Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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A Judge's View of Zhang Hongbao

By Xiao Yu


The written judgment delivered by the immigration court judge has made us realize that, if processed strictly according to the American laws and determined by an impartial judge, Zhang Hongbao's political asylum case would have come to a satisfactory resolution a long time ago.


In the written judgment on Zhang's case, the judge wrote: "in the case involving the respondent, there is no adequate evidence to prove that he committed any criminal offence." This is the conclusion the judge reached after conducing a thorough inspection of all the materials relating to Zhang's case.


The judge also presented a professional assessment of Zhang Hongbao's character. The judge commented in the written judgment: "During the hearing, this court conducted a careful observation of the respondent's demeanor. He has a strong body and carries himself with tranquility and composure." "His conduct during the hearing is compatible with the description in his autobiography. As to the respondent's demeanor, it's unique, compatible with the documents and words he has provided. He is indeed an outstanding founder and leader of a big organization in China." The judge made this evaluation before a close observation at the hearing.

Therefore, in the court decision delivered on June13, the judge wrote, "I hereby approve your application for political asylum" in the court decision delivered on September 21, the judge wrote: "According to Clause 241 (b) (3) of the Immigration Law, I grant the respondent "suspended deportation." "This court has approved granting "anti-torture protection" to the respondent.


However, until now, INS has refused to accept the court's legal judgment and, ignoring the judiciary assessments and evaluations, continued to keep Zhang Hongbao in prison. Furthermore, INS proceeded with an appeal and demanded "that Zhang Hongbao be deported to a third country." Why has INS been so persistent on this course? Evidently, INS is still enmeshed in the trap set by the Chinese government.


The fact that a court decision reached by a judge has failed to be executed accordingly has demonstrates that America's judicial independence has been compromised and the image of the Justice Department has been tarnished.


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