Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Zhang Hongbao in the Views of People of Various Circles


The people celebrate as evils are eliminated; the people voice their outcry as justice is not upheld. Both are the demonstrations of the bright side of human society. The following article comes from the heart of true justice. Mr. Zhang Hongbao suffers for the people and the truth. Anyone with a sense of justice will not sit back and watch. People are voicing their support for Mr. Zhang Hongbao:


The US Congress is very positive towards Mr. Zhang Hongbao’s application for political asylum. Human rights organizations around the world and Democracy Movement groups show their strong support to Mr. Zhang Hongbao, who suffered political persecution from the Chinese government.


Major media around the world have wide coverage on Mr. Zhang Hongbao’s application for political asylum in the U.S. such as:


Associated Press, AFP, Reuters, Topical, Common, Median and whole of the world news agencies have published reports;


CNN, America News, VOA Report, BBC, Radio Free Asia, have the reports;


America: USA Today, New York Times, LAS Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, World Daily, Singtao Newspaper, and other media have report;


Australia: Australian, Australia Chinese Herald, Australia Daily, have report;


Lot of Europe news agencies published reports on this story.


There is also a lot of coverage in Asian media, including all Hong Kong newspapers and most

Taiwanese newspapers.

We have selected some of the articles for your reference.


(Above Media Reports were provided by the China Information Center of Human Rights and Democracy Movement)


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