weighed all the pros and cons, which makes sure that things come out safe and sound. He concluded that Zhong Gong should still focus on refining life-preservation technology. The word “still” actually took “Zhong Gong” in trouble to a safe and broader space, stepping into an immoral world.


The three principles for development of Zhong Gong is annotation as well as supplement to its orientation, thereafter vesting it with new contents, even though he used the word “still”.  


 Let’s see the first principle: “Zhong Gong is not a religious organization” yet “respects every disciple’s personal religious belief.”. Thus, it tactically avoided the potential suspicion, jealousy, squeezing out and even striking from the religious world, which has already been divided into pieces. Eventually, Zhong Gong will gain without fighting. 


The second principle stresses that Zhong Gong is not political organization, but it would fight against Jiang Ze Min for its own rights of living and rights of pratising skills to maintain the basic human rights and Chinese’s citizenship that the Constitution bestowed on us. Zhong Gong should fight against Jiang Ze Min’s prosecution.” “As for the political ideology, political pursuit and political involvement of each individual Zhong Gong disciple, we regard them as personal affairs and show our respect.” “Zhong Gong is not a political organization, but it is living in a political environment, then it must solicitude for politics, support political reform and progress of the society.” The aforementioned principle reiterates that Zhong Gong is not political organization, which would keep its credibility to the world and to the disciples and make them feel safe about staying with Zhong Gong, avoiding losing its current resources. In the mean time, it also reinforced Zhong Gong’s safety coefficient, making it hard for CPC to take any action against it. Even they wanted to make excuse, there would be no ground for them to do that. Yet, Zhong Gong members would always have firm ground to argue and also the willingness to fight to the death. Things will develop to the opposite when they become extreme. Chinese Communist Party has to think twice about this. Jiang Ze Min’s administration launched large-scaled crack down on the Qi Gong society and Religion groups, causing big changes in the original ecological balance of Chinese society; Jiang’s despotic rule has aroused extreme dissatisfaction and abomination all over the country. There must be some people who want to speak out their dissatisfaction and so there must be some ones who have been driven to the opposite side of the government. Such phenomenon is rising all-sided and everywhere in China. And of course some Zhong Gong disciples are also being involved. “Wherever there is suppression, there must be counteraction.” This is inexorable law. It is totally reasonable that people would cry out their own political pursuit at such a specific point of time and the situation. It is not a wise move to suppress the disciples’ personal political pursuit and involvement just for the sake of Zhong Gong’s survival. It appears perfectly steady and sophisticated of Zhang Hong Bao to state that Zhong Gong respects individuals’ political pursuit and involvement, respects their choice, but clearly differentiates individuals’ personal behavior from its overall strategy yet supports their fight against tyranny, despotic rule and prosecution. This would definitely help him to save the existing forces and also to obtain new resource.      


Zhong Gong’s objects to benefit the world are “bring health to people, bring hope to people, bring joy to people and bring peach to people”, which further show the world that Zhong Gong is a peaceful organization as well as a refining culture of benefit to the mankind. Probably these would be seen as ordinary objects from the point view of a politician, but they are exactly what the ordinary people need. Such strategy making would obtain Zhong Gong more and more space of development.


So, we have every reason to say that Zhang Hong Bao has taken another successful step through the speech.


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