Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Americans from All Walks of Life Support Zhang Hongbao

Ouyang Xiaole


It has been a year and half since Zhang Hongbao arrived at Guam on January 29 last year. His application for political asylum won support and sympathy from the US government and the people. What makes Zhang Hongbao so popular among the Americans?


Zhang Hongbao, a Typical Victim Persecuted by the Jiang Zhemin Autocratic Regime


It is known to all that the Chinese Communist government has always been in dictatorial power and excluded those who have different views. It gets even worse since Jiang Zhemin came into power. He blows his own trumpet for his “political success” in suppression and crackdown of the political dissidents and Qi Gong organizations.


It is Zhang Hongbao who started Kylin Culture and put forward his own political views and philosophical theory that are conflict to Marxism. Mr. Timothy Cooper, the US Representative (D.) and Executive Director of “World Human Rights Association” described Zhang Hongbao as a democratic to the public, who openly opposes Marxism and pronounces that such contradictory theories should be thrown to the trash can of history. He commented that Zhang Hongbao’s Zhong Gong organization has become the No. one target of religious cult struck by Jiang Zhemin regime, which assumes that such a religious cult is severely threatening his government in troubles.


Thus, for over a decade, Jiang Zhemin tried his utmost to intervene the development of Zhong Gong, and attempted to arrest and persecute Zhang Hongbao. With his suppression on Qi Gong, Jiang Zhemin started to crackdown Zhong Gong. He shut down as many as 3000 legal business offices run by Zhang Hongbao, and confiscated Zhong Gong’s assess worth of over 800 million RMB. Zhang Hongbao was forced to seek help from the United States. Jiang Zhemin did not stop chasing after Zhang Hongbao. He sent people to the United States, made up false evidences to accuse of Zhang Hongbao on “rape crime.” He made big efforts to intervene the United States from granting the political asylum to Zhang Hongbao.


On September 5, 2000, at the affiliated meeting to the World Summit of United Nations, the former Secretary of US Department of State, Madeline Albright cited, in the Annual Report on International Religion Freedom,” the Beijing government’s strike on Zhong Gong. She condemned the Chinese Communists’ crackdown on Zhong Gong and Zhang Hongbao. Mr. John Warner, the Chairman of Military Affairs Committee of US Senate, and Mr. Jesse Helms, the Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of US Senate drafted the #22 bill, which, with joint signatures from 18 more senators, was unanimously passed at the Senate on March 20, 2001. The bill strongly denounced the Chinese government’s crackdown on “Zhong Gong spiritual organization.” Some Christians in Washington DC, who showed great concern on Zhang Hongbao, and from December 16, 2000, prayed everyday for Zhang Hongbao, hoping he would be not persecuted any more and obtain freedom as soon as possible.


There is no doubt that Zhang Hongbao is the victim of Chinese Communists’ autocratic rules. Zhang Hongbao’s asylum case is a typical one that has been intervened by the Jiang Zhemin regime. It is the extension of the persecution in the United States by the Chinese Communists who have long humiliated the dissidents. Zhang Hongbao won support and sympathy from US government and the people, which shows that the people of the United States support justice.


Zhang Hongbao, an Outstanding Leader of the Largest Group in China


People from all walks of life highly acclaimed Zhang Hongbao as an extraordinary and outstanding Spiritual Leader. On September 21, 2000, Dayna Dias, the Immigration Judge at Guam Court, in the Decision and Order of the Immigration Judge, appraised Zhang Hongbao as “a creator and leader.” The excerpt of the description in the decision about Zhang Hongbao is as follows:


The court also observed the respondent’s demeanor closely during the course of the hearing. He was observed to be health looking ad exuded an air of calmness and an expression of what only could only be described as serenity on his face during the course of the individual hearing.” “His demeanor was consistent with the information he provided in his biographical notes. Based upon observing his demeanor, the respondent did appear to be an unusual and exceptional individual. This is consistent with his testimony and documentary evidence that he is the creator and leader of a large group in China” (Decision and Order of the Immigration Judge, Spet. 21, 2000).


Last March, Mr. Trent Lott, the Republic Leader of US Senate, Mr. Jesse Helms, the Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of US Senate, and the senior Senator, Mr. Bob Smith, wrote letters to Mr. John Ashcroft, the newly appointed Attorney General of Department of Justice. They requested to protect Zhang Hongbao and grant him political asylum. In the letters, they praised that Zhang Hongbao is an outstanding dissident, who is the leader of the unofficial spiritual organization, Zhong Gong, with millions of thousands of followers. They also wrote that Zhang Hongbao is the leader of the largest group in the Communist China, and he is in danger no matter whether he is jailed in Guam or released from Guam prison.


This year, on March 27, Mr. Sandos, Senator of Guam, visited Zhang Hongbao in the Guam jail. He said he was pleased to meet Zhang Hongbao, a great person who could call on millions of thousands people. He was determined to help Zhang in his name as a senator. He highly admired Zhang Hongbao who is indeed an “unusual and exceptional leader with such a large group of followers.”


Zhang Hongbao is good at planning and conducting. In less than 10 years, he gathered over 38 million devotees, established more than 3000 legal Zhong Gong business offices over each county, city and province in China, which formed a health culture industry with 10 million employees. In August 1999, Zhong Gong was brutally crushed by the Jiang Zhemin regime. Zhang Hongbao successfully led the nation wide protest, which was called “99.8 Action”. Shortly after the protest, Zhang Hongbao arranged to have Zhong Gong followers to move strategically. Zhang Hongbao is indeed an extraordinary leader of the largest group in China.


The Case of Zhang Hongbao is the Biggest Political One in Current USA


The Jiang Zhemin regime charged Zhang Hongbao of non-political crime so as to intervene Zhang Hongbao’s being granted political asylum in the United States. However, after the two authority institutions, US Congress and Department of State, testified the evidences and documents provided by the Jiang Zhemin, they pointed out that there were many doubts on the evidences, which might be the fabricated evidences done by the People’s Republic of China. They also mentioned that the accusation time was consistent with the time when the Chinese Communists crackdown the spiritual organization.


The Immigration Judge, Dayna Dias denied Zhang Hongbao’s application for asylum on September 21, 2000 due to the pressure from the authority and granted him “Withholding of Removal” and “Convention Against Torture.” Even though, the Judge still said in the Decision, “…this court finds that the exception for serious reasons to believe that an alien has committed a serious non-political crime outside the United States prior to his arrival is simply not present. As stated above, there are some reasons to believe there was a serious non-political crime, but these are not ‘serious reasons.’ Obviously, if the respondent is a serial rapist, those would be particularly serious crime and are even defined as aggravated felony offenses in the Immigration and Nationality Act. However … the evidence that is presented, when viewed in its totality, does not amount to serious reasons.” “Accordingly, the court having found that …the exception for serious non-political crimes does not apply…” (Decision and Order of the Immigration Judge, September 21, 2000)


Mr. Timothy Copper, the Executive Director of “ World Human Rights Association” said that what the INS has done on Zhang Hongbao’s case was exceptional. They delayed the proceeding of the case from the very beginning purposely and provided the Chinese government with time to forge evidences for three “rape crime accusations” that committed 10 years ago. Mr. Cooper also pointed out that INS messed up every thing and forced the Immigration Judge to change her decision of granting asylum to Zhang Hongbao. “They seem to going to punish Mr. Zhang and tried hard to appeal to the decision of Judge Dias so as to expel Zhang to the third country.” “The Chinese government hope to have INS or the third country to have Zhang extradited.” Mr. Cooper assumed that Mr. Zhang’s case for political asylum could be the most notorious case in Washington DC.


Obviously, in order to doom Zhang Hongbao into death, the Jiang Zhemin regime unscrupulously ordered professionals to fabricate evidences.


Zhang Hongbao’s case is no simple immigration case, nor is it a case of human rights nor non-political crimes at all. His political asylum petition turned out to be an international case of political persecution conducted abroad by the Jiang Zhemin regime, and it is the biggest political case nowadays in the United States.


Zhang Hongbao, an Opponent Whom Jiang Zhemin Attempted to Strangle to Death


Why did Jiang Zhemin try his utmost to strangle Zhang Hongbao to death? It is because Zhang Hongbao is a super leader, who has original views and remarkable ability to guide millions of thousands of mass people. Jiang Zhemin fears of it and considers him a thorn in his flesh that would affect the stability of his power. Thus, Jiang Zhemin attempts to get rid of him.


On April 10, this year, the Guam meeting passed the proposal to free Zhang Hongbao. It indicated in the proposal that it is traditional belief of Guam people on freedom and life. “It is embarrassing for the Guam people to jail Zhang Hongbao indefinitely in Guam prison." This reflected the regards of the American people in all walks of life.


On April 17, the American INS set Zhang Hongbao free. However, the Jiang Zhemin regime does not reconcile to its failure, continues to make up evidences and spreads rumor on web site about Zhang’s crime in an attempt to stop the US government from granting Zhang Hongbao political asylum.


Nevertheless, Zhang Hongbao eventually was granted political asylum from the US government.


In conclusion, we can say that the United States is a country of democracy and freedom, a country established with human rights and humanity. The Bush administration indeed is doing what it can do to restore its image among the world people. The success of Zhang Hongbao’s asylum application is the outcome of humane justice. A brilliant future is bound to come for the United States and the whole world.


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